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Monday, October 19, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 39

Today is my younger brother's birthday! But he's at the province so I just sent him a text message.
Sapphire Pyro: HEY FATSO! You seriously got older today or your tummy just got bigger?
Dragon Kid: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! shut up...
Sapphire Pyro: Happy birthday!!! *hugs and tickles gigantic tummy*
Dragon Kid: DAMN YOU! Thanks for the greeting though. Love you all!
That's sibling love. Bwahehehehehe~

Speaking of sibling love, The nation-tans meet a baby brother in this episode as well~
Too bad Berwald didn't show up. But at least Antonio and Holland were there; with extra HRE and Chibitalia moment. Those with a lot of scenes are Tino, Francis, and of course, Arthur, and the star of the episode: BABY ALFRED!

(UPDATE 1: Other parts added!)
(UPDATE 2: The bigger screencaps added!)

I thought the Chibitalia episodes were over but it looks like we get more of these two babies in this episode. I prefer that the anime staff added the bit with Berwald instead T_T Or maybe it would be too long for the time limit? So they added something baby-related instead?

HRE: Chibitalia, will you unite with me?
It's a guess . . . I am lazy to find the strip it was based . . .

I'm beginning to be freaked out with HRE's OBSESSION with Chibitalia but . . . he's so cute~

HRE: I promise you. I'll definitely make you happy!
Chibitalia: *nods*

HRE's face is kinda perverted. LOLz! And we see the kiss again.
It's wrong in so many ways. Hahaha! Ah well, HRE is understandable since he thinks Chibitalia's female. While Chibitalia is . . . totally gay. Hahahaha!

HRE wakes up as soon as the clock alarmed. (There are already alarm clocks in those times?)
We see HRE without his cap! SEE HOW MUCH HE LOOKS LIKE A BABY LUDWIG????

HRE: A dream?

Okay, now to the actual story of the episode:

Sadly the didn't add the part with Berwald and Tino trying to seduce following Baby Alfred.

Sweden and Finland, together with German mercenaries, continued to pioneer the North American continent and created a colony, New Sweden. (It's currently in the state of Delaware.) In their overenthusiasm, however, they provoked the nearby Dutch settlement and called in a fierce attack from the Dutch forces. Sweden and Finland were beaten, their territory and houses taken, and they were chased away from the new continent.

Sweden's hopes and dreams for America were lost without a trace : the tragic fate of the Swedish dominion.

Tino: Guys! Please listen! It's really really horrible!

Francis: Hey Tino, what's the matter?
Arthur: Did you trip over again somewhere and make a grand scene?
AGAIN???? Hahahaha! So Tino made a grand scene before by being clumsy? LOLz~

Tino: No! Su-san and I were just trying to make a holiday home in America! But Holland-san came and took all of it!
"Su-san" sounds cuter than "Ber-san". Hehehehe. I'll stick to how Tino really calls him.

Arthur: Oh, that must've been bad.
Francis: Yeah, really bad.

Arthur and Francis (thoughts): It'll all be mine eventually anyway...
OH YOU TWO ARE SO EVIL!!!!!!! *hugs*
Tino: It's not just that!

Tino: A strange boy appeared when we were there...and he wasn't from the neighbouring villages. (We were a day away from the nearest town)
Holland: Bwahahahahahha!
Tino: I'm just worried if he'd be okay if Holland-san finds him.

Arthur: Hmm? A boy? He came out from that stupidly huge wilderness by himself?
Tino: Yes, yes he did! So we thought it was a bit strange.
Arthur . . . what's with that pose? It's . . . it's . . . sexy~

Francis: Hey, wait a minute! Did the kid pop out around you and Berwald?
Tino: Yes, he was really cute.
Francis really looks younger . . . while Arthur didn't look that different.

Francis: Th-that means, maybe the kid's the same as us. Don't you think?
Tino: Ah! That's a possibility, I guess.
Arthur: Our kind in the New World? That means . . .

Arthur, Francis, and Tino: Our little brother~

Arthur: Hold it! He's got to be my little brother, you twit!
Francis: Oh, no! He absolutely positively has to be my brother!
Tino: Eeeeeeek!
Those two are fighting again~ It was honestly weirder to see them fishing together earlier. Haha!

Now they go to the said baby boy:

BABY BEHIND THE BUSHES LOOKING LEFT AND RIGHT WITH CUTE SOUND EFFECTS IS JUST . . . . KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sent to the hospital because of diabetes*

Francis: H-hey Tino! Could that be the chap?
Tino: Yes! I think he is...
Arthur: So he really is one of us! He's got that same feeling! So tiny.

Arthur: See, Francis? His hair and stuff looks just like mine! He's undoubtedly my brother!
Francis: No~ That part looks like me. Look at his shoulders! We're two peas in a pod! Look! That proves that he's my brother!
Except for Francis' eyes I guess.

( hilarious caption by ahmerst of LJ )

Pedo victim's scared reaction.
Poor darling~ *huggles*

For some reason, these two nodded to each other. PEOPLE WITH INNOCENT FACES HAVE SOME SECRET LANGUAGE OR SOMETHING????

