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Monday, March 8, 2010

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 52

Chibitalia: Good night
Oh gawd more shota sugary fanservice. Haha!
I love Chibitalia, but I totally didn't expect for there to be more Chibitalia strips. Ah well, we see butt nekid adorable babies, what kind of pervert would complain? *is shot* Anyway, HRE's there. Five of the Allied Forces show up (I consider Matthew as part of them). Kiku (Japan) is there, as well as Cuba. Overall delightful, wheee~

Episode started with HRE bathing with his dog (Makes it more convincing to me that he's gotta be Ludwig's [Germany] younger self. Ludwig's also a dog lover~)
And one should not say that it was Chibitalia who had his first kiss... it's his dog. LOLz
Anyway, Chibitalia showed up and naturally, since HRE thinks Chibitalia's female, gets all embarassed. What made him even more embarassed was when Chibitalia actually joined him in bathing. Haha! (At least the stripping part wasn't shown... this might not be PG anymore, bwahahaha!)

I know Chibitalia's sugary cuteness that will make you have cavities but I find HRE more adorable in this episode:


Oh yeah, there is indeed another Kiku + Alfred (America) moment in this episode, but this time they don't actually have dialogues (the ones uttered by Alfred are... untintelligible xD)

It appears to be a cultural presentation of an American tourist sightseeing in Japan. First was some shrine, and the next one's a night market I think.
Alfred's reaction, especially on the second part, MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD!!!!
Tourists should act more like that way. It's fun. LOLz

It's quite hard to believe that that adorable jerk is big enemies with Cuba. Matthew gets attacked by Cuba because of Alfred ^^; Well, Cuba has realized it and apologized to Matthew...

Poor Matthew instantly apologizing when he really didn't do anything wrong. Alfred, what have you done to him ;_;
Anyway, Cuba makes up for it by giving Matthew some ice cream. (Matthew loves ice cream, and come to think of it, so does Alfred! TWINS! I KNEW IT! xD)
They've become buddies and Cuba told Matthew that he should drop by at his place sometime.
Which Matthew did, and he thought of wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Unfortunately, he got mistaken for Alfred once again. That poor dear . . . next time just wear a maple shirt all the time or something. Hehe.

AND MY FAVORITE PART (A family moment! The parents (Francis and Arthur) and their son (Matthew) Kyaaaaa! xD I wish Alfred was there... complete distorded family *_* Wahooo~):

Arthur: Hey, Alfred! A word about that next meeting...
Matthew: Oh hello, Arthur-san. I'm not him though.
I was disappointed that even mommy daddy Arthur had mistaken Matthew's identity as well. But then I realized that ALFRED'S HIS FAVORITE... I guess it shall be natural for him to think of Alfred first on anything or anyone Alfred-like xD Ohohohoho~

Arthur: "-san"? Huh, eh? You're not Alfred!? Eh!?
I feel quite bad that he's more used to Alfred rude to him xD Just "quite" . . .LOLz

Matthew: Really, Arthur-san. How many times have we gone through this? See, I'm Matt-
Francis: HEY!
Arthur + Matthew: Uh-
I'm sorry, Matthew, dear. I don't think he can ever improve on that xD But don't worry, the mother father instincts are still there. He sensed that you were missing in a previous episode after all =3 Kyaaaa~

Francis: That's Matthew, you know.
Arthur: Ah! I see! Yeah, that's it. Thank goodness. Ahahaha!
Matthew: Aw... Please do get it right some time, will you...?
I think Francis could recognize Matthew at times because Matthew got his hair from him xD Hehe.

Francis: It can't be helped. He's quite unremarkable, except for my French hair.
Arthur: Hey, are you implying that my hair is a wild mess?
Francis: You mean it's not!? Aren't you all punk inside anyway!?
Arthur: Shut up, you wine bastard!
Francis: Yay! Punk! Punk!
Arthur: What's punk in me!?
These two will never run out of things to argue about xD Hahahahaha!
Arthur's first line... it's like saying:"Are you implying that he didn't get his hair from me because my hair is a mess while his is well kept?" Oh parents about what children had inherited from them xD Hahahahha!
And oh Arthur, you keep on claiming on being a gentleman only but you also rock as a punk! I love you punk boy!

Matthew: J-Jackasses... Saying whatever they want... Yeah, Okay Fine, I'm Mr. Blandy Bland!
Poor Matthew....

Damnit... Argh, Today, I'm gonna show 'em!
Ah wait, he sure got a lot of insults on his thoughts xD And he's beginning to sound louder... and more like Alfred except that he's not exactly going hyper. Haha!

Matthew: I guess you're right~ Ahahahah....

Arthur: No, Matthew. I'm really sorry!
Matthew: But what argument can I make?
Oh you had made your parents stop fighting (though unintentionally). If it were Alfred, he'll even be cheering for a fight xD Haha.
Nah, I don't think Arthur can ever insult him. Francis could only insult him in terms like "boring" or "unremarkable" but not beyond that.
Its just that difficult to hate you Matthew. Difficult xD

Oh yeah, Matthew has actually went angry mode on the outside on a particular someone.... YOU KNOW WHO xD OH BOY! I want more of those twin brothers together! I really hope the third season will feature those! Also many other nation-tans and many unanimated strips~ Hetalia has so much material xD


Erina said...

*does the America-dance* THIS IS MORE LIKE IT!! *__* Don't get me wrong, I loved Kiku and Al together in the last episodes but finally something new, and with many faces to satisfy every fangirl (and boy). Funny episode!

Anonymous said...

yayy more Canada moments! =D We love Canada!!

BTW, when does the third season begin? In April?

Anonymous said...

SQUEE, CANADA KUUUUUUUUUN *pounces on Canada* i love you Canada kun

DayDreamer95 said...

This was the sugar my sweet tooth asked for~

I never knew HRE could be so .... cute! Alfred was entertaining as well, I would probably act the same way though, being so excited about seeing other cultures and all. And the lights were pretty...
The best part for me was the MatthewxArthurxFrancis event. Matthew reminds me of Antonio, being all passive-aggresive like that~ I also liked how Arthur seemed so apologetic, like the gentleman he wished he was! XD

I laughed at the fact that Cuba yelled at Matthew even though he held a "welcome" sign. Matthew without glasses looks oddly manly...

I DO WISH TO SEE MATTHEW WITH ALFRED AS WELL. That is right up there with Alfred's birthday on my "MUST be animated list". Really, just about every scene with those four is on that list...

~~Carym~~ said...

Best ending to a great season!!! I am so enjoying this! And we all know why Arthur mistook Matthew for Alfred.. hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Well the guy who voices Mathew also voices Alfred. HRE made me squee so much in this episode.
I can't wait for the next season to start!

ninjangel said...

Oh, so this is a bit random, but I think Canada's smack-down to America *is* actually getting animated. I'm trying to remember where I saw this--all I can remember is that it was on the LJ comm somewhere. :DDDD (God, I want me some North American Twins SO BAD!)

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 1
New season begins late this month.

@ ninjangel
It HAS to be animated. I don't remember how many times I reread that because it got me so delighted to see present!Alfred cry and Arthur's making Matthew stop because his favorite is crying already xD Kyaaaa~

Anonymous said...

about the Kiku and Alfred part: that's not a night market, that's a red-light district, hence Alfred's reaction XD

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Latest Anonymous
Aaaahhh... I see I see. Cool xD Thanks for the correction =) *lazy to update though*

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