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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring 2010 1st Impressions: Moes + Bishies (Extra: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann The Movie Working Soul)

The new season turned out to be better than I expected it to be. So I thought of checking out the first episodes of the new titles that I think have a chance to be good despite my low expectations. But before that:

I love the new Gainax top image xD OTP! OTP!
And here's some news about a new book:
Gekijouban Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Shigoto Dama (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann The Movie Working Soul), a comprehensive book on the two movies, will be released on April 24th. At about 200 pages, it will have: the early plot of the movies at the time of production (director's notes and etc), Kazuki Nakashima's first draft of the script for Lagann-hen, extensive mecha designs starting with the Tengen Toppa series (including rough concept sketches), all of the Countdown Illustrations, and more! ~ csakuras (thanks for sharing the news xD)
Now for the next two Spring 2010 series I've checked out so far:
[ K-On! Season 2 ] It was fun but.... season 1 got me more hyper.
[ Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru ] It was great and... I want more xD

[ K-On! Season 2 ]
I like K-On and even if slice-of-life is one of my least favorite genres.... this episode bored the hell out of me x_x There are still jokes but.... they hadn't been as crazy nor as hilarious as first season's to me... or perhaps it's because the style's the same that it's no longer that effective on me o_O I dunno if I want to watch more if this continues... and that OP makes it easier for me to decide for that. I actually like that type of music but... it's really too sqeakily painful to my ears x_x

On the bright side, the ED is the complete opposite. It's very awesome, audio and visual! Very creative as usual and they look... really fashionable~ I dunno if the change of lead singer had something to do with it.... ah well, sexy>>>>>>cutesy xD hahahaha!
Also, I'm very happy that at least time flies in this series. I'm sick of series wherein the main characters are still of the same age even after hundreds of episodes/chapters =_=
Anywayz, I don't think I've began to dislike K-On... but I won't be following it regularly this season either. There's nothing new except that they're seniors now... and well, they can't be a band till college since it's unlikely for them to attend the same school. I'll spoil myself to the ending before deciding to marathon I guess. Hehe.

[ Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru ]

(stupid text ruining the beautiful scene T_T creditless ED where?!)
I looooooove the manga and the anime turned out really nicely so I'm falling in looooooooooooove with it again~
Many ignored this because it appears to be some angsty BL show with cliches and stereotypes here and there.
On the cliche, yeah, there's lots of them actually. There will always be such when you deal with stories with destiny and chosen one and reincarnation stuff, in my opinion. But Uragiri's author appears to be one of the types who know how to handle cliches. Cliches aren't really bad, just don't overuse or make them happen at such a bad timing. =_=
On the angst.... I always see angst on dark/gothic theme series ^^; And angst is okay, just don't go emo level or overdo the angst to the point that it's damn annoying. Uragiri manga hasn't annoyed me so far... (not being bias on that, honest)
For the stereotypes... yeah, the characters appear as such, but there's actually more to them than what they seem to be. To my surprise, the least stereotypical one, for me, is the leading character.... who is like a shoujo heroine in a male body xD Haha!

To me, this series is SHOUJO and Yuki is FEMALE... Yuki's female in her past life anywayz, and everything that Yuki's been doing can be done by your shoujo heroine (and is there really a guy that tells romance bed time stories? o_O)... and I would still have loved Yuki even if Yuki's presented as bilogically female in the present timeline of the series. Ha! If Yuki was the typical annoying heroine, she'll act all high and mighty on those thugs (but when they get seriously hurt, their love interest is the only one who gets the chance to shine. gguuh), while Yuki just did it on automatic-self-defense (it's reflex!!! xD). Typical annoying heroine cries for her uselessness; Yuki cried upon learning the bad pasts of those she touches. Moreover, Luka saved Yuki in this episode because she was being held down and had no choice but to rely on someone, not because she had been really completely helpless and cried like a damsel-in-distress. Oh I love Yuki~ I don't care if she'll really go damsel-in-distress eventually.... but hhhmm... even when I got myself spoiled on the recent chapters.... Yuki's still not annoying to me. Yay!
Anywayz, I don't care if this has been officially classified as a shounen-ai series. To me the main pairing is hetero... but it just so happened that the mangaka wanted to provide BL fanservice xD Hahaha! The BL-ish parts in this series are just family/friendship/rivalry love to me~ Of course, majority of the fans see those as romantic love.... but ah well, it's classified as BL anywayz, can't blame them. To each his own~

I dunno what episode these two will be showing up, but I look forward to seeing my best friend duo xD Friends since childhood are always so sweeet~

And oh look! It's a BL series but it has a woman in the main cast and she's AWESOME! Having too many bishies in a show doesnt mean they can run out of cool women (reverse harem shows are usually like that =_=).
Anywayz, I adore the relationship between these siblings~ They're very very very close! My favorite character is the dude, Tsukumo! And no, it's not just because I'm fond of bishies with silver hair xD He's a real darling... and also very crack xD haha! He amuses me~

I'm not exactly a fan of this pair but... BLUE roses... damn. xD I shall stare~
*ehem* To be honest, I'm not that confident if it will do well until the end (it will most likely be anime original x_x; that's usually a problem), story-wise. But the action scenes are cool, the relationships are adorable, and dark + crack will always be a wonderful combination xD Haha! This series will get me delighted and entertained~ Hehe~
Oh I love Uragiri.... more please... more *_*

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Aorii said...

Well I mean, Yuki LITERALLY is a girl in a guy's body so... ~(o.o )~

Cliches can be used effectively and in a good way so ... I think people these days jump on the bandwagon too quickly: hey is that show cliche? let's bash/pass/drop it =_=

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