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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 9

How could this episode not awesome when the twisted gorgeous woman and the heartrob bastardly dude had so much screentime in it?! Ohohohohohohoho~
Shinra, Selty, Mikado and Shizuo also made this episode so enjoyable~ Seiji x Miwa is getting on my nerves though... but my annoyance to them doesn't make the series less awesome. Hehe.


Namie: My love is different. It is more vast and absolute.
The narrator of the episode has been mentioning about love most of the time, haha!
She seems to be a really remarkable woman, for being able to get to her position at such a young age. It looks like she's related to the person who stole Selty's head. She only sees it as a mere doll; and she's not fond of dolls. I guess we're similar in that sense. I only rejoice when I see a doll as my present but the next day I either throw it away or behead it (wait, that makes me morbid since childhood O_O)


Izaya: *spinning with his chair* I'm so excited. I'm so excited! I'm so excited! Even though I'm an informant, there are so many things I don't know about in this city! They appear and disappear! This is precisely why I can't leave a city where humans gather! HUMAN LOVE! I just love them! I'm in love with them! And that's why humans should come to love me as well.
This bastard is declaring about his love for humans again, haha! He wishes it to be mutual; but how could humans love you if you're such a jackass? Oh you are such an idiot for having idea how you can make yourself genuinely likable to people. Hehe.
By the way, he's so damn rich. Look how spacious his office is! And it's also so neat, and he has two computers, and he has a bunch of books too. And he calls his room filthy? Haha, I dunno if he's being "humble" or it's just not good enough for him. Hehe.
Looks like he's more alone than he seems... he has a chessboard but it doesn't appear that he ever had any playmates. So he's playing the game according to his rules or something. You poor damaged darling~
So, you don't only need a detective or a cop to search for people, but informants will do as well. Izaya had been really really fast in finding Seiji. He does his job so well. He's so incredible. Even if he's got a twisted mind, he's still freakin' talented *_* I love him~


Izaya: It's not good to meddle too much.
Namie: I'm not meddling! I'm the only one who can protect him!
Izaya: I've heard that stalkers don't realize they're stalking. Apparently, they believe that they're "protecting"-
Namie: Don't you dare put me on the same level as a stalker!
Izaya: You're frightening. I'm just pulling your leg.
I know Namie just didn't have anyone else to ask, but the idea of Namie asking help (or hiring to find someone rather) from Izaya delights me~
I also know that Izaya is most likely just trying to get more information or waste time while he does his job when he was chatting with Namie, but the idea of him flattering and messing with her delights me as well~
Namie's awesome enough to cut-off Izaya's attempted chit-chat delays. Her pissed off mode when she was likened to a stalker made Izaya start his work already. Haha!
And why does Izaya keep on asking about Namie's love for her brother xD Well, most likely he's just interested because "he wants to understand human relationships", but still, for that to be his favorite topic with Namie... squeee~ I would like to have delusions of Izaya not giving a damn about Seiji because he wants Namie to get over her one-sided love. Hehe.


Ah how distorted these siblings are. I think Seiji does love his sister but not in the same way as Namie does.
I think she became more attached to her brother because they were the only ones alone together in a big quiet household when they were kids. Too bad the head that she showed Seiji made him madly in love with it as well. It doesn't seem that Seiji's into incest, so she really didn't have a chance from the very beginning. But with him falling in love with the head, made her chances even slimmer. She says revealing that secret to Seiji was her first and only regret.
She may have spoiled Seiji too much, to the point of giving him as much cash as he needs and protecting him when he had killed someone. Her love was so unconditional, but it doesn't appear that she's that selfish/possessive either. I think she what she prioritizes is making Seiji happy (aside from protecting him); and even it will hurt her if he spends more time with another woman, she still did him such a favor. Oh Namie... I understand sibling love *has a younger brother as well* but you love him too much. You should go out with another guy (I vote Izaya! w00t! He's not the ideal boyfriend, but you can handle him Namie xD Yay!). Besides, Seiji's a jerk...


Seiji appealed to me before because he had killed someone but he was still calm enough to eat noodles with a dead body lying inside his room. I saw him as such a romantic person as well... but he's too in love; it's sickening. He declares that he loves the girl just because she has the face of the head he fell in love with. He doesn't care about knowing who she is or what she's like. Ugh. Point is, not only is this guy's love distorted, but he's not showing true love either (He should learn from his sister). I was so happy when Shizuo had given him a lesson (the ballpen/stick/whatever was pathetic. Thank goodness Shizuo's no ordinary human).


