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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring 2010 1st Impressions: Crack!Afterlife + Crack!Resto (Extra: Hightschool of the Dead Trailer)

The new season turned out to be better than I expected it to be. So I thought of checking out the first episodes of the new titles that I think have a chance to be good despite my low expectations. But before that:

I look forward to this series very much *_* Yes, it has he usual ecchi that I dislike so much... (and why most of the main cast women are fanservice material =_=) But.... but... THERE ARE ZOMBIES!!!! *_*
I loooooooooooove zombies. AREN'T THEY ADORABLE?

Now for the next two Spring 2010 series I've checked out so far:
[ Angel Beats ] Haruhi-clone... nah, not really xD
[ Working!! ] there's moe... but it's fun? O_O

[ Angel Beats ]

I'm a sucker for shows with religious references, and since this show deals with the afterlife, angels, the different gods and religions... it's totally no wonder for this series to get my interest. It hasn't been specifc, but it does tackle issues regarding god's existence and gives you perspectives of what your situation may be like after you die.
But come on... please.... WHAT THE HELL'S WITH THE SCHOOL SETTING?
Fine, this is not the only series which is like that *thinking of Countdown 7 Days* but jeez, not everyone who dies are Japanese high school students =_=
But hhhmm... though there hadn't been much variations on character ethnicity, I'm impressed that this series had managed to create characters with different personalities. They may be pretty stereotypical, but at least the show knows that and even emphasizes it on the character descriptions... which is epic ("he specializes on not specializing in anything") Haha! They're no moeblobs or badass wannabes, they're crack. And even if the main plot is something serious and dangerous, they also fool around. They are bizarre and ridiculous (important mission is stealing meal tickets!!! LOLz), but just when should crack comedies and parodies make sense? Haha!
Speaking of its comedies, this show really amused me~ My favorite is this part:

Hehe, CLANNAD had a similar comedy style.... I won't get tired of this~
Oh! Oh! Another thing I love in this show is this:

So much blood.... ehehehehe *morbid girl* And since they're already dead, their... souls I assume, can still be revived even if they get hurt physically. I'm fond of immortals... in a way they are such.... *pleased*.
I think this series has a serious plot but the execution is crazy and violent. Certain aspects seem cool and impressive (I find the directing good), but it's still not the type to be taken too seriously. In other words, the story has potential to be good.... but no way exceptional/brilliant. It aims to excel in entertainment... on the teen!action, teen!music, and teen!crack instead (and fortunately, not on fanservice). I think I'm certainly going to enjoy this show~ Looking forward to more (and please gimme male angels.)

[ Working!! ]

I've read the manga so I was alredy certain that the anime would be enjoyable for me. I'm relieved that the anime managed to adapt that 4-koma manga well. It's a great introduction to the series, the events are connected, and overall it turned out to be really wonderful!
The premise seems boring because it's just about employees working on a certain restaurant, but the wacky characters made the show lively and entertaining! What made me more relieved is that the ones that seem fanservice material here are used for comedy, not to please the perverted audience. Take the little girl for instance, who is so chibi and all cutesy, but she's a hardworker and is at least isn't clumsy!!!! (most cutesy girls for moe fanservice are like that... uuugggh) The "lolicon"'s attraction towards her is being ridiculed/teased, so it has become a joke instead of... something creepy.
Oh this is really enjoyable, and the ones I love seeing the most are these two:

If you can't imagine Durarara's Shizuo and Izaya working together, then you can see that in Working!! And no, it's not only because they have the same voice actors.... the appearances are actually close! Mr. Shizuo-like is the seems-scary-but-actually-nice type... and Mr. Izaya-like is.... also so talkative and bouncy xD Bwahahahaha! It's so amusing... them having the same voice actors made it easier to imagine Shizuo and Izaya working together in the kitchen... hahahahah!!!
Now back to the series, I just hope there'll be more to the story, and there'll be some character development, and also that they won't run out of jokes to the point that they'll be reusing them until the end of the show ^^; But so far so enjoyable, I like this~


Aorii said...

Japan loves their school setting too much, and ethnicity? bah VN-writers rarely care about that one, and it transfers to their chardesigns.
I love the KEY comedy style xD

As for working: it's MINICON~!!!
Bit of a stereotypical humor setup, but nevertheless amusing~

TJ said...

The Highschool of the Dead trailer looks good.

Angel Beats! 01 was a fun watch. As for the school setting, I think it's just a part of the Japanese culture. High school is the time when people stress out and work until they drop...

abandonedfactory said...

I almost passed up Angel Beats when I saw the school setting in the trailer, but I'm glad I didn't. I can imagine a real plot growing out of this at some point, so I'll keep watching to see what happens.

Working was already a must see for me because I have worked in many restaurants, so I knew I would appreciate the humor. Plus it's set in Hokkaido!

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