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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 13

I dunno why it took a break last week, but ah well, finally the start of the second half~

It had a new OP and ED and both are fantastic as expected~ (OP's title is "Complication"; while the title of the ED is "BUTTERFLY"!!! You're pleasing me on purpose, are't ya?! xD) The previous ones were more addicting to me though, but these new ones are just as cool~ Oh the staff isn't running out of awesomeness and creativity~ Hehe.


Ha! There's gender equality on the presentation of bullies in this episode. There are bastards and bitches. Pathetic dudes play rough on an older guy just because he finds him weird. Pathetic gals pick on a quiet girl plainly because they see her as weak and they're freakin' jealous. Equally annoying. It makes my head hurt that they actually exist in real life. I don't understand such people.


In this episode though, the Slasher is being more highlighted compare to the previous season. It appears that she doesn't kill (so not like Baccano's Rail Tracer huh) but still, she (I guess with that hair and structure she's obviously female) likes slicing people. Her targets this time had been those bullying girls. Might be nice if she attacks other bullies as well, ehehe. Punish the nonsensical bullying...


Speaking of bullying, looks like there's someone bullying our dear Celty this time. It appears that he's no ordinary cop, and it was mentioned that he even causes accidents. Ooohh... dangerous fella. I think he would've been dead if Celty wasn't a nice person.


Celty's afraid of the cops chasing her instead. I don't know if cops are more frightening for her than aliens now, haha! Scared Celty running to Shinra was so.... daaaaw~


Any romantic moment with Celty is like being in heaven to Shinra. Haha! But so LOLz of him to crack a joke like that while Celty's being so freakin' scared. Oh the bed thing, Shinra you pervert~ But well, that was SUPER EFFECTIVE in making Celty stop shaking. After punching him, she appeared to have forgotten her fears and focused on being angry at her perverted boyfriend instead. Haha!


By the way, Shinra's dad had showed up in this episode. He seemed to be someone intimidating... some dark lord or something.... but turned out to be such a loser and highly depended on Celty for protection.... It's such a shame for him to be like that... after all that he had done to her! Celty sure is saintly to still spoil him (ah well, can't hurt future father-in-law? LOLz)... Shinra's dad is someone to be hated for being pretty heartless and pathetic but.... HE'S HILARIOUS! Darn. Makes me wish to see him being bullied again... bwaheheheh~ (he almost got me impressed on his "power of adults" talk. haha)

[ ANRI ]

Speaking of someone being bullied, Anri may appear as someone so weak and helpless right now. She even admits that she is so dependent to her companions (formerly with Mika, then with the two boys [I love you two for protecting her from the perverted teacher]); like she's aware of being a parasite. And I still haven't forgotten how she treats Mikado (particularly, not acknowledging his hard work when he does so much for her). Because of those, she would be the type I would hate but.... she's a Ryohgo Narita female character... and we don't know much about her yet.... there has to be something else about her that would make her really interesting! Fine, I already know it, but if I put those spoilers out of my mind, how she sees things already hint something. I mean, why does she see those bullies in black and white? And only a part... like a shape of an eye... not the whole human visual range. There's certainly something mysterious about her~
On the other hand, she's also beginning to disturb me. She says she can't differentiate friendship and love, but she says that she loves Mika O_O;;; She likes the boys, but not romantically, and she's aware that they have a crush on her... but she can't go out with either of them either. Makes me feel sorry for the boys, especially on Mikado... Masaomi, on the other hand....


Masaomi's so complicated. He wants to flirt with Anri but wants to pair his best friend and her at the same time. Haha! And does he have a hunch that Anri might be a lesbian for telling her to hit on girls as well? Haha!
Oh this guy's description of Anri is so WTF.... aside from cute, he also considers her as erotic! WTF.. hahahaha! Who knows, he may be right., oh Masaomi, you and your wild ideas.
Oh yeah, will be calling Masaomi as Masaomi instead of Kida from now on.... because I've noticed that Mikado doesn't call him as "Kida-kun" anymore but with his first name instead (Why only now Mikado?).
So back to Masaomi... looks like his old gang want him back... but he doesn't want to go back.... and hope his reasons for leaving and why he's suddenly needed now will be revealed soon~


