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Thursday, April 21, 2011

[C] - Episode 1

If it's not that obvious yet, hehe, C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control aka [C] was the anime series I had been looking forward to the most this season. I was very hyped on it so I'm glad that the first episode turned out to be more fun and impressive than I expected~

Deadman Wonderland and Ao no Exorcist were the two other anime series I had been extremely excited about, but I already have manga background on those, unlike with [C]. So I think it'd be more fun for me to tune in to [C] anime more because I wouldn't know what to expect from its episodes. Everything shall be new to me~

I love shows that introduce/present something new or that stand out by being as unique and as creative as possible.

One of the things that is new in this anime is its main theme: MONEY. If the opening theme is not giving enough hints for that, you can also see it in the whole episode.

[C] may be very similar to some popular monster card game series, but I think dismissing [C] as merely a card game series rip-off is underestimating the series too much. The characters in [C] aren't just competing or playing, they're making deals.

[C] may also remind you of Economics because of the money matters and the course that the leading character is taking.... well, the series does include economic concepts but I don't think "Economics" is its primary focus. Economics just happened to be part of or related to the main theme.

[C] is about money, and aside from the economical perspective there are many other concept/ideas/beliefs/topics behind money. This series has been so true to its main theme in its first episode~ Almost everything (if not everything) in it have relation to money (from the Mikuni's duel to Kimimaro's dream to Masakaki's temptation to Hanabi's friendship and so on).

(Beginners seem to get the "Normal" card.. and the highest is the "Darkness" card, like Mikuni's.)

[C] takes advantage of its fantasy elements to present money matters, economic concepts, human behavior, and so on in creative ways~ I'd rather watch something fun yet thought-provoking, than on something that lectures a lot and straightforwardly.

Another thing that made me very impressed with [C] is its leading character. He's so plain and simple, yet very impressive... an no doubt a very unusual and remarkable type of leading character. I'm already loving Kimimaro, though the one who stands out for me is this guy:

Oh if ever [C] gets a Hollywood adaptation, Johnny Depp should be the one to play Masakaki! Hehehe~ I find him very amusing (It was soooo fun to watch himgo butthurt as Kimimaro constatly ignores/rejects him. Teehee~ Oh, he irritates Kimimaro too. Mutual annoyance, haha!)~ He's as fancy and as colorful as a clown~ Oh, I like clowns... particularly the weird/creepy/freaky/psycho clowns, hahaha!

This series has a wonderful cast... The characters have been terrific in their own way too, and even the minor/supporting ones have role and personality. I'm very excited on what the other characters would be like, and I can't wait to learn more about the characters that have shown up so far. (I think there's a meaning why Hanabi keeps on indirectly rejecting offers in drinking parties. I also really doubt that Kimimaro's co-worker at Oh!Mart is really working for his family... especially with that "smile" when Kimimaro was complimenting him for it.) Oh, I love the characters for their strength and flaws.

Speaking of flaws, one of the biggest complaints in this series is the quality of the animation. Can't object to that, because the distorted scenes are quite many to mention. Moreover, the 2D animation doesn't blend well with the 3D animation that much.

But who cares if the directing, design, and writing had made up for the crappy animation anyway? Poor quality drawings are the least of my concerns. I don't really mind if the animation gets worse in the upcoming episodes, as long as the rest retain their quality or get better.

I did not have confidence on Kenji Nakamura as the director simply because I happen to adore the series he directed.
Masakaki popping around in various places had been so fun to watch. And he's so hyper xD
I also find this VERY VERY cool:
Defying the laws of gravity in a classy way... sweet~
And oh, I love how imaginative the setting design in the Financial District have been *_*:
I suppose the credit goes to the Art Designer, Yuuho Taniuchi? Oh whoever are the geniuses behind in designing that beautiful fantasy world (the images there have references, I'm sure xD There's research on this!), you guys are sooo awesome!

As for the writing, Noburo Takagi did an amazing job in narrating manga originals in anime format. I had no worries on the storytelling for [C], but I wasn't that sure if this writer would be as good when it comes to writing stories from scratch. But seeing how interesting and well-written [C]'s story had been, looks like he does an excellent job even with original series after all~

Ah well, no matter how impressive the first episode of an anime is, there is still the possibility of it skrewing up later (I remember Occult Academy disappointing me greatly). Being under the noitama timeslot doesn't ensure an anime to be good until the end (Why did you turn out like that, Fractale? And what an ending, Eden of the East =_=).

If that does happen, I'll certainly be BUTTHURT (=P) because of my HIGH expectations towards it (it shows a lot of promise already from one episode alone)... and also because I have been so crazy about this series.

But ah well, the staff and the timeslot does increase probability of it being as amazing as it appears so far. So I'll stay optimistic. The second episode will be up in a matter of hours... hopefully the series won't be wasting its potential.

I really think I'm gonna loooove the Kimimaro and Mashu interactions xD


Kyokai said...

I'm one of those people who actually enjoyed the first episode. Though the character designs put me off in the beginning but then Masakaki happened and I forgot all about it until the scene where Kimimaro looks like a distended blob before he gets zoomed off to the Financial District.

I have my fears like this turning into another Occult Academy but currently giving C the benefit of the doubt. I can only hope for betterment from here on out.

Sapphire Pyro said...

"I'm one of those people who actually enjoyed the first episode."
= Looks like we are in... small number.

I don't think the "character designs" are the problem if you mean that, it's more of the "animation".. how these designs had been drawn/animated throughout the episode. And I have to agree on that. They did a poor job.

Oh I really really hope it won't end up like Occult Academy ;_; It had hurt me so much *an occult fan after all*

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