(I'd call her "Miwa" because "Selty" is too good to be her alias or temporary name T_T)
Ugh, this girl.... she creeped me out with her former self; but now she's just damn annoying. Damn confusing as well. She loves Seiji but she doesn't want anyone in her way (I think that's the reason why she threw away the phone. For Namie to stop calling/interrupting. Damnit, what a waste).
And now she's acting like a fragile flower (I think I read that character type from tv tropes) with Mikado.
And it also appears that she's another Izaya fangirl. Nakura... I'm amazed on how you managed to get her contact and even report diligently to you.
That's it. I'm annoyed. She doesn't deserve Selty's beautiful face. Ugh.


Ugh... you bumped into her AGAIN.
Oh Mikado... the type to help even strangers nice. You're such a nice person. I'm loving you more and more~
However, jeez, why bring her to your apartment... she doesn't deserve your concern or protection. Oh damn, I wish them separated asap.


Selty talks about her troubles to Shinra. Seems that Shinra's such a strong emotional support for her. That's so sweet~ And when he held her hand.... Kyaaaa~
It was so cute that Selty was talking (or typing rather) so fast when Shinra wondered why she's with Shizuo~ Don't want to make Shinra jealous or have other thoughts about it? Heeeheeehee~
Selty's so frustrated to see her head on someone else. But she doesn't seem to be the type who'll cut off the head for her sake. Oh what a dilemma for Selty...


Shizuo: *winks* Leave this to me. You go on ahead.
It's always so awesome when Shizuo's helping Selty out even if he doesn't know exactly why he needs to. He trusts her that much. They're such friends xD But hhhmmm, he seems nicer to Selty than to Shinra. Perhaps he's the type who's more fond of women? He didn't even harm Miwa even though she has been noisy enough to piss him off I think, hehe.
I love the parts when Shizuo's beating up Seiji. Not only because I've come to dislike Seiji, but he has also been questioning Seiji about his "love". Shizuo knows more about true love than that guy!!!
And yay to no reaction to injuries. Also for the power of superglue xD Haha. Oh I love Shizuo~


Shizuo's her usual sidekick. But since she's off to find someone, Mr. tracking device will be more useful in this case. Haha!
I can't stop laughing on the part when Izaya's pretending to be riding a motorcycle with his hand while walking with Selty (who's on a bike). Bwahahahaahaha!!!!
And Kida's back~ More best friend moments I hope~ And Mikado finally meets Selty!!!
Oh the next episode seems really exciting~


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! First time posting but I always enjoy reading your DRRR blogs!!! ^_^ Sadly enough, you are the ONLY blogger (that I check daily) that still prefer Izaya over Shizuo. I loooove Izaya 1 million times more than Shizuo! Keep up the good work!

Regarding this ep, YAY Izaya got a LOT of screentime to make up for the lack of last week! It just isn't the same without him. I wonder if Namie is going to pay Izaya for finding Seiji? Izaya must REALLY trust Namie to reveal his home....but knowing Izaya this isn't his "only" place.

Kencana said...

"Izaya: I've heard that stalkers don't realize they're stalking. Apparently, they believe that they're "protecting"-"
LOl. Izaya, you're right.

Shizuo so cool in this episode.

Anonymous said...

"Shizuo: *winks* Leave this to me. You go on ahead."
I can't believe our GARtender will say something like that LOL

Anonymous said...

Ever since episode 7, I've come to really like Shizzy as much as I did Izaya. They were both so awesome, I loved this episode so much.
Love your blog, btw X3

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 1
I'm so happy that you enjoy reading my posts xD
Eh? Only blogger? I feel honored *blushes* But wait, are you sure? Because I think there are more bloggers out there who are as crazy about Izaya as I am ^^;

I think Namie will really pay him since he did his job REALLY QUICK. And Izaya usually has reasons if he shares his own secrets or personal information. Whatever reason, that scene of Namie in Izaya's office is so awesome xD

@ Kencana

@ Anonymous 2
GARtender xD LOLz~
GAR peeps can be corny sometimes . . .which is cute xD

@ Anonymous 3
I love Shizzy but I guess evil retards appeal to me more... bwahehehehe xD
Oh both of them are really awesome xD Awesomeness overflows when these two have a lot of screentime xD Ohohohoho~
Thank you! Happy that you do =D

Anonymous said...

No no no, Shizaya is the way to go. *nodnod*

(I love hate/love relationships ;P)

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