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Sunday, February 27, 2011

127 Hours, Coraline, & I Am Number Four (feat. Red Riding Hood)

I've been watching films from the past and also recent ones. I found it difficult to make a post for each, so I decided to do them in batches~ Each movie batch would have 3 quick movie reviews then 1 featured upcoming movie. Starting with this:
Red Riding Hood
I was so excited when I saw its trailer for the first time because I absolutely LOVE fairy tale adaptations~ This story having dark elements made me much happier~
I changed my mind when I learned that it has a love triangle (AGAIN!!! UGH) and there were freakin' loads of kissing scenes.... gawd.
But I changed my mind AGAIN when I realized that fairy tales originally have sexual elements/references in the first place. Besides, aside from the lustful scenes, it also seems to have a lot of horror and dangerous stuff Alright, bloodshed! w00t! which is just appropriate to a dark fantasy~ I really like it if Red Riding Hood isn't as innocent as she is popularly portrayed~

127 Hours
A story of how a mountain climber who got stuck in the middle of nowhere had survived after more than a hundred hours.
RATING: A- (a plot that sounds boring could become terrific w/ a good director and writers!)
FAVORITISM: 3.5 Hearts ---> They were fun... most fun when they switched places
After learning about the plot, it made me exclaimed "That's it?", but I absolutely do not regret not being discouraged by that.
Directing has been amazing... no scene had been boring. It made me laugh, got me curious, had me amazed, and made me feel anxious.
My favorite is how it portrayed the psychological conditions of a guy in such a situation. He ends up with regrets, nostalgia, wishes, and hallucinations. I love how it tricked me on a scene that I almost thought happened for real (though it's obviously impossible in reality), haha!
This movie showed to us the fun and cool side of mountain climbing. It also serves as a warning for us that no matter how perfect our plan is, anything could go wrong. It also teaches us the things we have to face if we get stuck on such a place, even if we're not montain climbers, it's better if we're prepared for such situations.
Overall, it has been amazing, entertaining, and educational too! I started to always inform my momz wherever I'm going after watching this, haha!
Through a secret door, Coraline can go to a world where she can get anything she desires.
But everything has a price.

RATING: B- (It's dark fantasy yet has also the elements of a simple child's tale~)
FAVORITISM: 2.5 Hearts ---> (But 3 Hearts to WhyB [however it's spelled])
This movie's quite.... predictable. Once you see what's the other side of the door, it's no longer a surprise if it's later revealed that it's not as nice as it seems. Our heroine would be in an adventure where she will totally win thanks to all the luck that will pop out of nowhere.
I find it hard to like the heroine.... she's too ungrateful and demanding.... but then again, that's what many girls her age behave... making her personality realistic. I'm impressed with her characterization, but I uuugghh... only the boy and the cat are adorable in this.
Ah well, even if it's kinda typical, the creativity of the setting and dark fantasy elements had been very remarkable in this. It's a child's tale... yet a really spooky one without trying too hard. I find that cool~
I Am Number Four
Nine aliens were brought to earth and each of them is being exterminated sequentially by another alien race. It's now the fourth target's turn, and he must do all he can to survive.
RATING: C+ (It wasn't as bad as most reviews say... it's pretty good actually)
FAVORITISM: 3 Hearts ---> (but 4 Hearts to Sam, Henry, and Number 6)
I lacks in originality and Number 4's teen angst and also his perfection annoyed the hell out of me. We never got an explanation why it's freakin' necessary to have them killed in order, and how the hell a warrior (specifically 4's guardian) got captured by an ordinary human? Doesn't make sense! And oh, majority of the movie's freakin' boring too.
But the fight scenes got me awake... they're nowhere near excellent, but they're still very cool~ This really had nice production values. I think the staff would do better on horror though, because the haunted house had been pretty scary... even though this isn't exactly a horror movie, haha!


Kencana said...

Aaah... I want to watch rest of them. Too bad, Hollywood stop circulate their movie production to my country for some reason (I'm not kidding). So bye-bye Harry Potter 7, Cars 2, etc *fainted*

Oh yeah, Number 6 is sexy bad ass chick.

Sapphire Pyro said...

"Hollywood stop circulate their movie production to my country for some reason (I'm not kidding). "
= S-seriously???? WHY??? I don't think I can survive on that... that's terrible ;_;

Kencana said...


Uhm... it's due to income tax. If you want to know more, you can check this:

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