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Monday, April 5, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 2

Before I begin the episode fangurling post... Himaruya draw something adorable for the Easter celebration:


*ehem* Okayz, the episode, unfortunately for me, isn't centered on bunnies, but on cats instead =_= I love Kiku, Greece, Chibitalia, and HRE.... but I'm really NOT fond of cats =_= (I'm more of a dog person. CATS SCRAM!!! AND I WANT THE STRAY CAT OUT OF MY HOSUE ALREADY!!!!!)... Eep... this is turning into a diary ranting entry....

Anywayz... episode began with Chibitalia and HRE pretending to be cats:

They go NYAA (meow) a lot and for some reason HRE's hug made Chibitalia faint. How that happened... I think it's left to our imagination.

Back to the episode.... we see Kiku and Greece meet:

Greece appears to be really busy with his grandma's ruins...

Then they talk about how much they like cats:

I am not fond of cats.... but I like the cat lovers? Hahha! Oh you Hetalia characters love anything cute! You two are jsut the most Kitty!Obsessed! Hehehe~
Only in Hetalia I've learned that there are loads of stary cats in Greece? *remembers the many stray cats near her place* I think my highblood pressure will rise almost everyday if I live there =_=

Then Greece says that he knows some Japanese words, Kiku of course compliments and encourages him:

Your language is addicting Kiku, even if I don't understand much xD Hahaha!

I admit my hyperactivity for this episode isn't that high because... it's about cats =_= But there's one part that I absolutely enjoyed in this episode:


Greece: This is the Greek temple to the famous status of Zeus
Kiku: Oh! Even I know this person. His wife is really scary...
LOLz... always amuses me when the females are the more fearsome ones xD

Greece: That Zeus... had a lot of lovers... one after another. Thus, his wife gets extremely jealous due to an inferiority complex.... it seems....
high god is such a bad boy =_=... ^^;

Kiku: It's like Greece's mythical gods are more human than it seems. They're pretty close to humans, aren't they?
Greece: I... like those kind of gods
Greece, you mean gods being human-like, right? Not because they're scandalous xD LOLz

Greece: But from there on it gets bloody
Kiku: It's fine not to say it.
Bloody parts~


~ Translations based on scanlations


Anonymous said...

your moms a greek myth!

Anonymous said...

Oh, did you notice Greece's hair got longer? It's about France's length! Oh well, this is a really cute episode! <3

DayDreamer95 said...

OMG Alfred is feaking ADORABLE. He's got an EGG, a CHICK, AnD a BUNNY! 8D

This episode was just too cute~. I never thought of HRE as having a "fun bone", but the animated series proves him to be . . . sweet. Greece and Japan are awesome together, sharing their culture, I do love all the sculptures they made/make in Greece, but with so many gods it gets confusing... . ^_^'

I like kitties, but I do prefer doggies.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I <3 Greece :D
I don't like how Studio DEEN made Greece all white tho ]:| (what happened to long tan and handsome? At least in Greece's case...and Egypt D: )
PS- Dogs pwn

DiamondHeart said...

If Arthur saw the picture of baby Alfred I am sure we would be yelling 'cute' over and over again!
And I hate cats too!

Anonymous said...

*Loves cats, but will forgive you instead for your fantabolous blog post*

Nyaaan~! =^.^=

Anonymous said...

lol you greek i want to pat your head and your cat's head!

Anonymous said...

OMg this episode is so ..awesome >w<
CATS! *catlover*
But, greece...his so..white D:
But HRE and Chibitalia are just too cute *w*

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 1
Yeah, but well, the difference didn't seem that big so I didn't mind it, hehe.

@ Anonymous 3
I dunno why DEEN's been changing those skin tones... not that happy with it either

"Dogs pwn" --> TOTALLY!

@ DiamondHeart
He dotes on baby Alfred, so he will, for sure xD

yay felow kitty disliker xD

@ Anonymous 4
But I love you cat lovers! *hugs* xD

Ah, thanks xD

Spirit said...

Ah... they're just TOO adorable
Specially Chibiamerica Holly mother of God! (I'm not used to get so excited about a cute drawing... feels strange. -_-)

I don't like cats either!
That's because they use to do their "dirty things" on MY roof. It's like 3 O'Clock and I'm still hearing them!!! What kind of cats are they??!! You hear first the angry "Miau! miau!" of a brawl over there and then the "Mi-MiiIiiIiiaaaaaauuuuu *Strange kind of miau O_o*"

But that's not the theme... I loved the chapter, specially the reference to Greek Mitology. And Chibialfred, and Greece's voice. And Chibialfred! God, make me stop!!!

Anonymous said...

That was really a boring episode... I hope that the third will be better than this one seriously!

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