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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 24

(Yay! Horsie!)
Should it be a surprise that Turkey had easily caught Lovino? Haha!
This is a pure Antonio + Chibi Lovino centric episode.... there should be more episodes like these~ I love these two~

So in this episode....

Antonio finds out that of all nation-tans, Turkey's the one who got Lovino this time.

Antonio's freakin' worried now because Turkey's in his Golden Age during that timel thus, very powerful. Antonio can handle the perverted Francis, but Turkey was a totally different issue. As much as possible, he wouldn't want to be enemies with the guy. But he doesn't want to let go of Lovino either. What a dilemma~
They're like gradeschoolers. Turkey got Antonio's toy, but though Antonio would want to have it back, he doesn't want to fight against the "powerful bully at school", haha. Oh history, you're no different from gradeschoolers. It's amusingly adorable. Haha!

But then, Lovino finally said the magic sentence "Save me, Antonio (bastard)". Everyone, especially Antonio, went DAAAAW~
Honestly, though it was cute and sweet, it's still abnormal to be touched even when being called a "bastard", haha!
But well, Antonio has the magic of seeing the cuteness of any type of toddler that or he's just a professional pedo. What a nice guy~

So Antonio didn't have second thoughts now. He doesn't care about what happens to him, he has to rescue his little Lovino~

Turkey seeing everything as so-so. Turkey treating Antonio as so-so.
It was amusing~ Haha!

Antonio declares war!
When Antonio pulled out his sword.... I WAS SO EXCITED TO SEE A SWORDFIGHT-


Turkey was acting cool.... amusingly cool. He cancels the fight for that day just because he doesn't feel like it... and he's hungry. Haha.
Antonio's face.... teehee.

Lovino finally regains consciousness and....

LOLz to him saying that he thinks he's in hell because he sees Antonio. Hahahahaha!
Poor Antonio, I understand your frustration.

I believe it's not that difficult to guess what happened afterwards, right? Hehe.
Poor Antonio. It seemed that he had suffered more for protecting Lovino. Were you also like this to the other countries you conquered? (I don't remember he did that to my country. *sigh* Favoritism... )

Because of the troubles he had been encountering, his boss has been scolding him for it. She thinks that it might even be more advantageous if Lovino was left to Turkey to annoy the dude.

Lovino saw it all. And he's sad. Of course the boy has now realized on how much Antonio has done for him.

Now to end this post with my favorite Antonio scenes in the episode:

Nice close-up~

What a bishie~

I really love "I AM SO GONNA KICK YOUR ASS"-looks~


disxs625 said...

<3 I enjoyed this episode soooo~ XD Antonion~Lovi ness makes me weak at the knees haha~.....

Anonymous said...

The anime staff has captured the essence of Antonio's bishieness *fangasms*

DayDreamer95 said...

I thought Romano would put up more of a fight, but I still went dawwww when he started begging for help. Yay for Spain exposure, horse convo, and the amazing bull~

Heehee, they just laugh akwardly, admitting nothing. And I did feel sad for poor Romano, overhearing his failness. I hope there is a happy ending for this one!

Side Note: NICE LAYOUT <3

Sapphire Pyro said...

Whether Romano kicks ass or acts useless, he's adorable xD

Thanks =D

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