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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DOGS: stray dogs howling in the dark - Episode 3

I'm finally catching up on the anime adaptation of one of my top favorite manga.

The third episode focused on another main character: Naoto.
Her past had been really difficult and tragic, but her story was beautiful~

Her earliest memory is a scene of her and her parents running away from someone. Then her parents were murdered while she was given a choice by he assassin whether to live or not. She chose to live, and she had lived for revenge.

She grew up as a very beautiful and deadly woman~ She has been skillful enough to defeat Magato. Oh I really like how the action scenes had been presented. It was very very cool~

As her reward, Magato told her a secret (funny that she now sort of owes Magato after he had molested her when she was younger). And it had been revealed to her that there's another person who wields the katana that killed her parents. So the guy who took her in isn't the killer of her parents.

They kept it secret for too long. He accepted all her hatred but he didn't actually do her any wrong. She had actually been like a father to her. Knowning that after his death, must've been really sad.
She must have sensed early that he isn't really a bad person with such expressions on his face and he actually took care of her. Even gave her a name. It's pretty sad that it seems that she's named after the murderer of her parents though.

I didn't reread the manga version anymore since the subs are already out before I was able to watch this. Hehe. But this is the scene that I'm very sure wasn't in the manga:

So Naoto's been doing newspaper delivery? I don't think that earns much . . . or maybe she's doing multiple part-time jobs . . . but well, as if she pays rent to need enough money anyway.
So, I like it that they made Naoto's story connected to Badou's. All four of them have a connection this time~

I am pleased with the anime adaptation of Naoto's story.

And oh she's really beautiful~ Hehe.