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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bakemonogatari - Episode 9 & 10 (Nadeko Snake)

I'm trying to catch up on this~ It's gonna be shorter than usual though . . .

Even if my goddess didn't show up much in this arc, it still rocked! It's still so artistically creative and I'm relieved that though it seems like a harem, only two of girls are actually interested in the leading guy romantically. At least, that's how I see it.

Let's start with the OP:

IT WAS SO CUTE!!!! I love the song and that voice!!! Senjougahara's still my goddess but my favorite OP theme has to be Nadeko's! It's really nice and cute!!!!

Anyway, about the main character of the arc:

So it's about snakes this time, and the oddity is bringing give trouble to a little girl.
She was cursed by her friend who liked the person who confessed to her, whom she rejected. I like the twist that it turns out that the guy she rejected had cursed her as well. So she had two snakes on her!
However, it had been mentioned that an amateur couldn't have placed a powerful curse on her. But them being two makes sense I guess. Poor girl having her situation worsened because she doesn't fully know how to get rid of the curse.
I believe the reason why she rejected the guy is pretty obvious: she likes Koyomi. And most girls don't mind exposing their bodies to the guy she likes, which she just did with Koyomi. But it wasn't exactly for perverted purposes, more on just showing how much the scales have surrounded her body already. But I think this is also fanservice . . .I mean, she could have just showed the scales on her arms, right? No need to remove almost all her clothes! Sheesh . . .
Ah well, oh, she knows Koyomi because she had been friends with his sister Tsukihi. She says that she doesn't have much friends, and it looks like only Tsukihi became her friend. So if Koyomi is the type who helps anyone, his sister is the type who can befriend anyone. Siblings~

Now about Koyomi:

He's so freakin' cute in these episodes~
*ehem* So he's been doing jobs for Oshino because he owes him. Though his task this time seems very simple, it's actually something very serious to be accomplished. Oh those two had become close, and Oshino himself says that they're like brothers already. Too bad Oshino has to leave soon . . . . but he left an important message to Koyomi that might be very helpful in later cases.
And oh god, could this guy get any more saintly? He doesn't only help people he met, but even those he had no idea of (in other words, he doesn't even know their identities). He's not only very kindhearted, but he's really not biased in any way. A saint, seriously. I can't hate such people *hugs Koyomi*

Instead of with the goddess, he spent more time with the other girls in this arc:

I got worried that Hanekawa might've fallen for him, which I wouldn't be surprised if she did. But it seems that she's just the type to sort of demonstrate what she means.
Kanbaru also seemed to be flirting with Koyomi but I think she's more of just trying to be close to her beloved senpai's boyfriend. It's glad to see that she's not just there as an assistant, but she also makes Koyomi snap out of it. (Hitagi's style would've been threatening him though, haha!) I find it funny that she was able to learn Koyomi's fetishes . . . . so he's fond of swimsuits? Hahaha!
But well, there's only one girl for him and he's even thinking of trying hard to be in the same university as her. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaw~

Last but not the least:

I can't help myself from giggling when I see The Ahoge. Hahahaha! It had a lot of screentime in episode 9. Hehe. It's ahoge = koyomi totally. Haha!