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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 26

I admit I'm not that hyper to Hetalia recently.... blame it on the Hunger Games Trilogy. Aaaaaahhh!!! I still can't get it off my head xD But ah well, since I've finally finished it, most likely my hype will cool down soon.... at least not until there'll be more interesting information about the upcoming movie *_*

*ehem* Something I've heard that is Hetalia related in real life. The Prince of the Principality of Wy has painted a portrait that looks sooooo similar to Hetalia's WY that a lot of fans doubt that it's just a coincidence ;D Moreover, you could even see Peter (Sealand) in the painting! This is really... wow!

Now onto the episode:

When Feliciano and Ludwig greeted Kiku a happy birthday one day, only then they have realized how old Kiku is.... and how many troubles he's facing because of his old age. The sad faces of the two younger ones upon hearing it is so.... aaaaaaw~

Ludwig thought of helping Kiku out...

He shows his concern by controlling Kiku's diet and having the poor guy more worked out. Kiku's not complaining.... but I don't see his condition getting better either.

Feliciano still has no idea what's going on (only pink flowers are popping out from his head, LOLz):

But it's really cute when these two do some bonding.

Now for the other part of this episode, here's something new: NEKOTALIA!

I didn't expect this to be animated this soon because it only got featured in the manga very recently. It's really amusing to watch the cat versions being so similar to the human versions, hahaha!

I'm still not fond of cats, but this scene of Germouse is iresistably adorable xD:

(I don't know what's with the change of eye color however o_O Or Ludwig, does your eyes change when half asleep? O_o)

Lastly, I just have to fangurl on this because I'm biased:



Anonymous said...

Ah, Germouse is the dark grey cat with the German-flag-colored bandana. That black/white cat with brown eyes is neko!Kiku.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous
Ahahaha! How stupid of me, you're right ^^ I think I had mixed the two up because of my mindset that Germouse was the one who was sleeping, ahahaha. Thanks!

Mishi said...

Nekotalia <333 I would say more but I'm still captivated about the Prince's painting of Wy (and Sealand hurrhurr) XD

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Mishi
It's such an amazing painting, right? xD Peter's kinda out of place in the image though, LOLz

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