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Monday, April 26, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 5

I honestly still have Afterschool Charisma in my head... but number one fandom is still number one fandom.... and I really couldn't resist this darling... and in this episode he's sick xD:

Oh this is the second time we see him ill in the anime but even if it pains me to see my favorite suffering like that, it's fun to see the reactions of the characters around him when he's like that xD So.... more Arthur-sick-in-bed scenes please xD Fufufufufufufu~

Oh even if Arthur is sick, he doesn't fail in providing entertainment:

Francis: Hahahahaha! Serves you right! Karma caught up with you!
Rival's initial reaction is naturally like that~ (Alfred's initial reaction in a previous episode is DRAMA!... but both are LOLz xD)

Francis: Eh? It can't be... he's not even responding...

Francis: Hey! Are you okay? *puts cloth* Eeehhh??? What's wrong? Is it really bad?
It's so cute when the rival is showing genuine concern~

Arthur: You... go over there...
Francis: Oh good, he's back to normal~
He misses the quarellings~

Arthur: You might.... get it too....

Francis: Eeeehhh???!!! Arthur's been infected by some sort of strange virus!!!!
But to his rival, Arthur being nice to him is super duper abnormal xD Oh they're so hilarious~

Hehe, I look forward to the continuation of this!

But the actual focus of this episode are the best friends Toris and Feliks. Toris has been having nightmares:

Such an adorable way to begin a nightmare... a jolly chibi Ivan for being able to pwn to other chibis. Hahahaha!

Ivan took Toris away. Toris reaching out to Feliks... and Feliks looking at him with that face...
OH THE DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But Feliks just had to ruin the moment....

And it further increased Toris' high blood pressure. I find it so amusing that everytime Toris goes like that, Eduard (WITHOUT GLASSES!!! CUTE!!!) and Raivis go freak out as well. Hahahaha!
Oh this poor Baltic trio... they sleep in only one room... one bed... in that super big mansion. Shows how badly they're treated?

But well, Toris is still such a nice friend no matter how many times he says he hates Feliks, and he gives his friend another call.

I don't remember this part... but whatever it is... certainly Feliks had done somethign silly...

REALLY silly.....

On the next scene, Ivan got a some "cursed chain letter" and it's freakin' the hell out of him.
His voice seems softer and more high pitch though.... I prefer how he usually voices but this is still hilarious so... hehe

It's Feliks who's behind it by the way, and he's oh so proud of it. However, since the Baltics are under Ivan, they got affected by Feliks' prank as well.
If I remember correctly, it's a reference to what really happened (or is at least an RL rumor) in history.... Hetalia's portrayal of it.... cute and hialrious~

Then lastly we see this scene of Feliks helping out a beaten up Toris....

However I can't recall if it was a memory or just something that Toris wishes had happened. Hehe.

I wish there'll be more moments of these two... especially during the times when they're still together~ Oh we know that even though Feliks is being a jerk, he does genuinely care for his best friend (oh just with their MKC's, pfft! Speaking of which, their songs should've played in this and the previous episode!)

How Feliks sounds by the way has really been different from what I imagined.... Ah well, Nagoya accent isn't exactly the same as Valley Girl accent... but still.... speaking of which, I wonder how Feliks voice in english would sound like. I've heard the dubs are going to include the accents.... oh they better do enough research and find the right voices for that (They don't need to be the popular ones!!!! Not all good voice actors are well known =_=)

I have no news on what the next episode will be... but what's most likely is that a part of it will be the continuation of the sick!Arthur scene.... but we'll see~

~ translations mostly based on scanlations
~ Arthur (England), Francis (France), Ivan (Russia), Toris (Lithuania), Feliks (Poland), Eduard (Estonia), Raivis (Latvia)


Anonymous said...

LOL Poland invented the chain letter! XD

missybunny said...

I thought Russia's voice sounded a bit odd as well. Not to say it was fucking adorable, but...odd for an insane lunatic! XD

Mito said...

Squeeeeeeee~ sick arthur is lala-love~ XDDDDDDD

Anonymous said...

your mom russia!

DayDreamer95 said...

That U.K pillow was too much for me. I just had to squee. ESPECIALLY when he was nice to Francis, that just freaking made my day.

Toris' behaviour is so funny. One moment he is this kind, caring adorable thing, next moment, he is screaming his head off(it sounds too cute).Maybe that is why his counrty is #2 suicidal: Overly emotional xD
Also, on the Part with Feliks and Toris, Feliks was imagining putting rockets on his house and landing it on Toris; you could hear the people complaining as it landed XD The dreamy thing with Feliks was when he saved him one day, telling him that he had to obey him as a conseqeunce. Then Toris was all,"So this is how it is..."
I like Poland's eyes~ They are my second fave color and the shape looks sassy~ >:3

Anonymous said...

Sick England = Happy Me XD

I hate to see the poor dear like that, but it's always so damn CUTE when he is. XD First with America, now France, I wonder who's next? o(>w<)o

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ DayDreamer95
Thanks for helping me recall xD *still didn't watch subs*

@ Anonymous 3
We'll be seeing Alfred again ;D But in the drama CD, Kiku also took care of sick Arthur~

Anonymous said...

I am sick too and i am just like Arthur

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