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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 25

Ahahaha... this got a little delayed ^^; Perhaps it's because the Vampirates, Hunger Games Trilogy and many other books are occupying my time right now, teehee.

Alrighty, this episode is filled with Antonio and chibi Lovino goodness that the image above is just so perfect for this episode post xD Squeee~

It continued to when Antonio's boss was scolding him for wasting money for Lovino's sake.

Antonio considers his baby boy precious.... daaaaaaaaaw....

Well, Lovino's not heartless enough not to acknowledge that. He wants to make up for Antonio:

But he's TSUNdere so this is the most he could do to show his appreciation. So it looks like he expresses it by: 1) not minding sleeping together 2) says thank you
He can't avoid saying bad phrases though, haha.
(This makes me more convinced that he NEVER hated Feliciano. Sleeping together = Good terms with Lovino. Though he says he hates sleeping with his brother, he ends up doing it anywayz. Oh I love those two xD I blame the counting sheep series for me being hyper about them xD)

It took Antonio by surprise at first then....

Oh his smile... *melts*

Lovino's little "thank you" was enough to make Antonio very very happy~

Lovino's like a widdle puppy that you can't help patting for beign so adorable xD

Unfortunately, Antonio had pulled something he shouldn't have....

And had to suffer from Lovino's headbutt of doom ^^;

Now to WW2 times... and back to the scene when the two Italians got captured by Arthur:

Daaaaaaaaawwww.... even after all those years, Lovino still calls for Antonio for help xD Oh I wish there'll be more moments of Antonio and grown-up Lovino...... (I'm dying to see the strip with Antonio sick animated xD)

But no matter how much Lovino "plead", sadly, Antonio couldn't help him even if he wanted to:

I honestly didn't know that Spain was having such rough times during WW2 until Hetalia and Shadow of the Wind (I highly recommend it by the way~ well... maybe not to kids and innocents) taught me about it ^^; Hehe.

The episode had more minutes to waste to they inserted a random Roderich-related scene.... this time with Francis trying to mess with him:

He tries to embarass Roderich by taking a picture of the guy... but it got backfired. Haha!
Roderich's amazing.... Francis can't bully him... Ludwig couldn't do it either.... ONLY GILBO CAN!!!! YOU'RE AWESOME GILBO!!!! TRULY!!! xD

But ah well, Roderich still stole the episode with this:



Anonymous said...

Sparkly Roderich ftw XD

Hyper said...

LOL he even says "kira kira~" XD

Anonymous said...

You just can't keep up with Roderich's sparkles, Francis...

96monochrome said...

it's sparkling 0 A 0
btw, it seems there's a new prussia game, i wonder how to download it? since it's japanese i don't know how to. can you help me? :3

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 1
Totally xD

@ Hyper
Yeah xD Haha! I assume it's an onomatopoeia for sparkles... He's aware of how much he sparkles, LOLz xD

@ 96monochrome said...
Yup. Doesn't clicking the link at sensei's blog work? ^^;

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