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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quick Impressions ft. Trapeze

I checked out most of the shows from this season, most through spoilers though. But still, it's my way of giving them a chance. Anyway, since I've been doing so, why not post spoiler impressions about them? Hehe. I can only cover a maximum of 3 series however, so I won't be posting more of these shows after their debut in the "Quick Impressions" posts. Hopefully xtine06 or ninjovee could~

Anyway, whatever I will feature with a screencap would be the one I actually watched while with the others I didn't bother to watch anymore...

[ Trapeze - Episode 1 ]

I find it odd that I didn't appreciate the OP and ED when I first watched them, but on second try it easily grew on me! I like the scenes of the OP and the song in the ED.
The best music are the background tracks though. REALLY AMAZING!
And of course, the episode itself was as cool as I've expected it to be!
I love the creativity in this show. It's so weird and colorful. Those many colors had somehow emphasized how bizzare and crazy this show is. We're dealing with mental diseases after all, and it fits the show! The live-action and animation mix had been pretty nice too! I admit it took me a while to get used to, but now I keep on praising on how cool it looked~
Also, this had been so hilarious! I don't mind the obvious fanservice if it's more focused on the twisted humor~ And I find it fun that the one who is treating patients with mental problems seems to be retarded in a way as well. And there are more weirdoes in this show . . . like the yakuza who speaks abnormally . . .the other poking himself uncontrollably with a pencil, and there's this dude who's always nervous and stuck in some position, and what kind of a nurse was that?! Hahahaha! This is so crazy, I love it~
The trivia and the cases here had been very interesting too! It had been amusing and pretty educational at the same time.
Unfortunately, unlike what I had planned, I don't think I can blog this show. Hetalia, Blue Lit, and Bantorra already take a lot of my time . . . so I guess I'll need to stop adding shows that I'll cover on a weekly basis. Lots of other blogs are interested on this anyway~

Seen screencaps, skimmed summaries, and seen the OP and ED themes (if available)

= Fairy Tail; KIDDY Girl - AND; Thriller Restaurant =

= Fairy Tail =
Honestly, if I didn't know the manga, I would have considered this a generic shounen crap. The anime seemed to be some Naruto or One Piece wannabe with the typical OP and ED themes that make me sick so much. However, it screams mainstream, so a lot of people will buy that. Fairy Tail is going to be one of those shows that keep on going and going, with some stupid fillers, and going and going like it'll never end. Unless the manga ends soon, which doesn't seem likely.
Bigger pain for me was seeing an animated Plue. It was easier to ignore that despicable creature in the manga. The greatest damnation however was how Jeral/Gerard looked in the OP. He was FUGLY though he was such a bishie in the manga. A BISHIE. There's no such thing as a fugly bishie. Damn. At least Gray didn't look bad. BUT STILL!
I admit some animation looked nice. And I'll always be in love with the voices of Kakihara Tetsuya and Yuuichi Nakamura.
Bah . . .no matter how much I loved the manga, it's still generic shounen crap. I'll jsut watch the Gray and Jeral/Gerard arc, and that's it. Why are the mainstream shounen only great in very few arcs? (With Bleach, after the awesome SS arc, later ones had been WTF).

= KIDDY Girl - AND =
The OP was just recycled scenes of the episode and the song wasn't anywhere near great either. I didn't bother to check out the ED anymore, because seeing the OP and the screenshots were already a pain. All I see is a fighting maido with some girl-friends and they fight for justice whatever. And there's the fanservice I'm not fond of. And I really really can't stand leading females who act tough and all but actually have some cute and clumsy side. Oh just die.
Ah well, it appears to be a sequel anyway so I don't think I'll be able to relate much to what's going on in this series. I've heard that fans of this series admit that it's indeed crap in the earlier episodes but will later get better. Ah well, even if that's true, I'd like to save myself from headaches.

= Thriller Restaurant =
I see people likening this to Goosebumps, and it sure does seem like a Japan!Goosebumps. I was a fan of the series (I like the self-adventure ones . . . the ones wherein you make decisions on what happens next . . I also like other R.L. Stine series such as Fear Street). This series made me nostalgic~
Anyway, it doesn't seem to be stupid like I expected it to be. It seems to be a good horror series for kids. The glasses girl annoys me though. I might have enjoyed this if she didn't exist. I don't hate megane girls but . . . for some reason many anime megane girls have been the pathetic types. Uggghh . . .


galimagery said...

Oh gawd, WORD ON EVERYTHING ABOUT FAIRY TAIL. *KICKS* This anime season is full of crap. Srly, I can only think of like, one title I genuinely like this season, another I mock-as-I-watch, and THAT'S IT. FAIL FALL SEASON, FAIL. *IS SHOT BY EVERYONE*

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ galimagery
Even fans of the manga admit that the FT anime is crap xD

What two series are you talking about?

I agree that this season hadn't been that great, but those that I have appreciated several so I guess it's okay xD Hehe~

galimagery said...

First is Kimi ni Todoke, and second is Railgun. That's IT. *sighs*

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