And of course, how could I forget about my beloved psychopath? xD Hahahaha!
He seems to be in such good terms with Simon, at least for now. They talk casually and I guess you can notice from the OP that Shizuo and Simon had been fighting each other most likely because Simon got in the way of the Shizaya quarelling, wahehehe (Oh Simon, Izaya can handle himself; I don't think stopping their fight lessens the damages that Shizuo causes).
It's revealed her by the way that Izaya can understand and speak in Russian~ Cool~ Cool~ Cool~ *loves multilingual characters*
And I think many have noticed that those who are voicing the posters at the chatroom are the seiyuus of the actual characters this time. So Tanaka Tarou = Mikado; Setton = Celty; Kanra = Izaya. I can't stop giggling because it's Izaya's voice on the FEMALE avatar. Bwahahahahahah xD And his emoticon!!!! (KITAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! ... I dunno how to type the upside-down "A" x_x) When the troll appeared!!! BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA xD The troll drove him crazy. He can't get rid of the pesky troll. It's so amusing xD Wahahahahahah!


Namie - My goddess is in Izaya's office (beautiful woman in a gorgeous guy's room). She has something like an attendance/time-in sheet so she's obviously working for him now (so more screentime with the two of them~). OP and ED scenes have those two next to each other (Izaya then Namie to be particular) And ah! In the OP she seems to be cooking.... so Izaya's personal chef? Ohohohohohohoho~ *remembers the Nabe thing from novel spoilers* Bwahahahhahaha xD
Dollars - Dotachin without his cap *_* And Erika was in the boy's toilet? Even if it seems to be a closed on, still! Haha!
Seiji and Mika - They are so together-together that it's kinda creepy.... x_x


I WANT THIS PART xD It's always fun when Celty's being tsun-tsun to Shinra~
Seems to be a lot of Shinra, Izaya... perhaps Masaomi and Anri too.
As usual, I'm sooooo excited to see it~


c160 said...

oooh,your post made me notice the bullying trend in this episode,nice.Izaya's chatroom antics got me lol-ing out too XD

ginta67 said...

OMG!! I LUV the new OP & ED!! It is so good and addicting! Was it just me or did Izaya looks a bit "off" in the opening? At least he look so freakin hawt in the ending!!! Ah that pose!! DROOL...

Oh the slasher didn't kill those bullies?

Kagura89 said...

I think the part that Anri says she loves Mika is she loves Mika as a friend deeply even though they used each other.It's like how Masaomi feels about Mikado well-being & fear that Mikado will fall to darkness if he join color gang.
But Anri is kind of weird girl, referring herself as third person o_0

nocandnc said...

I think Erika was probably in the men's bathroom because they were waiting for Kadota to finish work- he seems to do professional tiling, or something to that degree. And OMG! He looks so sexy without his hat XD. I knew he was my favorite for a reason.

And the episode itself was awesome. Well, I certainly feel your pain regarding spoilers lol. Not being able to spoil anyone else after you spoil yourself is really annoying >.<.

Mika and Seiji were THIS close to doing something immoral in on school property. Are there no teachers on watch? Seriously. Then again, looking at what kinds of teachers they have (molester!) it doesn't surprise me that the school is so lax >.>...

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ c160
I have a feeling that DRRR's creator hates bullying to the core that he emphasizes in his show how pathetic bullies are xD I love him~
Izaya's hilarious both online or offline, haha!

@ ginta67
About Izaya in the OP, I noticed that too (he was totally more gorgeous in the previous OP) but he's hott throughout the series (and in the ED, as you've said) so it's forgiven, LOLz xD

About the slasher, from what I remember it was mentioned in the episode that she doesn't kill.... so most likely she didn't kill those bullies either.... but with those spoilers... I see the possibility of them being the first examption. Hehe

@ Kagura89
I also saw that but what confused me was that though she claims to see Mika the same way as the guys, why did she say straight that she loves Mika while with the guys she didn't? x_x

It's certainly weird for her to refer to herself that way (but calling herself as a "kanojo" or girl/she is better than using her name =_= like many annoying females characters do) but there might be a reason for it... something to do with her personality... and her secrets~ (many of them have a secret so far xD)

@ nocandnc
Oh yeah, Kadota's bathroom arts... almost forgot about it. Haha!

Dotachin - hat = sexy, indeed xD

About the spoilers, haha. Not everyone likes being spoiled about what's not in aired episodes.... gotta control myself. It's pretty difficult, but manageable xD (sometimes I slip though. Eep)

On Mika and Seiji, it was certainly odd for them not being scolded for their PDA because asians are conservative on that thing, especially in Japan! But maybe Raira academy is an exception... they let the stubborn students do as they please. Izaya and Shizuo were also like that. (LOLz, both are stubborn couples? Bwahahahaha)

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