Tino: Umm . . .does he look like me at all?
You two are freakin' alike at the moment but when that boy grows up, he's totally nothing like you. Totally.

Arthur: Ah-no, no. You can't judge these things by faces and the like.
Francis: Instead of likeness, what's important is love! The depths of your love say it all!
Tino: Eh~
The duo cannot admit it~ Hahaha!


Arthur: Hahahaha... I'm as busy as a bee, but I gave up my valuable nap to see you! You'd better thank me for it!
What's with the maniacal evil laugh if you're sacrificing your time for someone's sake, Arthur? Hahaha! You are still one of the best in doing evil laughs in this series~

Baby Alfred: Ah... You came. I'm glad you did.

Arthur: Huh?
So this is the close-up of Arthur's face while approaching Baby Alfred. Maniacal, see? Totally has malicious intent~

Arthur: What, you're not going to run away?
And he was definitely expecting his PREY to be scared of him because he was surprised that Baby Alfred didn't run away.

Baby Alfred: Mm, I'm fine. I've figured out a lot about myself lately.
Arthur: I... I see.
Beautiful. . . .

Arthur: Umm. I'm glad to see you too. You really grew up so fast.


Arthur: All right! This greatly simplifies things! Henceforth, you're my little brother!

Baby Alfred: Mm~ Then I should call you "Onii-chan", right?

Arthur: M..Me? Onii-chan?

Scotland: You rotten little brother!
Arthur: Eek!
Kid Francis: From today, you're my servant!
Antonio: I'll get you back for this!
English guy: Umm..Sir, this just came from your brother.
Henry VIII(?): I want to marry young girls, so I'll change the rules of the church and state!
It appears that Arthur has been abused by his "Onii-chan"s...

Arthur: An Oniichan...?
He doesn't want to be like that to his new baby, yes? People from abusive families sometimes grow up to be the opposite from their parents because they don't want their children to go through what they did. (Like my mom~ I love her.)

Arthur: Ah, no... Just "Arthur" is fine... That's enough for me, so...
THIS IS JUST SO TOUCHING!!!! *hugs Arthur*
He has no idea that baby Alfred just made a step to be even closer to him. Arthur's a clueless tsundere however . . . *sighs*

Baby Alfred: M..mmm...
It looks like Baby Alfred got worried if what he said was wrong. YOU POOR BABY!!! YOU DID NOTHING WRONG DEARY!!!! ARTHUR'S JUST AN IDIOT! *huggles Baby Alfred*

How could Hetalia make history this silly and cute??? Hahaha! Anyway, I believe this is based on the European colonization of the Americas. Learn more from Wikipedia or if you want a simpler article, try Social Studies for Kids. Since English people made the first permanent settlement, no wonder Hetalia made Alfred choose Arthur~ Hehehehe~

By the way, this episode was subbed really fast! Perhaps the subbers are US/UK shippers. haha! Anyway, here's a batch of screencaps of Alfred and Arthur in this episode. They are larger versions of the ones posted here, while some aren't even included in this post at all. And here's a version of screencaps including ones that aren't Arthur or Alfred. Hehe. I also placed there the ones with close-ups, or look nice, etc.

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That's all. Love you all and let's go fan crazy together~

~ Translations are based on scanlations; so credits on those goes to the respective translators. Some are slightly edited though based on what I understand of the anime changes.
~ It's awkward to go fangurl over nation names so I use their human names:
[ NAME LEGEND ] Alfred (America), Arthur (England), Francis (France), Tino (Finland), Berwald (Sweden), Antonio (Spain)


kurokurokuro said...

Eee!! *died from cuteness*
I can't believe this baby will grow up into that dork America... XD

Aww Arthur and Alfred... it's love at the first sight, no?

ringoneko said...

KYAAAAA!! Arthur, why you're so adorable and handsome, while Alfred is super cute?!!! *faints*

MickusTheDutch said...

Omg I waited for so long for Holland to show up, and now.. he's just a doomy shadow.

And baby Alfred is.. so cute.. :3

Pasta10 said...

I can't imagine that cute little thing to grow up to be that burger-eating America...but, nonetheless, I still love you, Alfred! I do think that the subtitles were put in my UK/US shippers...
Thanks for puttin' this up!
I like France better when he was younger...

DayDreamer95 said...

I realize the surprize. Usually it takes me until Tuesday to read the subbed versions of this. I come home, all "Okay, time to (falsely)translate Japanese words and oggle at chibi Alfred!!!!" Then WHAM, THEY ARE SUBBED!!!~♥
This is in fact subbed by shippers, I know so since Alfred's all, "Can I call you 'Bro'?"

That made my day, America, already spreading the slang! XD In the subbed version of this Francis says (♥according to fangirls♥)that Alfred's eyebrows look like him, which makes my wonder why the hell Alfred looks more like Ni-chan than Arthur.. The eyes, the eyebrows.... not that Americans needs fuzzy eyebrows and green eyes (apparently you must be A. MADE by Arthur,or B. Have been CURSED by Arthur, to recieve a RESEMBLACE to the awesomeness that is, Arthur~♥ The eyes are apparently not for sale...), but STILL XD. Matthew is the non-pervy clone version of Francis, seriously.

