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Monday, March 29, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 1

Yay! The third season has began and we alreayd have The Awesome at the start of the episode xD And I'll never get tired of the Italian and the North American brothers~

Gilbo: Dammit! That degenerate aristocrat! I'll make him cry for this! 'cuz I'm barking mad! Why do they alone get to do all the good stuff with Feliciano-chan? But they won't know the ultimate weapon I've got up my sleeve!
(UPDATE): That's his line in the manga, but in the anime, he was blaming the staff instead of Austria for the lack of screentime xD THAT WAS GENIUS xD (Thanks for the correction, Kiseki-chan!)
He is cursing his favorite victim but there's actually to more than one person he wants to complain to. Oh you really can't handle Elizaveta, huh~

Gilbo: The diaries that I kept continually since I was born! Detailed here in my diaries are your most embarassing moments! Now unearthed!
A punkass dude has his diaries as his ultimate weapon.... could there be more epic crack than that? LOLz

Gilbo.... you're seriously FREAKIN' RICH! You have a rose GARDEN and a MANSION and a LIBRARY with JUST your diaries! xD Wow~


Volume 128

Boy, was I cool! And that Elizaveta guy is totally creepy!
He is the fearless shounen boy but finds Elizaveta creepy... that's just awesome~
Oh, for those who don't know, he thinks Elizaveta's a dude xD Same goes for Elizaveta, LOLz~ MY OTP'S SO AWESOME!!!!!

(Fufufuf... yes I combined them =3... it's a love story!!!! xD)
Elizaveta: I have nothing else to ask of you, save that you defend some territory for me. Don't let the Cumans take Burzenland. And don't prickle at their offenses, they're seasoned warriors to watch ou-
Gilbo: AWESOME! I'm on it!
Elizaveta: Er, I haven't finished-.............. that guy gonna be alright? He didn't listen to a word I said...
Elizaveta gives orders to Gilbo.... and Gilbo is so obedient.... and she got worried about him.... daaaaaw

Gilbo: Mission complete! Praise me! Hail me! On your knees!
Elizaveta: ... you won too freakin' fast!
Oh shounen boy is really so awesome~

Gilbo: So, as my due reward, I now claim Burzenland!!! *gets beaten up by Elizaveta afterwards*
Chibi Gilbo is love~

Gilbo: Keep yourself outta that Elizaveta's way! He's barbarous! Violent! Pure evil!
You are warning fellow nation-tans for Elizaveta has pwned you xD Wahahaha!

Gilbo: Fufufu... was I cute back then.
Chibi narrator: Not at all.
You just got yourself beaten up but still find yourself cute and awesome. Oh Gilbo~ SO LOLz xD


Lovino goes to Ludwig and blaming him for Feliciano's behavior. But later he stepped on a banna and landed flat on the floor (reminded me of what happened to Alfred and the ice cream). Oh chibi nation-tans are weak against banana peels, huh?

Feliciano treats his wounds and wonders what happened to him. As usual, Lovino blames him for it.
Oh they're so adorable~

Lovino goes back to Ludwig for revenge. He brought a secret weapon this time, and Ludwig just went: "^^; err.. good luck".

He attacks with a grenade.... but he just did what Feliciano had back then. This made Ludwig panic and worry for him instead. LOLz. Oh they're really brothers~


Alfred: Hey Matthew, you wanna play catch?
Matthew: Okay! Come on, brother of mine!

But Alfred was too fast and strong... poor Matthew ^^;

Matthew: Aaarrrgghh, you're too weird Alfred! You always push too hard! How about taking things slowly for a change?!
Alfred: YOU SURE? No way! You're just way too slow!

Matthew: What did you say, damn bastard!
Alfred: Hahahah, now that's slow!
The soft one is calling the other a bastard~ That's so awesome~ But his hits are so.... light and slow. Makes him adorable xD Haha!

So okay, most likely the strips with Kiku and Greece will be in next episode since the news of Gilbo's diary featuring in this episode had been right =D YAY!

~ Translations are based on scanlations; obviously not by me.
~ Not counting this as episode 53. I'm resetting the count like what the official site did.


Kiseki said...

He's actually cursing to the anime staff in the beginning. xD;


Anonymous said...

That's just like Prussia to break the 4th wall like that. XD Chibi Prussia made me fangirl squeel so loud that I woke up my brother. I also laughed when Lovino used the gernade like Feliciano did. The part with Alfred and Mathew was just cute. Poor Mathew though

Anonymous said...

My heart just stopped. thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

The next episodes of World Series are this, from Comic Birz info:

Episodes 2 and 3 are Japan and Greece, there might be other segments included though, who knows. Episodes 4 and 5 involve Poland and Lithuania, and "England catches a cold" is somewhere in the fifth episode too.

I hope to see more Spain and little Romano this season! We'll be getting the rest of Prussia's story in the fan disk, so it will be a while.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "Matthew: Aaarrrgghh, you're too weird Alfred! You always push too hard! How about taking things slowly for a change?!
Alfred: YOU SURE? No way! You're just way too slow!"
I'm sorry, but that is SO what she said. North American innuendo ftw.

Anonymous said...

@Anon#4: Thank God I wasn't the only one that thought that. X'D

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Kiseki
Thank you for making me realize that Gilbo in the anime had been MORE awesome than what I thought he was.

@ Anonymous 3
Whoa! Didn't know about that! Oooo.... I highly look forward to episodes 4 and 5 *_*

@ Anonymous 4
Ah, the "you sure" part, right? Hahahha.... so cool that Alfred parodied it xD

Chanler said...

Oh my god.
Canada XD
I love him, and he finally got SOME anger out on his brother. I'm so proud =w=

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