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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 12

Finally caught up with this...

(Oh they're so cute when clinging to Dotachin xD And ah, Walker and Erika went "SUGOI! SUGOI! SUGOI!" Oh they're really so Isaac and Miria.... just more psychotic xD Haha!)
So much Selty, Mikado, and Izaya. *totally not complaining* There had been big revelations in this episode but there's no annoying prolonged angst *pleased* and it also appears that things are "back to normal" but thanks to Izaya, it's being hinted that this is just the end of the first half and something more intense and dangerous is about to come up in the upcoming episodes~


I am relieved that their involvement in the main story is now over. I really love it when Izaya told Seiji that his love was epic fail. His "true love" was crap. His passionate acts were for the wrong person.
Anywayz, so it has now been revealed that "Selty" is actually Mika. We see how she stalked Seiji (which was really creepy... to the point that she forced herself in and still doesn't see the obviousness of Seiji not wanting her inside). Seiji almost killed her, and Namie used plastic surgery on her to please her brother's fantasies.
Seiji was in totaly shock upon that revelation naturally. It took him a while to recover, but I'm happy that he didn't go violent and neither did he reject Mika totally for his failure in recognizing his love.
Mika, on the other hand, is unbelievable. Yeah, a stalker's love is creepy. But for her to love him even though he almost killed her and even willing to die to protect him.... her love sure is something (Mikado even compliments her for it.). It's as twisted as Namie's.... but in a different way. (Why does a loser like Seiji get such incredible everlasting love from women???!!!.... and one of them is even my goddess.... aaaahhh!!!!)
Ah well... I still don't like Seiji... but I no longer dislike him as much as before because... well... he apologized to Mikado o_o he's not the self-righteous bastard. *relieved* I'm happy that they're in good terms now. Mikado had even complimented Seiji even though Seiji tried t beat him up. Ehehehe


So with Mika's identity revealed, and that she even mentioned who did the surgery on her, Selty was able to figure out that Shinra knew about her head from the very beginning.
I find Shinra incredible for able to predict when Selty will be able to figure it out and what angry lines she would be uttering to him. And I'm very pleased that Selty didn't waste screentime in beating him up and going away to continue the angst, but she let Shinra clear some misunderstandings. Though Shinra still owed Selty a punch, and that one punch is enough to someone not really combat material. Hehe.
Shinra had his turn as well, but you can't exactly call it a "punch" because his target is getting rid of the helmet and he called it a substitute for a wedding kiss. LOLz.
Anywayz, Shinra said that he's afraid that Selty might leave him if she finds her head. Even if she claims she won't, there's no assurance. He's so serious in having her by his side that he'll do anything, even using her feelings, just to keep things that way. Shinra's not the kind of lover who'll already be happy once she's happy; shows that his love isn't... well, perfect. He highly depends on her and doesn't deny it.
But he's freakin' madly in love with her so I don't care. And they're finally canon. w00t!!!!! I love canon relationships that don't take gazillion episodes to happen. It's not healthy to my shipper brain, LOLz.


Hmmm... though my other favorite couple is already canon... my OTP isn't and I don't think they'll ever be because Namie loves Seiji and Izaya loves humankind... haha!
Well, but I love the idea that Namie is now with Izaya when she has nowhere else to run to now~
Also, many of Namie's failures in her schemes have something to do with Izaya's interferance.
I'd like to think that it's all Izaya's plan to have Namie run to him. Ohohohohohoho~
He's even recruiting her to Dollars. Izaya.... come one, there's a part of you that's attracted to Namie!!! Evil likes evil.... also gorgeous men like beautiful women.... ohohohohoho~


Love triangles usually annoy me because oftentimes there'll be emo-moments... and I hate it more when siblings or best friends quarrel over one girl. In DRRR!!, the love triangle is with best friends + pretty girl.... but what made this triangle likable for me is that the three of them have a good relationship, and the best friend boys aren't into some big angsty fight just because they're in love with the same girl. In other words, they're still best friends even if they're rivals in romance. So I totally not complain.
But hhhmmm.... Kida's so crack that it's difficult to take him seriously. He already has a girlfriend (and he seems serious about her) so the winning couple appears to be very obvious. I'm not a huge fan of Anri, but I find Mikado x Anri really really cute (my favorite moment between them is when Mikado had accidentally spit shake on her upon shock of learning that Mika's a stalker in the manga. Got me amused so much~ Haha!).


Mikado isn't exactly a fighter, but who says he isn't capable of kicking ass? Haha! Oh I love this part. The quiet and timid one is kicking his loud and hyper best friend. What a wonderful relationship. LOLz. I love these two~


Kida's always entertainment in his screentimes. Hahahaha! His gestures on telling Mikado about what he heard regarding the Dollars meeting had been really really cute~ Also his voicings! Hahahha!


But no DRRR!! character could ever beat the lord of hilarious gestures! Hahahahha! Oh gosh he's so childish and he does numerous poses while in one location.... but he doesn't seem to be the type who stays put in one position either. Haha!


So cute that Shizu-chan had spotted Izaya-kun again~ Their comedy's so overused.... but I'll never get tired of this gag~
Also, when Izaya changed position to evade Shizuo's attack, he went behind Mikado and pulled him away a bit for Mikado not to get hit. Oh come on dear Izaya, you could've done it in a different way, why the Mikado shoulder holding xD


Maybe Shizu-chan is angry at him in this episode because of the way Izaya's touching Mikado. I can't help not seeing Izaya as a pedo pervert when he's with Mikado. LOLz Izaya is so impressed with Mikado that he even made Mikado special enough that he gave him free service (Namie's number) and promised to keep his secret not buyable (that he's the founder of Dollars). He had also been given Mikado advices on how he could continue his extraordinary life, and even encouraged him to evolve.


(Izaya, it's bad to play with heads okayz x_x Selty's head is too beautiful for your basketball!!!)
Izaya loves having Mikado for a boss (he even gave Mikado a hint of who he is in the chatroom) and even finds it cool that a mythical creature is in the same group as he is. Things seem to have settled down but Izaya just had to show us that he took possession of Selty's head and is saying that he wants to start a war... more of a heavenly war to be precise.
Izaya loves information and it appears that it doesn't exclude myths. This series already involves Irish mythology, but we get to learn now that it will involve Norse mythology as well. Izaya had claimed to be afraid of death, but now he tells us that he believes in afterlife: heaven and hell. He doesn't care where he ends up as long as he exists, but naturally he would prefer heaven. He has heard that brave warriors get to go to heaven in Norse mythology.... and he would like to be one of them.... so he wants to start a war where he can fight in.

DRRR!! is going to the next level... meaning more awesomeness!!! HOORAY! xD Hehe.


Who the hell he is.... I have no idea...
But I saw yellow scarves so possibly more Kida background next episode. More serious gang war parts of the plot... yessss~

I only noticed it recently... but anywayz, I'm amused with the official site's new intro page:

Kasuka movie image? LOLz
And ah, for those interested, the DVD page has been updated with pictures from the first and second volumes. Hehe.


abandonedfactory said...

Mika turned out to be a total freak. In fact a freak amongst freaks.

The revelations about Izaya makes it clear that he is not above getting paid to do something, but actively working against it. He knew damn well Namie was looking for Mika, and purposely kept Mika informed everytime Yagiri cleaners got close.

Who is Kida's girlfriend?? The one in the hospital?

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ abandonedfactory
I'm not sure if he's just being against it.... he's plotting something else.

Ah, yes, it's the one at the hospital =)

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