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Saturday, April 11, 2009



I wouldn't be able to imagine this possible in the past, but well, for a shoujo-ai/yuri hater I was actually amused with this series!

Rating: C+ NOT BAD! Better than I expected!
Favoritism: 2.5 hearts out of 5
The story centers on a sophomore named Kanako who is allergic to men to the point of breaking out in hives any time she comes in contact with one. She enrolls in the same all girls school where her own parents met, Ame no Kisaki, because she wants to find her destined yuri (lesbian) partner. She meets a captivating freshman named Mariya who fits her criteria — except her seemingly ideal mate happens to be a cross-dressing sadistic boy. (MyAnimeList)

When I saw the title, I got interested on it because it seemed to have something to do with religion. But when I read the plot that the main character is a freakin' lesbian in an all girls school, I didn't think of watching it anymore because I'm seriously disturbed on such things. However, when someone had mentioned that one of them is actually a trap, that completely changed my mind. I usually find series wherein a girl pretends to be a guy in an all boys school, not the other way around. So I checked out a few chapters of the manga, and I actually enjoyed it! So I didn't have second thoughts on watching the anime, which turned out to be even more hilarious than the manga!

Yes, it has shoujo-ai and Kanako is an absolute lesbian. Her thoughts are seriously perverted and disturbing that I am not sure on how I could talk to her if I meet a real version of her. Not that I hate such people, it's just . . . awkward. Ehehe. But you know, even with all the shoujo-ai elements in this series, there's no actual shoujo-ai in it. I mean, in canon, there are no actual girl to girl romantic relationships at all! This got me really relieved. I guess those who feel uneasy on really shoujo-ai like me can also tolerate this series. But I have to admit, those shoujo-ai thoughts of Kanako had been really funny. It may have been for perverted fanservice, but at least they have been amusing, unlike other series that do perverted fanservice just to please perverts.

It had been really really hilarious! I can no longer count the number of times my stomach had hurt from so much laughing! Haha! Some had been really corny but still, hilarious! Haha! It sucks that they imitated/reused some joke styles done in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei though, but the original jokes had been pretty good. And although it's more focused on comedy, it had actually been pretty educational. Like the facts related to religion and history. They're actually accurate, though presented in a funny way. It's also pretty cool that it throws random trivia. They have no relation to what's really going on, but still, ealrning trivia is fun! Haha!

True, there are many things that don't make sense in this series. Some are just too random, or don't connect to what's going on, or just popped out of nowhere, and many more. However, this series is not meant to make sense in the series! It's crack comedy! So of course you should not be surprised if it's being silly and ridiculous! Haha!

Despite my compliments to this series, I have to admit that it gave me some headaches and made me utter "What the hell?!" (with a facepalm!) a lot of times. It's honestly a waste of time. It's actually not the type of series that is worth watching devotedly, in my opinion. But, if you're dying from boredom and wants to have a good laugh, and you also don't despise shoujo-ai/yuri with a passion, then this series will be a fun watch! Hehe. :-)