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Monday, April 19, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 4

Finally an episode that centers on this best friend duo~ They're sooooo cute~
And Feliks (Poland) was most awesome here xD Haha!

Toris (Lithuania) overheard that Ivan (Russia) was ordered to attack his best friend, so even though it's risky, he gathers his courage to warn Feliks.

While waiting for his call to be answered though, he had been recalling some memories with Feliks... and they're all unpleasant... making Toris annoyed that he calls Feliks a bastard. (How did chibi Toris become blonde x_x)

Toris went insane... and that made Eduard (Estonia) creeped out. Ghey scream appears to be contagious, LOLz.

Well, he still called Feliks anywayz, but he didn't get any happy greetings at all.

Feliks finally panicked after realizing somethign though.... (he looks like it but for me he doesn't sound like it much. I dunno if it has something to do with the voice actor or they did it intentionally).

But he quickly went back to normal (I forgot the reason! My interpretation of events are based on memory... I can't remember the particular strip x_x). Russian invasion didn't appear to be a big issue to him.

Besides, he has pwned the likes of Ludwig (Germany) in the past. He was awesome back then. He's still awesome until now, but in a different sense. Wahehehe....

That makes dear Toris worry for him even more.... either that or he thinks his friend's so hopeless. LOLz.

My favorite part in this episode is when Feliks was.... eating xD The sound he makes "nomnomnomnom" or was it "omomomo".... it was so cute xD

Ah, speaking of cuteness, Feliciano (Italy) is being so baaaaaaaaaw here ("pitifully adorable" to be particular):

At the beginning of the episode, Feliciano was asking Francis (France) to return his paintings already..... but Francis was too mean.... showing an evil face asking if Feliciano wants to have a war against each other ^^; Poor little darling....

He was more abused when he was being used as a shield in Francis' battles in the past:

The enemies felt sorry for the poor dear instead. Haha. This scene was so cute~

Oh yeah, about the enemies:

I wonder from what country these bishies are *not familiar with soldier uniforms of those times* For extra characters, they have looks xD Haha.

Alrighty, that's it for this episode. I'm more excited for the next one.... because it means more of the best friends and Arthur's sick again xD Hahahaha!
And I've heard that the first DVD of this season will feature character ending themes featuring Germany and Romano *_* ROMANO!!!! SQUEEEEE!!!!! I want more Romano music~ The Tomato song was freakin' addicting~


Anonymous said...

Feliks dyed Toris's hair blond!! lol

Anonymous said...

I think the last picture is supposed to be...Frenchmen? O.o
with English colors? o.O
Unless they're supposed to be Austrians?

The animators must have went free-form on the uniform.

Anonymous said...

france is sooo mean to italy when they were younger

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 1
LOLz... that explains the scene... LOLz

@ Anonymous 2
Frenchmen with english colors? But Chibitalia's on France's side so... ah well, possibly Austrians then or animators just went free-form x_x

@ Anonymous 3
For some reason bullying has become cute on that xD Hahaha

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