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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goulart Knights - Evoke The Beginning Black: Ghey Bishies with "Holy Grails"

Goulart Kishidan- Evoke The Beginning Black
of Lantis
Original Manga By Miyajima Takumit and Sion
Nil: Oh, so we need to protect...
Gokuto: Her name's Spika, idiot.
Nil: Waaah, stop calling me an idiot.
Ulbiero: How burdensome. Can't I just date her.
Regulus: Behave, you pervert. For now, we'll have her stay over at school and protect her from "Archons".
Ulbiero: (She seems a little suspicious though)
Regulus: What did you say?
Ulbiero: Nothing.
Nil: YAY! I have a new playmate!!!... OUCH! You're such a meanie Gokuto ;_;

RATING: D (HORRIBLE! ! failfailfailfail)
FAVORITISM: 2 Hearts ---> NEUTRAL (But the manga is 3 or 3.5 Hearts)

Oh this sucked.

Almost everything in this OVA is done either poorly or terribly.

The character design had already been my complain since I saw its manga adaptation (SO GHEY!!!!!) but the art and story had made up for it.

The anime adaptation, however, couldn't even feature breath-taking scenes. Oh god the animation sequence on how they release their weapons had been really painful to watch.

You can't expect anything decent on the story and characters either. Its tory concept had so much potential.... but instead this OVA gave us poor setting introduction, lacking in background provision, very standard narration, stereotypical characters, and it couldn't even try to make the transitions of the scenes more creatively and smoothly. Director and writer... BOO!!!!

The comedy's very lame and their flashy weapons were useless. The only way you can enjoy it perhaps is if you're satisfied with the bishie faces, have a shota fetish, or a wild imagination that their lines and action scream yaoi, even if it isn't. Or you could have fun by just mocking the show.

On the bright side, there are several things that I did appreciate in this OVA. I couldn't get why the girl was so attached to one of the bishies at first, but when the twist was revealed, it made me giggle. The other fellow who had managed to make me giggle was this guy:

He was telling the little girl a story about a prince... and he was so specific about the prince having glasses (like him). That one got me amused xD

Then the only thing that's wonderful in this OVA is THE ENDING THEME SONG!!!! The OP sounded typical J-Pop to me, while the ED sounded very cool~

The manga wasn't exactly terrific but it was enjoyable.... unfortunately the anime adaptation didn't do it justice. Now people have negative impressions on Goulart Knights no thanks to this crappy OVA. Ugh.


paper said...

Lol, it wasn't that bad... >3>
I enjoyed the character designs though.
and, and there were a few jokes and they were quite funny but not funny enough.

Sapphire Pyro said...

Well, how "bad" an anime is depends on the person, same goes on opinions with character designs.

majority of the jokes were unfortunately UNfunny to me. *sigh* It was funnier when not intentionally being funny (the part when the sword holy grail was being taken out was so ghey)

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