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Monday, October 5, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 37

We're back to around WWW2 times, focusing mostly on our main character! We get to see how affected he would be if his best friends had forgotten about him. Hehe.
It appears that Ludwig had some alliance with Ivan, so we get to see pretty much of Ivan in this episode~ Of course his underlings had been there. Even a super brief appearance of his sister! Another Allied Forces character that had showed up is Francis. Cute to see characters from different sides being friendly to each other in this episode~

Feliciano: Ivan and Ludwig just became buddies! And this time, Ivan's coming over to Ludwig's house!

Ludwig and his panicking boss had been busy all day~

Boss: Remember! Whatever you do, keep Ivan in a good mood!
Ludwig: Yes sir...


Ivan: Oh, what should I do? There just aren't any nice clothes...

Toris: Ivan-san, your usual uniform will do just fine.

Ivan: But don't Ludwig and Feliciano have the smartest, snappiest uniforms? If I turn up somethign stupid, I'd be a laughing stock.

Toris: I guess you're right, Ivan-san! These clothes are so old-fashioned and dull! They're so boring! There are no words for them but garish or frumpy antique! Truly!

He just realized that he just said something that could mean his death~


Toris: AAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! But I guess it depends on taste! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I say!


Feliciano (in dream): YAAAAAAAAAAAAY~

OMG SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

Feliciano: It's Ludwig and Kiku! Look, look! I found this strange flower~

Feliciano: Hmm? WHat are the two of you talking about?

Ludwig: Let's do it without Feliciano this time.
Kiku: I agree. It would be troublesome if he falls asleep on us again.
Feliciano: Eh?!

Lovino: Just say whatever you want.
KYAAAAAA!!!!!!!! ROMANO!!!!!!!!!!!

Feliciano: Hmm?!
Lovino: War's war. Friendships don't matter as long as you win.
Feliciano: Eh? Nii-chan, what are you talking about? Those two are my friends.
He's sort of half chibi and half normal in that scene. Werid.

Feliciano: Ludwig... I may be weak but I'm trying. So please don't forget me...
* Ludwig leaves

Feliciano: *HEARTBROKEN*
Oh that poor darling~


Feliciano: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Feliciano: EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feliciano: Lud-

Feliciano: LUDWIG!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the disappointment of perverted fans (LOLz), he's not half naked (he didn't have shorts at all in the manga. Hehe) But hey, this is PG. I'm glad they kept that rating.

Feliciano: DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME!!!!!!!!!

Ludwig: My . . . Get off! Stop crying!


Feliciano: Francis-niichan!!!! What should I do?
Francis: What is it this time!? You naughty failure of a kid! I've got no wine for you!

Francis: So what's up?
Feliciano: I don't want someone to forget about me. What do I do in times like this?
Francis: Eh?


Francis: Just shake your ass off or something.


Feliciano: Kiku! Kiku! Want to see my bum?
Kiku: Why would I want to see that?


Feliciano: Francis-nii-chan! Somehow it doesn't work!
Francis: Eh? You really did it?
Feliciano: Eh... but you told me to do it Francis-nii-chan! Hey, what should I do?

Francis: Why don't you be normal and just say what you want to him directly? And you're an idiot, so be sure to write it down before you try.
Hahahaha! Because Feliciano was a gullible fellow, Francis had been nice this time and gave him a real advice. Hehe.

Feliciano: Okay! I'll do it!

Feliciano: Ludwig, this is Feliciano. I just had a real scary dream! I dreamed that Ludwig forgot about me. But just because you're friends with Ivan doesn't mean you'll really forget me, right? We'll be friends forever, right? By the way, your sausages are horrible. ~ Feliciano
Has anyone else noticed that the portraits in Feliciano's house are all FOOD? Hehehe

Feliciano: Yay! I did it! I'll go tell Ludwig right away!

Feliciano: L-Ludwig...
Ludwig: Hmm?

Feliciano: H-hello. I-i-itts! It's . . F-f-feli . .
Ludwig: Hey, are you okay?


Ivan: Aah~ I wonder what kind of place Germany is. This is so exciting~

Toris: Please do your best!
Chibi Toris: Finally... Tomorrow I'll be free from this guy.

Ivan close-up~

Ivan: Eh? But Toris, aren't you going to Germany tomorrow, too?
Toris: Ehh!? No, of course not! Isn't Ludwig kind of scary?

Toris: And well, I thought I'd go out with Natalia tomorrow so...

Ivan: That's good. It seems we have just enough empty seats on the Siberian Express today.

Ivan: Ah, of course you guys are coming along too.
Eduard and Raivis: EH?!

Baltic Nations: Curses . . . please let us go with you...
It's supposed to be just Toris' line . . . I like it better that all three of them do. Hehe.

Close-up of thecrying trio~ Poor darlings~


Kiku: Ludwig-san!

Kiku: I found this paper on the floor while I was cleaning...
Ludwig: Ah....

To be continued~

A more-than-one-part strip without the random strips! I like it better this way (though the random ones had been very fun too). Hopefully it does continue on the next episode!

~ Translations are based on scanlations, though slightly edited to fit the anime changes.
~ Character Name Legend: Feliciano (North Italy), Lovino (South Italy), Ludwig (Germany), Kiku (Japan), Ivan (Russia), Toris (Lithuania), Eduard (Estonia), Raivis (Latvia), Natalia (Belarus), and Francis (France).


Anonymous said...

Toris, I love you so much~ <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Ahhh I love Ivan's faces! And poor heartbroken Italy! So adorable!

How do you make screenshots btw? I wanna make icons but I can't seem to capture the images, it's all weird.

Ritzu said...

aaaaaw ya se que capitulees es^*-* estan mono italiaaa!! XD

Anonymous said...

Ivan <3 8]

Anonymous said...

Oh, France~ You give the best advice for sure.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 1
I suggest using VLC Player. It allows you to do screencaps. I use a different method, but that one's better and easier. ^^

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