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Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring 2010 1st Impressions: Fail!Bodyguard + Fail!Delinquents (Extra: Hetalia Manga Vol. 3)

The new season turned out to be better than I expected it to be. So I thought of checking out the first episodes of the new titles that I think have a chance to be good despite my low expectations. But before that:

Cover of Hetalia manga's third volume is out and it's featuring the Allied Forces this time!!! YAY xD
It's so pink... LOLz... I wonder what the color of the other edition would be.... it's more expensive though.
Anywayz, it will be released next month (May 21 is I remember correctly *lazy to recheck*)

Now for the next two Spring 2010 series I've checked out so far:
[ House of Five Leaves ]... epic fail bodyguard that pwns?!
[ Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin ] ... bonds and hope in hellish prison?!

[ House of Five Leaves ]
Okayz, I admit that I got a little worried if I would really appreciate it because Ristorante Paradiso had been very interesting to me at first impression but I could no longer bear to continue watching it because of a... certain... someone. But we're not talking about that right now....
Anywayz, what I love most about this are the atmosphere/setting, story/twists, uniqueness, and HIM. xD
Quick reasons/elaborations on each item:
atmosphere/setting: it's so gloomy... fits the real thing, as if things have been bright, lively, and fancy during that time period. I don't think samurai fights in real history had been as flashy, brutal, bloody, nor long as most samurai shows portray it as. ah well, whether I'm right or not, it's still not often you get to see a samurai show wherein its main focus isn't exactly the sword fights~ and that's cool.
story/twists: even though it appears to be mainly a slice-of-life series, it still shows the dark sides of the samurai world. So if there's dark fantasy, then this is dark slice-of-life? haha. And oh, our main character appears to be a wimp, but later we find out that he's actually skillful. Also we have the master who aims to get a loser bodyguard but when he found out that he was wrong, he liked the guy better. And he also appears to be your typical rich lord, then later he reveals to be a criminal, then later we find out that he's actually doing some robin-hood-like act. Keep on surprising me~
uniqueness: oh where should I start? The character design already screams the difference (putting aside the creator's other series). And usually samurai shows are focused on the fights on who's the strongest/conqueror/ruler or saving humanity/friends/family from evil ones; while this one appears to be just about a bodyguard with a master who is... not someone ordinary. In short, it's not your typical samurai show in so many ways. I really really love the unusual ones~
Lastly, it's HIM:

Gorgeous men in pink are awesome xD LOLz~ He's obviously very fond of our main character (no, you perverts xD, not in a shounen-ai way, even if he had explicitly said that he likes the guy) and so wants the dude to be part of his gang already. He's not exactly goody-goody... for he does bad things... but he's not exactly evil either. He's a relaxed dude... and he's like that even in dangerous situations. He can talk back to assholes and it appears he knows how to take care of himself. I wonder what the group's name has to do with the boy with a scar at the beginning of the episode (I didn't see it in the manga).... Whoa~ He's cool, complicated, and interesting, and he amuses me xD I LOVE HIM! Being voiced by Takahiro Sakurai makes him even sexier~ xD Hahahahahah!
I like the main character as well, and I think I would also like the other main characters, yeah, even the women. An nice cast is a nice cast~
Other things I like.... the music was cool like many have mentioned... but the op and the ed themes... I prefer them separated. I mean, I like the song; I like the animation; but put them together.... seems weird to me. It's like they don't match. Hmmm... or maybe it's just me.
The manga's not scanlated so I still have no idea on what may happen next.... I spoiled myself on the raw though.... I don't see any action... but events still seem interesting. Ah well, I can only appreciate this type of series when I get what's going on.... so I'll just wait for the next episode to be subbed (A WEEK OF TORTURE!!! AAAAHHH!!!!)

[ Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin ]
I've read a few chapters of the manga so I'm already aware of how disturbing it's gonna be... I guess that helped me in being less disturbed on the horrifying scenes in the anime. In fact, it didn't affect me much at all. Hhhmmm... or perhaps my imagination while looking at those scenes in the manga were just too... wild o_o;;;
Anywayz, this series shows you the prison life of a number of delinquents. Prison life isn't something pleasant, and if it's during war times, it's even more unpleasant. What's sad though is that they're not even prisoners from an enemy country... AND THEY'RE CHILDREN!!! Bad grownups are bad =_= And those that are doing the greater damage are actually the ones that are supposed to be the ones doing good, or are at least innocent/pure/nice.
The guard is sooooooooooooo not doing his job. He's abusive (Pfft! He's so jealous of the Sakuragi's muscular body that's why he wanted to beat him up, LOLz) and he even teaches his prisoners to abuse others. f*ck. damn such people in RL! And that doctor! He keeps on scolding the guard about harming his children when in fact he's WORSE because he sexually harasses the kids with a smile. GUH! JUST DIE! PRVERTED GEYSER! DIE!
The most irritating one for me was THAT LITTLE GIRL! I get it that one can't trust criminals, but oh come on... the dude just obviously wanted to help but she CRIES to cause misunderstanding and got disgusted what the poor guy has touched and threw it at him. DISCRIMINATING BRATTY GIRLS! WHERE'S MY CHAINSAW???!!! ROOOOOOOOAAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It hurts so much you know... when people you want to help are bitching you. Reminded me of a story wherein a nice person gave food to a street kid, but the brat gave foul words instead of "thank you's" because the brat prefers money. *facepalm*
Ahahaha.... enough of my rants on annoying types of people... about the series.... I wish the anime didn't follow the character introduction style like the manga did. Hearing the narrator's voice giving the background of each kid bored me....
Also, there are things I don't get in this episode:
1) kids try to gang up on the older guy just because he pisses them off.... then they get pwned... automatic submission... boys, I don't get you and your pride stuff (ah well, as if girls are any easier to understand). Or maybe their heads are just not stable or something after all they've gone through.
2) I still don't see the pleasure of smoking.... but anywayz, anime characters get disturbed when they drink from the same cup because of the "indirect kiss" thing.... but isn't smoking from the same cigarette also somewhat like an indirect kiss??? Heheheheh xD They didn't see it as such though. or maybe I just don't understand smokers....
Anywayz, it may be oh so serious but stories with dark and depressing settings yet have a ray of hope are heartwarming for me. The events in the next episode are so BAAAAAAAAAW and I'm very touched with their bonding xD Haha, I appreciated this more when they're finally buddies. Interesting that they're still buddies when they grew up... and managed to survive from that hell (it's so cute that they put their hopes in each color of the rainbow~). I look forward to know how that happened! And oh, I'm most interested in this guy:

I'm a sucker for the leader or big brother types. Damn. xD
And ah, I love the OP and ED themes of this series! Especially the OP!!! I think it's my favorite among the Spring 2010 anime~


keikakudoori said...

Cigarettes are the symbol of cool, or so says the media. They still taste terrible though.

The guard and his people are horrible and so was the bratty girl. I think that was plain foolishness than pride on their part (although sometimes they go together)I actually thought back then that they were the bad guys for ganging up on the other dude. Let's see, they invade his territory, act overly friendly, get on his nerves then they want to fight him? Bad moves on their part. Good to see their friends now.

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