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Monday, March 1, 2010

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 51

Long time no Hetalia episode~

It began with a filler with the main characters. Ludwig (Germany) was waking Feliciano (Italy) up. On the first scenario, Feliciano's just pretending or only acted out of emergency. But on the second part, Feliciano really couldn't get up because he had a cold. Ludwig said something like "You should've said so." Daaaw~
The rest of the episode is with Alfred (America) and Kiku (Japan) yet again, but I ain't complaining because the two of them had been most adorable in this strip. Especially Alfred! YAY FOR EPIC FREAK OUT SCREAM xD

Alfred wants to watch a horror movie but he can't watch it alone because he's freakin' scared.
Why Kiku of all people you may wonder? In my opinion, present!Alfred only asks the NICE nation-tans, also those that are close to him. Kiku and Toris (Lithuania) as his choices were no surprise. If he asked the others, they might just make fun of him, (With Ivan (Russia) though . . .Ivan's also scary xD; Matthew (Canada) is actually a perfect candidate, but he's a bad twin brother, maybe that explains it. OR MAYBE there's just not a strip of that yet ;P) especially Arthur (England).
Ironically, it was Arthur whom he watches horror movies with in the past. But Arthur doesn't make fun of him before because Arthur's pedo nice to kid!Alfred, hehe.

So Kiku agrees to watch it with Alfred, but of course he can't help to wonder why Alfred still continues to watch horror movies even though he's freakin' scared of them. Alfred's answer is: He's a Hero.
LOLz *facepalm* xD
You darling, you don't have to try so hard to be brave of everything. Even heroes fear something. But *sigh* he wants to be the *ideal* hero.
But his fear in watching horror movies might not have developed in the first place if he didn't know about them as a kid. WHO DO WE HAVE TO BLAME?: ARTHUR
Arthur, thank you for raising up a scaredy cat Alfred xD

Oh gosh his terrified face makes him look so moe. xD
This made Kiku prepare for the worse. If someone like Alfred is afraid, then it has to be something really scary.

Kiku was paying really close attention while Alfred even has a hard time looking xD
By the way, a dude huggling a pillow is just so . . .LOLz xD

So at the end of the first "scary" part of the video, Kiku went like "Meh, That's it? Not scary at all". It's really not scary because it was just a picture of a "ghost" that's not even transparent . . . . and face is even wearing a normal expression. I've seen horror videos that want to show ghosts from photos, but Hetalia's sample is a joke version xD Haha!
However, Alfred's sooooooooooooooooooooo freaked out by it!

Ya know, freaked out Alfred's just a multiple playbacks of those three facial reactions. But if you make them really fast, played in random order, and with Konishi Katsuyuki's gay scream . . .IT'S EPIC xD

OMG He's so adorable. A lot of fangurls would like to take the pillow's place because he's been hugging it a lot xD

Either that or....

Even Tony and his friend whale are scared, LOLz xD
Waaaahhh .. . . . I wish there's a drawing of kid!Alfred doing something like that to Arthur as well *_* (But hmmm . . . not sure if Arthur does watch it with him except on the first time. I remember him saying that "I told you not to watch/read horror" while kid!Alfred was doing it alone)

Kiku tries to make Alfred calm down. He makes Alfred look closely at the new spooky image (now that's a ghost), but Alfred is still scared even when he calms down, he says xD LOLz

Kiku: The more you look at it... the more adorable it seems....
Alfred: You're weird!!!!
I'm sorry Alfred but I'm like Kiku. CREEPY STUFF ARE CUTE!!!!!!!!! xD

Video's over. Alfred's so relieved.
I was funny when Kiku was going "We didn't have to watch it. *times three*"

However, Alfred wants to watch yet another one xD Hahahaha!
Kiku rejects him this time xD
Sorry Alfred dear, unlike Toris, Kiku won't spoil you. (I don't think Alfred had spoiled him too much either)

Kiku thinks that horror games might help Alfred cure his trauma. So he accepts but....

You see, after watching a horror movie, Alfred can't sleep alone either xD He was about to ask Kiku to keep him company but Kiku had escaped really fast xD Hahahaha!

So after a while, Kiku checks up on Alfred to see....


Now Alfred, that's the natural cute freaked out voice. Yours was too cute and epic at the same time. Bwahahahha.....

Yeah, the zombie was just Alfred in cosplay. Kiku wasn't exactly as terrified as Alfred had been, but he doesn't like the idea of the "zombie" being near him either. Haha. (oh Kiku';s so cute xD)

Surprisingly, though Alfred was easily frightened on the "horror" movies, he was immune to the really spooky video games. Hahaha!
He even said that the monsters were CUTE.
I LOVE YOUR IDEA OF CUTE!!!! *finds monsters in zombie games/movies cute as well*
Kiku is disturbed..... Waheheheh.

Oh what a fun episode xD I wonder what the last episode of the second season would be. Hopefully majority of the cast would be there =)


Anonymous said...

