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Saturday, April 16, 2011

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (Opening Theme References)

I love symbolical opening themes wherein each screen/visual/image could be a reference of something in the real world xD C's OP theme sure showcased a lot of economics related stuff =3

I did something like this last time, particularly on the references in Occult Academy's opening theme. I'm also having fun on researching for this one xD

But to be honest, I'm more familiar with the occult than with economics, haha! Yeah, this isn't my expertise either so please bear with me ^^; (I'd appreciate help and corrections from those who know more about the subject matter~)

Here goes:

(#1) This is a D Series 10,000 Japanese yen banknote back in 1984. It features the portrait of Fukuzawa Yukichi

(#2) I think this is the National Diet Building in Tokyo.

(#3) Before you get to see this scene, there were cranes, which I suppose refers to the reverse side of the 1984 1,000 yen bank note.
Nippon Ginko = Bank of Japan. I suppose this presents the construction of the Neo-baroque branch in Tokyo? Its designer was specially mentioned...

(#4) I'm not sure of the connection of Nippn Ginko and newspapers. The one on the earlier featured banknote had connection to newspapers though, for his most important contribution to the reformation effort was said to be in the form of a newspaper called Jiji Shinpo.
Ah, Mt. Fuji can also be seen in this screen, which is also a common image at the reverse side in several Japanese banknote. But I think this is the reverse side of the 1984 5,000 yen banknote, because there seems to be a lake and cherry blossoms too.

(#5) If this is not yet obvious enough, it's the front/obverse of the USA dollar bill, featuring the portrait of George Washington.

(#6) The symbols/images/figures in the background are part of the reverse of the USA $1 bill, particularly the obverse and reverse of the Great Seal of the United States.
As for the plane with missiles/bomb... I'm not certain if it's referring to a particular atomic bombing I ahve in mind...

(#7) Military... USA... Japan... a certain war comes to mind.
{SaintessHeart} US is depicted by spending alot in war.

(#8) I believe this is the Independence Hall, as seen at the reverse of the US $100 bill.
Why there are Asian farmers in the foreground, I don't know.

(#9) You see the text at the background? It says "this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private". It's a phrase found on American paper currency.
I suppose the foreground is just the American glad with an American president making a speech.
{SaintessHeart} The president portrayed is Obama.

(#10) This is the €100 note, featuring a Window in the Baroque / Rococo style.

(#11) The flag on the front left is The Flag of Europe, then the other flags that I see are of European countries like France, Portugal, Finland, and other countries under the European Union.

(#12) its representing the european council and some negociation being made between the countries that form the european union.{by Anonymous #2}
The background, on the other hand, seems to be part of €10 note.

(#13) The background is the reverse of the €100 note, featuring a Bridge in the Baroque / Rococo style.
The building in the foreground, I believe, is the European Central Bank. At the front of the building is the euro light sculpture.

(#14) It's ¥100, but I'm not certain if it's part of the 4th of 5th renmibi series.

(#15) It's ₩10,000 of the 2006-2007 South Korean won series. The front/obverse features Sejong the Great.

(#16) This is £50, all Bank of England banknotes since Series C in 1960 feature Queen Elizabeth II in the observe.

(#17) Seeing this scene makes me think of how fast buildings are being built...

(#18) I have no idea what this is but it's pretty familiar... something Asian....

(#19) It's been days but I still can't figure out these symbols x_x Perhaps I'll have a clue once the series reveals what they're called.
Or perhaps they're original images in the anime....
But oh, notice those words and equations in the background? They're formulae of Time Value of Money. Aide from formulae, you can also see economic keywords/terms like Discount, Interest, Present Value, Future Value, and so on.

Man, the OP theme alone is already very educational xD


Anonymous said...

re: # 18 this is the doorway to the financial district which is a big part of the anime
re #19 these are the 'players' cards from the anime

Sapphire Pyro said...

You're right. But hhhmm... what I couldn't figure out from those is their reference to our world @_@

Anonymous said...

(#12) its representing the european council and some negociation being made between the countries that form the european union.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous #2
Thanks for sharing your idea =D
I was totally clueless on that part x_X

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