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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Manga Discoveries: Dangerously Sexy Umbrella Maker, Ballerina Boy, & Friendly Ghost (ft. Comic Gene)

I'm very excited to see the new magazine called Comic Gene. It features a lot of interesting-looking series. Well, it's being advertised as a shounen magazine for females... much like Zero-Sum (many Zero-Sum series are like a combo/cross of shounen and shoujo). Not a surprise to see a Zero-Sum author like Takayama Shinobu having a contribution there:

Takayama-sensei contributed on the illustration book that will be released together with the first issue. Illustrations by other artists look very pretty as well *_* Oh wow~
The other freebie of the first issue was a Maria Holic Drama CD, I think.
Damnit... June is taking so long. And I don't even know if I'll really be able to see it. *sigh*

Alright, now on to my sharing of some new manga I checked out recently:

From Left to Right: Adekan -> coda -> The Ghost Apartment Manager
Favoritism: Adekan > coda > The Ghost Apartment Manager

Adekan by Nao Tsukiji
Mr. police officer is very annoyed to extremely laid back people... our leading character is apparently one of them... (he's even too lazy to wear underwear, haha)
Mr. police officer doesn't know that this lazy dude is no ordinary guy.... especially with all those sharp objects underneath his clothing...

4.5 Hearts - ADDICTION
First I'd like to note the art: ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! The details, the colors, the designs, just wow wow wow wow wow. My jaw dropped and I was staring for quite a while *_*
What's more impressive that aside from wonderful artwork, it's also well-written! It may have some crazy humor and random fluff from time to time , it still managed to deliver good twists and thought-provoking scenes that mostly deal with human nature... both its positive and negative sides.
It's a beautiful mix of mystery, horror, suspense, action, and comedy~ It made me so intrigued, amazed, and freaked out xD Made me teary at times and laugh so hard for countless of times. It's soooo hilarious!! xD I love how the mangaka has managed to balance all of them~
It's disturbingly chilling in different ways... as expected from a series with psychos and bloodthirsty freaks xD Well, they're not exactly crazy but.... there's still something wrong with them. LOLz!
Even if some characters were... extremely revealing outfits... and has BL undertones, it's not really BL... (unless you want to look at it that way). Oh well, who cares if this even turns out to be a mature series in that sense, this is sooo TERRIFIC!
I want more more more more more more.... especially Kojiro~ Oh I love Shiro too.... he was so unforgettable to me on a certain chapter when he was to play as "Kojiro's son" and he's doing his "role" "justice" and making the matters scandalous and complicated... bwahahahah xD Oh I also like Shiro's blood brother.... a sadistic masochist.... LOLz, yeah, I know that doesn't make sense... but you'll get it when you read, LOLz.

coda by Ichimura Itoshi
Leading boy loves ballet and can do it very well.... only the female parts though.
Too bad for him... ballet prince had his eyes on "her"... yeahm "her" = leading boy.

3.5 Hearts - LOVE
I think it's quite a challenge to make a male character desire to become a ballerina without making him gay ;D
The main character is a newbie to be a star on a huge performance so early... oh leading character special treatment....
And the mystery being pushed for later is just too obvious (when the important question was finally asked.... SOMETHING HAPPENS so that it won't be answered until a later chapter =_=) ...
But overall this was really entertaining xD I'm also happy that the characters (at least on many occassions) can quickly realize the obvious and aren't that stupid.
Though I think this will be more enjoyable for me as an anime or live action.... it'll be more enthralling to see the actual dancing than just imagining them move, ehehe. But for a manga on dances, it did a good job (unlike some manga with "dancing" characters who seem more like they're just doing poses =_=).
It was honestly not as fantastic as I thought it would be but it's definitely more fun that I expected it to be... excited to see more~
My favorites so far: the "prince" dude (oh those goodlooking sadists guys are usually my type), his "rival", and his fashion designer cousin.

The Ghost Apartment Manager by Fujieda Toru
Leading boy moves back to his old town to stay in an apartment with his best friend.
But for some reason, only he can see his friend....

3 Hearts - LIKE
Oh this is quite amusing xD The interactions between the ghosts are so entertaining~
Even though it's more of a comedy, it does show some pretty scary stuff (it should be, since it deals with ghosts) and can also be pretty sad (the twist about the best friend's situation.... baaaw).
I just hope the leading guy wouldn't be too much of a loser in this series.... he heavily relies on his best friend so far.... it'll be kinda annoying if it will last for too many chapters (he can be awesome in his own way). I have positive thoughts on this, looking forward to more~
My favorite so far is the ghost stabbed with a kitchen knife... hahahaha xD Funny fellow~


chungky said...

i love your manga discovery posts! xD
adekan looks enthralling!!! its rather difficult to find a good balanced manga with lots of themes in it. will definitely check it out!
coda's artwork looks cute ! i'm dnt read a lot of sports related manga but the ballerina theme is rather different and perhaps refreshing? xD

thank you for the comic gene intro both here and on TZA! i wonder if i should get a copy...

Sapphire Pyro said...

Glad you liked them~


Ballerina theme with a GUY wanting to be THE BALLERINA and it's NOT EVEN BL/YAOI is DEFINITELY something refreshing xD Teehee~

Yes, you should get Comic Gene. Fufufufufu~

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