Pffft lol I LOVE this! Now I hope they make a Hetalia/Grudge moment XD Dat'd be awesome lol XD Right now though America is the Grudge! *Spooky music in background*

Anonymous said...

This is about one of my favorite hetalia comics! Where can I watch this?! I've looked everywhere! Please tell me! :(

Anonymous said...

Its on Youtube :3 <3

Erina said...

After this episode I felt kind of empty. I didn't "get it" (maybe subs will help). At least give us something to hold on for the next episode, not just end it after credits. I was so mad. It had it moments but I don't know if I'm going to watch this baby again, well, perhaps Japan's freakout, Al was scary as hell.

*shrugs* Oh well, at least the next episode will come soon...ish. I can really relate to Kiku-san here, what kind of jackass Al is? x) (in lovable way, though I can't stand if he's the HERO also in future episodes)

Rikku said...

Lol, I'm sadly pretty much like Alfred. xD I'm terrified of horror movies involving like ghosts and stuff(anything with a creepy mask Dx) but horror games don't bother me at all. xD; Weird.

Anywho, Thanks for posting. :) I enjoyed reading this. xD I've been missing this series so much over the gap. ^^

DayDreamer95 said...

Sadly, I was forced to watch scary movies such as Jeepers creepers and Freddy vs. Jason around the age of eight by evil cousins, so I am forever emotionally scarred, (OMG JUST LIKE ALFRED!!!!! 8D) I remember seeing this HUGE shadow fly across my window way back when, and I immediatly began crying. I heard a crunch outside my bathroom and did the same. The scariest thing I've watched since (besides ads, which get on my NERVES during the summer, always with the horror..) was The Mist, and even I must admit the scariest part was when the tree flew through the window XD But, I do force myself to watch the t.v shows involving ghosts with the hope that I will get better at this. I watched an add about a ghost Santa and cried randomly, since I've never seen santa put in a bad light, it caught me off guard. I also forced myself to finish watch the whole Higurashi anime, it got less scarey towards the end...maybe I should start small, and watch videos like Alfred's....

I do wish to be the pillow. Or Kiku. But it was too cute, America's screams, all moving around like that with such an expression! YAY for whale! First time!:D The zombie voice was epic. Watching my cousins kill zombies on a video game (way back when) gave me nightmares...gosh I fail...

Kencana said...

Lol. I want to hug Kiku too. ^^

Anonymous said...

Loves this strip. This episode was done well.
Alfred scared is so cute (_,^

What happened to Alfred's face though at the end? I can't figure out how his face got like that. (was it face paint?)

Anonymous said...

Episode 52 will have UK, France, Canada, and Chibitalia in it :)

Fluffy-Chan said...

I love Alfred's freak out scene :3. I can't wait till the next episode!!

Megu-chan said...

For some reason, I really wasn't pleased with this episode (except Germany and Italy at the beginning; Italy's sick ve~ing is really sad yet adorable!). Alfred being all scared of ghosts kind of annoyed me, although I love him at other times (Same with the Romano strips they've animated, I love Romano in any other strip but those. >.<;). But at least the whale finally showed up! <333 I died.

And thanks, Anonymous that told us the next episode's characters (if they're correct).

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 1
Hetalia!Grudge! Oh that would be so cool xD

@ Erina
I don't get what you don't get x_x

@ Rikku
perhaps because zombies are cute? *most horror games have combies* Waheheheh xD *shot for being a crazy zombie lover*

Glad you enjoyed reading too xD

@ DayDreamer95
Ah, jeepers creepers. I watched it....alone xD also freddy vs jason I think. freaked me out but when I've finished it, I go : "cool" xD But I also had a pillow with me like Alfred xD Hehe. I haven't seen The Mist . . . will check it out because you find it scary xD *it's disappointing if horror movies aren't being scary =P*
Like Alfred as well, I force myself to watch horror movies. But looks like the outcome on Alfred's horror watching had been the same with yours than with mine. Haha.

@ Anonymous 4
Make up? The costume/cosplay experts know xD

@ Anonymous 5
I was so happy when I learned that xD Yaaay!

@ Megu-chan
Alfred's actions can be either adorable or annoying xD So it's understandable. Hahha!

gabztergirl said...

Sick Italy is really cute.
Too bad Germany didn't catch the cold LAWLz.
Haha Alfred was amazing in this eppy, as was Kiku.
"I almost pissed my pants," Oh God I love you Alfred you're the most hilarious Saint out there.
But Germany = LOVE (as always xD)

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ gabztergirl
Alfred said that? *can't remember* Ah well, I'll be rewatching the second season soon anywyaz, ehehe

concolor22 said...

I loved this episode. America thinks Freddy and Jason are scary, but how many fangirls does Pyramid Head have? :3 My wife pointed out that that's the main Japanese Survival Horror monster that Americans love for some reason.

No wonder Japan is confused.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ concolor22
Pyramid Head?

People have different sense of "scary", haha!

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