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Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring 2010 1st Impressions: Soccer + Baseball (Extra: Code Geass Extraction)

The new season turned out to be better than I expected it to be. So I thought of checking out the first episodes of the new titles that I think have a chance to be good despite my low expectations. But before that:

There's a new scan on a certain magazine full of Lelouch and Rolo. No idea what the heck it's about either.... but keep the brotherly pics coming xD Hehe~

Now for the next two Spring 2010 series I've checked out so far:
[ Giant Killing ] Yay for a different kind of soccer show!
[ Ookiku Furikabutte ~ Natsu no Taikai-hen~ ] Yay for another season of an awesome baseball show!

[ Giant Killing ]

(Coolest title logo I've seen this season~)

The sport is called football in other places while soccer in others places. In my place it's soccer, but since the manga scanlations called it football, I got used to that. But now I hear the anime calling it soccer, so I'll put my mindset in calling the sport with that term.
I've read the first two volumes of the manga so I already know what to expect from this... which is AWESOMENESS xD People ignore it because it's a sports show... well, nothing we can do about that. Others also ignore it because of the "fugly" art... well, if your eyes can only bear to look to what the majority considers as pretty, there's nothing we can do about it either. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.
Anywayz, what I love with this series because it's once again not your typical sports show. Yeah, yeah, main character is an ace player, but he's no teen and neither is he playing on the current setting of the series. I really love seeing what's not usual~.
The ace player (I think) of the current team is actually this guy:

And if you're familiar with Oofuri, he's sort of like the Mihashi of the show. He has the talent, but he gets intimidated. Fortunately there had been people who saw his talent and made good use of him. He's a nice guy, but kinda clumsy and easily abused.... a certain character even calls him his DOG xD Bwahahhaha~ (HE SHOULD BE A PUPPY! NOT A DOG xD He's the team's BABY!!!)
Back to the episode... ha... this is what I don't like with sports. Winning matters too much =_= And on teams, it's kinda pathetic when members depend so much on their ace player and call him a "traitor" when he decides to leave. Duuuhh.... I can understand that if it's between gangs or military men or even political parties.... but in sports.... duuuhh....
Anyway, I like it that this is one of those series that don't only rely on the players skills, but also the manager's/coach's strategies. The seniors of the team or the ones with most fans doesn't mean that they're the best players either.
It doesn't only show you the behavior of the players, but the fans as well. There are the passionate ones, the pessimistic ones, and pfft! The ranters. The types of fans that complain first before seeing what they're supposed to complain about. Ah well, fans are biased =P Haha!
Though I like the series, I'm actually not that impressed with how the anime turned out. First is, well, The English. What's good about is that it's not Engrish but... but... I CAN'T HEAR HIM!!!! I need to put the volume to maximum just to understand him. I don't think the old age has anything to do with it =_= I can hear the girl's english audibly... too audibly.. made my ears hurt because I didn't adjust the volume quick x_x And it doesn't seem to be in the right accent either.... but well, it's not often you get to hear good english in an anime. Forgiven.
Okay, now the biggest disappointment for me in this series is.... it epic fails in presenting the lively/intense scenes.... especially the comedy =_= Yeah, I know the funny parts thanks to the manga, but they usually STILL make me laugh when I see them again in anime form (the difference in mediums make it seem new I guess).... but with GK's anime.... no... not funny at all. I dunno if it's the voice actor's fault for not being able to express the emotions well or... if it's the director's fault... T_T How to explain this... it's like the punch lines aren't.... PUNCH LINES. Lacks impact... timing is wrong or slow. I don't feel the emotion... I dunno. The manga made me laugh like crazy... but the anime didn't make me even giggle at least. The heck.....
Oh please, don't ruin the comedy. Especially when The Prince shows up. HE'S FREAKIN' HILARIOUS xD Oh this series is actually very entertaining!!!! Don't let the "plain and boring" art fool you! It's cool and fun!!! =D

[ Ookiku Furikabutte ~ Natsu no Taikai-hen~ ]

I hurried in marathoning the first season to be prepared for this!!! Hahahahah! I didn't drop it, nor did I think it hadn't been good. I think I've just been watching so many shows that I forgot I'm not yet done with this until I saw the announcement of this season coming soon ^^; Ehehehe....
Anywayz, I consider is as one of the best sports shows out there, and I'm pleased that the second season shows promise that it's going to be even better~
In this episode we see that the other teams are becoming alarmed with Nishiura's win. The discussion of those two dudes help us recall the previous season... what our main team is capable of. It appears that the team's defense is still a mystery to them. And oh, though they had a lot of serious discussion on game stuff, they had actually been funny (ordering food that cost exactly 1500 yen on he spot is incredible xD Haha! And he doesn't share~ LOLz) and we also get more background of those characters.
Those two are gathering data of what they know about Nishiura... well, our Nishiura team is doing the same by watching the game of their possible future opponents. Even if they just won, they still do data gathering~
And oh, interestingly, for their next game, they're not going to be using their star player (Yes! Injuries don't heal quickly! Miracles don't happen like that! And gotta consider a player's limitations, no matter how incredible they are!) as their cleanup hitter~ Tajima doesn't like the idea, but it was so amusing how the coach made him love his new position, hehe.

Oh I love it that Oofuri is still as hilarious as ever! The soccer game made me chuckle the most xD The 3 meter thing... Mihashi's head had bene useful. Bwahahahahaha~
Oh I'd love to note the another unique thing about Oofuri even though it's a baseball show: Our charaters don't only play baseball. You get to see them play other sports too. They can even be an audience (like with the previous season. Hamada was playing basketball). Oh Oofuri... you don't run out of things that make you a different yet awesome baseball show, huh? *teary* Yes, keep me more impressed~
And ah, they had been talking about their coach. I'm impressed with... the control of the players... they get to focus on the sport instead of their coach's sexiness xD Hahaha! And hhhmm... these mentions about her making me think that we finally get more background on her soon. I look forward to that! NEXT EPISODE PLEASE xD
Hhhhmmm.... I think I'll just follow the anime instead of catching up with the manga. I tried to read the manga but.... it's difficlt for me to see the characters play in manga form compare to animation form. It was like this for me with Slamdunk as well (WHICH IS SUPER AWESOME TOO!!!!). *sigh* Alright... but the wait's gonna be torture ;_; ABE!!!! I HAVE TO WAIT FOR SO MANY DAYS AGAIN??? xD Hahahahaha! (*just noticed that subs of the second episode's already out*.... I shal be busy downloading. Excuse me xD)


abandonedfactory said...

"Coolest title logo I've seen this season"

I'm glad you mentioned that, because it impressed me too. :D

I really liked Big Windup season 1, but I think I am gonna hold off on watching season 2. For some reason these shows just work better for me when I can marathon them. For the same reason, I think I'll only watch Giant Killing every couple of weeks; I liked the setup, but then I feel cheated when I can't watch the actual match.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ abandonedfactory
cool that you also noticed the awesomeness of the logo =D

I think sports shows are more fun to marathon because it's more enjoyable to watch a whole match in one sitting than wait for the next part the next week. Hmm... I'm thinking of doing the same thing with these two series as soon as the matches start.

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