Also, I am sad that the hug does not come until laterzzz. I seriously wanted to print a better version of it out, along with some other uber moments, and stick them in my binder! >:B (squuueee♥) ALSO, thank you for not adding word-count stopper thingy!!!!

rexiaxiv said...

*squealing* Oh god, cute overload! First, there's the Chibitalia moment and then they throw adorable Chibi America WITH A BLOODY RABBIT at us? If I was listening to Chibitalia's or HRE's version of Marukaite (the preview of it, not the full since it's not out yet) while watching those moments, I think I would've gotten diabetes or something. X_X

I missed Chibitalia since the main story for that ended! I'm glad they added another tidbit in it. I wish I saw Sweden though. xD; I want to hear his voice clearly. (Well, he only had 3 second VA in that episode where Germany goes to the store) Well, there's was Finland so I'm still pretty happy~

PFFFT, the fight between Arthur and Franics, crying Tino, ADORABLE Alfred WITH A BUNNY, a super cute Chibitalia/HRE moment, HRE without his hat on- *explodes from joy* If these episodes were 30 minutes, it'd just be too awesome. x'D

I also want to mention that I love your comments along with the previews. x'D They make me giggle. <3

Anonymous said...

Oh.... my.... God. I think I died... like... twice from cuteness overload. The SECOND I saw little Baby Alfred in the bushes I was like: chibichibichibichibi AAAAAAAAAHH! So cute *o*

Arthur the flag crusher. >> That's the title of that one strip. Poor little Al was just trying to be nice. It's okay cutie! You were being nice and meany Arthur shot you down! *hugs* You'll declare independence though, so it's alright.

I was mad that they didn't put the entire strip in, but just seeing the baby boy was enough. I wanted to see him run from Tino and Berwald, but they gave us the freaking bunny, so it's all goooood -w-

I love how they do USA as a bunny. USA(GI) Means rabbit and I believe Usa is a shortened version of it. USA=Usa just like Uk=Uke XD

Oh and for the question: People with innocent faces have a secret language???

The answer is yes. Take it from someone who has one but isn't always innocent. XD We have the little nod. Tino nodded at Alfred to reassure him because Alfred was scared. (It's really creepy how I know this)

Thanks for putting these up! I can't WAIT for the next one!


Sapphire Pyro said...

@ kurokurokuro
Haha! Yeah! It's quite difficult to believe that this adorable little darling will grow up into such a jerk xD But he's still lovable nonetheless~ Hehehe.

Haha! Lots os US/UK shippers see this moment as a love at first sight thing~

@ ringoneko
It's such a mystery . . . and I don't care if it will remain to be as such as long as they remain that way xD Kyaaaa~ They're both so adorable~

@ MickusTheDutch
YES!!! A FREAKING AWESOME DOOMY SHADOW!!!!!!! I really hope Himaruya-san will reveal to us what Holland really looks like soon~

@ Pasta10
Hehe~ You're welcome!
Alfred is still lovable even as a baby and even in his current annoying burger-loving dude xD haha!
I like France in any age (heck, I love all of them no matter what age)

@ DayDreamer95
I'm happy that the fansubbers didn't make the fans wait that long. YAY! *rejoices*
I honestly haven't seen the sub version yet though . . . "bro" isn't as cute as "onii-chan" in my opinion. The former is sounds cool while the latter sounds cute. And Baby Alfred is more of cute than cool. Hehe~
I agree that Matthew is the non-pervy version of Francis! Hahahaha! Perhaps Alfred's resemblance to Arthur is more of the hairstyle since he didn't make it as long as Matthew's. For me, Francis and Arthur are the parents of the twins with Matthew looking more of Francis while with Alfred looking more of Arthur. Hehe~
I am also sad that we have to wait for a few more episodes before we see the hug x_x Darn the wait is killing me . . . .
Haha! Of course I won't apply the word count thingy. I also post long comments/replies after all~ And I love hearing more of what others say~

@ rexiaxiv
This episode's baby cuteness overload~ Diabetes danger! Haha! First we have chibitalia than now baby alfred! I can't wait for more babies (especially baby lovino!!!)
I also wish Sweden had showed up. He really should. That "wanting kids" joke cracked me up so much xD
I'm happy that my comments entertain you xD Wheeee~

@ Shelby
So many people died from the cuteness overload of this episode xD CHIBI IN THE BUSHES FTW!!!!!!
I think it was impossible for them to put the entire strip in this episode because of the time limit. But I don't like it that some parts weren't included either =_= I also want to see that running baby scene!!!
Ah, I know about USA and the usagi thing. I love it that baby Alfred is with a bunny xD I also know about the UK and uke thing. Haha!
Seems that people with similar attitudes have secret languages. Hahaha! It's cute that Tino and baby Alfred understood each other~
I can't wait for the next episode either *_* Squeeeeeeeee!

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