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Thursday, March 18, 2010

+C: Sword and Cornett - Chapter 18

Ah~ going back to this chapter made me cheer up a bit because chapter 23 was just too heartbreaking. *sniff*


Belca tries to talk Orcelito out of the Hokulea matter but Orcelito still kept his act. Even so, Belca decides to continue persuading Orcelito and stay in the castle. He orders Eco and Linna to inform the news about Orcelito to Musca and to send a warning to the Hokulea.
When Eco and Linna were on their way, there was a sudden order to lower the gates. They still didn't stop so it made one of the guards stop them by force. Eco managed to escape but Linna was left behind wounded.


Waaahh... I'm happy that he's still the kindhearted Orcelito but it his overprotectiveness to Belca is HURTING Belca!!! Oh come on Orcelito, get Belca involved in your plans already! Kiliko still kept on suggesting that idea but you... uuugghh.
I love Orcelito's expressions towards the elders though. He's pretending to please them, and he has this evil smile when he sees what a wonderful job he had done. I want him to do his counterattack already. It's so fun to kick those elders on their faces. Such hypocrites.... saying that they're not worthy to be kneeled upon by the prince yet their faces say they enjoy it so much. Ugh.


One of the crows... so one of Kiliko's boys, huh? It sucks if only the cool soldiers are on the protagonist's side, hehe.
I find him freaky... which is cool. But he's also Kiliko's boy... which got me amused for some reason, LOLz.

[ ECO ]

"Eco-tan's not really good at physical work~!! I'm scared"
LOLz ECO I LOVE YOU! And heck, you're much better than Belca in physical work (except in sword combat perhaps)
Interesting... Eco's in the library that Orcelito has found in the earlier chapters? Means Eco knows something on those hidden archives?
Moreover, one of the guards seemed to ahve recognized Eco. Ah well, from spoilers I think I know the reason why. But assuming that I don't know that.... it appears that there's something big on Eco's background... which we don't know yet because his real identity is still a mystery. Damnit, I want an Eco-centric chapter.


He's full of cute/moe/daaw in the whole chapter. Gawd, if Hector's forever crack, Belca's forever adorable. Haha!

[ MY OTP ]

Oh during that escape... Linna says he did it on his own, and his highness had nothing to do with it. While Belca denies it, and he says that it was he who ordered it.
Oh you two~ Oh you two~
Belca's the oen saying the truth though, but of course Orcelito won't want his brother arrested so he's making the presumption of Belca just being ordered by someone.
Anyway, the chapter ended with Kiliko telling Belca to behave or else he will not assure Linna's safety xD Ah~ Belca's face~

Damnit, I'm so excited for the next chapter. Got me do fangurl giggling a lot xD Hahahaha!
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