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Monday, April 12, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 3

Hooray for Turkey's debut! LOLz, yes, even Hetalia has a masked bishie~
For those who don't know yet, he's voiced by Takahiro Fujimoto. He doesn't seem to be a popular seiyuu, but he did a nice job in this episode~ Suits Turuko-san~

Episode actually began with Greece and Kiku talking about Sparta:

It's an agricultural land now and Greece keeps on talking about the requirements of going naked there during Ancient times xD Haha! I don't know what you're implying Greece, but Kiku isn't Francis. Haha!
Anywayz... oh how Sparta is so different now. I still can't get the image of Sparta from the movie 300 off my mind xD Haha! I miss that movie... I find it so amusing~

And after that, they talked about cats again:

*snored until the part where Kiku placed cat ears on Greece's head* So cute xD Hehehe....
Why can't the kitties be cute as the cat lovers... guuuuhh.... *bad mood with kitties again because she saw the annoying stray cat when she arrived home*

And now.... finally the part with Turkey!!!!

Turkey: Oh, yo Kiku! I heard ya were nearby!!
Kiku: Ah, Turkey-san.
Greece: Geh.
Turkey: Geeeh!

Turkey: Why is that bastard Greece here? Tch, why didn't you tell me!? By any chance, ya aren't trying to invade Kiku, are ya?
Kiku: No, that's-!
Greece: Don't touch me... Kiku is sightseeing at my home...
Kiku: Ah, yes. That's-!
Turkey: What did you say!? That can't be true, right Kiku?
It's so cute to watch opposites argue... the similar way and about the same thing... or nation-tan in this case xD Haha!

Kiku: Ah, no-!
Greece: Don't talk to Kiku, Beard Face.
Turkey: Ya just don't know how well Kiku and I get along!
Kiku: Uum-!
Greece: Up 'til know,
Kiku: Uh...
Greece: I've been everywhere with Kiku...
Turkey: What the hell?! Kiku's helped me with varous things already!
Greece: But, he's with me now...
Turkey: No, me!
Greece: Me...
Turkey: It's me!!!!
Greece: Me...
Turkey: Told ya it's me!!!
Greece: I knew it, it's me...
Turkey: That's why, it's totally me!!!
Kiku: In the meantime, the two of you please settle down.
Oh my~ Kiku is like a harem or reverse-harem hero/heroine xD I DO NOT COMPLAIN!!! I don't care if the author is favoring his country too much, JAPAN IS THAT LOVABLE xD
Oh yeah, interesting trivia on why Turkey loves Japan and the story on how Japan has helped him: Over here, under the "Turkey" section

Turkey and Greece: So which is it, Kiku?
Kiku: Uuuhh....
Fufufufufufufu xD

Kiku: Let's decide with rock-paper-scissors.
Turkey: Rock-paper-scissors?!
Easiest way to escape from such a question~

So now Kiku is stuck between these two bishies who totally don't wanna let him go~

To liven up the awkward atmosphere, Kiku showed them a trick:

It's something pretty common to my place... or maybe it's just in my family? o_O But well, it got the two very very shocked/amazed:

Their reactions.... LOLz.... I can't.... stop... ROFTFLz xD

Haha~ It was a fun episode~ If the rumors/news are right, which most likely are because they've been correct so far, next episode will center on Poland (Feliks) and Toris (Lithuania)! Yay!

~ Translations are based on scanlations; some edited and added by me (since some lines aren't or are different from the manga). My Japanese isn't that great, so advanced apology to mistakes...
~ Kiku = Japan


Yukime Ryuzaki said...


YAAAAAAAAAY! LITHUANIA PWNS! (I seriously need to stop doing that. XDDD)


Lol, Kiku and Turkey get along, but Greece and Turkey HATE eachother!!! XD

Whats 'over here, under the 'turkey' section'?O_O

Anonymous said...

really cant wait for da nxt episode!
i like, totally luv poland you know!

Matsu said...

Ne Ne, Where Did You See The Episode?
I've Looked For It Everywhere!
Heeelp ;O;

Anonymous said...

omg, Turkey's debut, i had a feeling he was going to be introduced soon, i must watch it

Mito said...

Bwahahahahahahaha!!! XDDDDD greece and turkey WTF face is so cute~ XDDDDDD omg it's very amusing one~ nice job!!!

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Yukime Ryuzaki
"Whats 'over here, under the 'turkey' section'?O_O"
=== Ah ^^; I meant for you to just click the link to see what I'm talking about. When you see the page, look for the paragraph with "Turkey" in the title. It tells the story about Japanese villagers rescuing Turkish people stranded in Wakayama ;)

@ Matsu
I think it's already out in many sites by now... subbed even. Ehehe

Anonymous said...

You know what,this is the first time I've ever seen Greece with that shocked reaction; it's hilarious XD

Anonymous said...

rofl! its sad that those two would get so easily shocked! It kinda annoys me that the author displays his country as so...perfect? but then again i shouldnt complain...

jophiel2287 said...

I thought Turkey's voice was actually pretty sexy. I thought it was going to be a deep, growl-like voice.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Latest Anonymous 2
"the author displays his country as so...perfect?"
--> I don't think so. I think Hetalia has also portrayed Japan's negative stereotypes.

@ jophiel2287
I would still find it sexy if it had indeed been a deel grow-like voice xD His personality will make is sexy. LOLz

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