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Monday, March 22, 2010

Bloody Monday Season 2 - Chapters 13 to 18

Oh I miss my monday bloody awesomeness... and I just got my hopes up on the return of the one I fully adore in this series~


I'm so relieved that it didn't take too long for the enemy to realize that Takagi's a spy because HE'S ALREADY BEING FREAKIN' OBVIOUS!
But it seems true that Alexei had trusted Beast.... the betrayal must have hurt him a lot.
I didn't have to worry about him dying... knowing Bloody Monday... and he's a main character. Can't easily kill off a main character especially when he had been kept alive with so much effort in the first season o_o
Bad guys had been successful though... good guys are trying to do the counterattack in the recent chapters.... but still, bad guys had won. That's what I so love with this series~


So it's the strongest nuclear bomb ever created.... so to be specific it's a Tsar Bomba?
I got lazy to do more research.... perhaps it's because I'm not that interested in bomb stuff....
But just one hour left before it detonates? And whole Tokyo is in danger? It should take a miracle to be able to stop that at such time limit.... but ah well, shounen miracles get applied to this series... I don't care 'coz BM's awesome xD *bias is obvious*


Oooo~ We have a new terrorist member introduced. It's not yet that clear to me on what his specialty is....
I hope we get to learn more about him soon *_* He's pretty cute after all *is shot*


Oh what twist for yet another ordinary girl turning out to be someone super extraordinary! I LIKE HER REAL SELF! She's a spy, knowledgeable on terrorist tactics (even a walking WIkipedia-chan as Kanou says xD Haha!), and she's sort of like a ninja for being able to see in the dark! *_* Cool cool cool~
I'm happy that she's currently their ally, sort of. We need more kickass young girls in this series~ I prefer this hell more than that other girl.... whose name I already fail to remember because Hibiki's just to awesome xD Haha!


Fujimaru is having that theory... and Otoya doesn't want to think about it... BUT OH PLEASE I WISH HIBIKI IS INDEED WORKING FOR J!!!!! I WANT J FOR AN ALLY!!!!! THEY NEED J AS AN ALLY!!! OR EVEN IF HE'S AN ENEMY AGAIN (which I really doubt because he's not really a bad dude) I WANT HIM BACK!!! NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW xD
KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! *obvious J fan is obvious*
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