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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bloody Monday Season 2 - Chapter 1 & 2

Hooray for one of my favorite shounen series mindf*cking me as usual!!!
Anyway, we have a new terrorists group, and the revelation of some of its members were really shocking! And I also wonder how our main character could still maintain his position as one for being so helpless! I'm happy to see the other main characters of the previous season of course. I'm loving the new ones too!
And storywise, as usual it's awesome in every chapter and has a plot twist that drives me crazy! I really love it that this manga always shows what I don't expect!

I'm not sure if the new villains of this series will be an occult type, but I hope it won't be . . . because it sucks if the main villains would be too similar as last season's. I like it that the leader of this one is released earlier, and he's much more threatening than the previous one.
But won't he have something attached to him that will make him trackable? Like the leader of the previous season? If that isn't brought up . . .that sucks.
Anyway, if I have religious reference stuff form the bad guys of the previous season, this time I have fictional characters references! Beast, Snow White, King Arthur (Okay, he's not exactly fictional), and Peter Pan!!! Oh I love their codenames!!!! I also find it so cool that the bad guys are having their way in these early chapters~ I can't imagine how the current protagonists will counter this unless a new hero arrives.

It's really a big surprise that Takagi's involved in this! How could an anti-terrorist person be a former terrorist that will return to being one again? It just didn't make sense . . . At first I thought that dude just had Takagi's face . . . but he seems to be the real thing!
Kanou and Kirishima are part of it too! I thought Kirishima was the one at Third-i with a different hairstyle. Damn, he's no longer cute. But they really seem to be righteous people. It's so odd for them to become bad guys all of a sudden. Unless they were brainwashed or something. Oh I want an explanation!!! Next chapters, hurry!!!

I'm relieved that Fujimaru didn't instantly get himself involved with this case and magically have his skills back even though he hasn't touched a computer for years. As he says, skills can get rusted if you don't do something often.
I really like this twist~ And it appears that Otoya and Aoi respect his decision. What are friends for? Hehe~
But I think he still has the position of a main character. I think he'll still go back to hacking (might be quite of a problem though because his dad will be the enemy this time). I'm curious on what the mangaka has in mind for this~

Oh yeah, there's a new character in this series and I have mistaken her for Haruka. Ehehehe. So she's just Fujimaru's co-worker.
She's pretty. . . and for a hyperactive student she makes herself updated with serious news.
I already like her. I wish she's going to be a main character! (And I think I'll ship her with Fujimaru. Hehehehe~)
I don't get that part though. She suddenly stared at him worriedly after he said that it was "fine". Or perhaps she sees that he's not really okay. Oh whatever . . .



Anonymous said...

i knoe!!! AGREE with u!! i Love J!! and definitely want him back for this season :)

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous
I'm so excited to see him already~ I hope he does make a return~ And not take too long (it's still torture if he'll only show up only on chapter 20+ or later)

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