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Friday, October 2, 2009

Kimi to Boku - Chapters 9 & 10

So weird that when everyone's anticipating a huge storm, there's only the usual rain. Not that I'm complaining. I don't want it to come ever! But false alarm still sucks . . .or maybe it just didn't arrive yet. . . *trauma*

Anyway . . . Slice of life + school shows usually bore me to hell, but Kimi to Boku's one of those exceptions~ I freakin' love this series~

It had been so good and hilarious and kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! I love all characters and I totally enjoy the little twins fanservice~ I thought the Hitachiin twins were my number one pair, but the Asaba twins are just . . . OMG *cuddles both*


In this chapter, Yuuta got a girlfriend! I totally didn't expect for him to accept it. But as expected, they have not exactly fallen in love with each other. He just did her a favor; while she just did it in order to be accepted. Ah well, this is better than the girl having evil intentions. That must've been why Yuuta didn't mind.
I like it that though this series isn't centered on romance, there are actually canon relationships! Even if it wasn't real, it's still canon! This may be a bishie rich series but they're not exactly gay. Oh I hate the assumption of a series having so many pretty boys being depicted as gay (07-Ghost is a huge example. I don't see it as gay until now.)
Back to this chapter, it was so hilarious that the gang was so butt hurt for Yuuta not telling them about his gf. Hahahaha! They are so curious to the point of stalking them . . .and they were easily discovered. The one being followed was the person who had even surprised them. Hahahaha!

My favorite part of course is this:

*insert insane fangurling here*
Yuuki loves to glomp his brother so much~ He puts his weight on his brother so often that it wouldn't be a surprise if Yuuta will indeed get a back ache someday. Haha!
Usually, when siblings don't approve of their sibling's lover, it's usually brothers who hate their sister's lover; or sister's jealous of their brother's lover. But among twins? This is the first I've seen (usually they only don't approve because they like the same girl). Yuuki doesn't allow his brother having a girlfriend~ Talk about possessiveness!!! Hahahahah!!! Reminds me of the younger twin in Atsumare! Gakuen Tengoku. A very very very jealous sibling. Haha!
I also find it adorable that during his dates with his girlfriend, who does Yuuta talk about most often??? He keeps on mentioning about Yuuki! And how much "better" he is. He's so emphasixing on how close they are~
I know it, the most important person to the twins are each other. Ohohohohohohohoho~

[ CHAPTER 10 ]

As for the 10th chapter, it was Kaname centric (Man, he's so hott~). He's the intelligent boy and even part of the student council. He's smart and has so many talents/capabilities that so many people rely on him. And since he's freakin' nice, it's fun to abuse and take advantage of him. Hahaha!
Despite his "perfection", he hangs out with a weird crowd, though they're actually as popular as he is (err . . . except Mr. half-Japanese boy and the girl I guess. Shu and the twins seem popular).
But this chapter shows that Kaname also has limitations, and he also needs people to rely on. Fortunately for him, his friends are such people. They are also the type who makes him happy (reminds me of the chapter when he got sick. They drove him crazy but he had been smiling~).

This chapter also had a lot of hilarious parts, and the funniest one for me had been this page:

If you don't know what's going on, Kaname's line would lead to . . .misudnerstandings~ Haha! Yuuta had said it: "rape fetish". Bwahahahhahahahahha!!!!!!!!!
The haircut part was also amusing! Unlike the Hitachiin twins (of Ouran), they're not really stylists. Poor Shu beign a victim of their haircut experiments. Hahahahaha!
I also find it very funny that Yuuki and Chizuru are photocopying n00bs!!! Like they have no idea about technology at all! It was so hilarious that they're ignorant of such a thing! Hahahahaha!!!!

Oh what fun chapters~ I'm so excited for the later ones~

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