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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

UnCassandra: Break the Predicted Disasters... the Kickass Way!

Ann Cassandra
By Hifumishi Gorou and Amaji Gumi
Banjou: I could predict upcoming disasters.
Bekku: There's nothing we could do about them.
Banjou: We can break these prophecies if we try.
Bekku: That's impossi- *sees Banjou stop an upcoming disaster* ...ble
Banjou: I win! Haha!
Bekku: Is this just some game to you?
Banjou: Sort of. If I destroy a prediction, I win. If otherwise, I lose.
Bekku: What would happen if you lose?
Banjou: If I fail in destroying any prediction, then it might be impossible to stop my last prediction.
Bekku: Which is?
Banjou: .... my death.


"Changing the future" is a popular theme when it comes to stories with clairvoyants, especially if the predictions are horrific ones. Uncassandra follows the same theme... but it's more than that.

I guess from the title, it could be noticed that the famous clairvoyant of Greek mythology, Cassandra, had some connection to the story of this series. And indeed, she does. Her story had so many to do with the many disasters being predicted in this series and with what's going on to the characters.

The clairvoyants in this series could predict upcoming disasters in different ways (even the amount of details that they could gather differ). Like Cassandra, there had been a character who had suffered because of her ability. But the others thought of it differently.

Their opinions in regards to the future that they see differ as well. There are those who tried to prevent it but there are also those who embraced it... enforced it even. Some opinions changed, some begin to have doubts, while there are also those who remained the same.

The reasons for their actions, whether on the anti or pro future disaster side, vary too. (So much variety in this series. Show how full of ideas the mangaka are xD) I'm very impressed with the main characters' reasons. You see, they may be saving the world like super heroes by preventing disasters, they don't really do it mainly because they want to play hero. They're not the ideal saviors who would sacrifice their lives for the same of humanity... because they're doing it mainly for themselves. Yes, they're selfish and that's so human. Our heroes aren't pure good and they have flaws. Oh wow... the characters are already so original (and not that stereotypical) yet the characterization on them seems very well done too~

Though I admit that there have been some odd parts in this series... especially on Banjou. He can predict using photographs from his notebook.... but how he created/attained them was never revealed o_O I also know that he's very attentive to detail and is a genius (which is so remarkable of him, by the way~)... but some stuff that he knows couldn't really be concluded so accurately based solely on photographs; hence, he's been relying on his partner a lot when he learned of her ability... but before that, how the heck he was able to get the correct events is just... can't see it as anything other than a plot hole ^^; Another thing is that though he doesn't seem to be a rich guy... but it's still odd for him to get all his props in such a short period of time. Moreover, even if he's a jack-of-all-trades, he could do such dangerous and crazy stunts that should be impossible for an ordinary human.... but the action scenes that he does make him super human x_x

Oh well, this is shounen. Forget gravity and reality... we love cool fight scenes, haha!

Our heroine isn't the fighter type though. She tried, but she really couldn't, but I'm glad that the mangaka didn't think that making her a fighter is the only way to make her awesome (but at least this heroine had attempts to become useful, not just whining about her uselessness T_T). And like most shounen, we've got a rescue arc. But don't worry, she hadn't been a damsel-in-distress. The kidnapped princess and the knight who's about to rescue her even had an amusing argument when he found out she got into that kind of trouble. Haha!

Haha! Yes, I ship the main pairing. They have a good chemistry; they're good partners in their work and have a nice relationship as friends. Things didn't happen that quick of course; in other words there was relationship development and time passes. The girl's more obvious while the guy does his moves through his lines and smile. Unfortunately for me, my favorite pairing doesn't do mushy stuff as I wish them to do. Aaaahhh!!!!

Anyway, about the art.... it's very very very fantastic! So many pages got me awed~ In the omake pages, though the artist kept on complaining on how much he/she disliked drawing action scenes, those pages had been the best parts!

What I'm most impressed with is its story. It was really interesting in the beginning, and as the story progresses, there had been good development and nice twists. I love how the adventure ended, even if it had been a little cliche.

It also had so many ideas that I think the series would've delved into them deeper if given more chapters. Uncassandra is more than just about changing the bad future and that we have the power to do so. It talks about beliefs, determination, courage, acceptance, and hope. It makes you see the ugliness when you blame others for the bad things you're going through... and also realize who's suffering more because of doing so. It also gives room to doubt, like if changing it is the right thing to do.. and if there is certainty that doing such won't bring other consequences (In other words, it even criticizes its own theme). This series makes you think and reflect for a shounen type of series; I love it~

Uncassandra have been a very fantastic and entertaining series. The manga is already great as it is now, but I still wish for it to have become longer. An anime adaptation would be wonderful as well... especially if fallen in the hands of a good studio.

This series is highly recommended~ It may be short and a little rushed in the end, but at least it hadn't been that lacking (Despite the limit, it managed to do a good job on its story and characters... made good use of its interesting story concepts and ideas too.) Oh it's so terrific~ (I don't get why the good ones don't get to stay long =_=)


echungky said...

I just read a few chapters after reading your review, will continue tmrw since its 3am atm Lol.
its starting to get exciting since there are bad-ies involved but i haven't read beyond their introduction...
interesting point about doubt...i think the story raises those really touchy debate questions where we can never give a straight answer like 'is it morally permissable to kill one person to save the lives of many?' then you go like. erm...well...
i'm not sure what i said made any sense but that was the connection i had in my head xD

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ echungky
Glad you got encouraged to read it~ Though I don't encourage you to sleep that late, haha!
I liked the villains here... they're not just simply evil like the typical shounen bad guys.
I think I get your point. It's really nice when a story makes you think about the answers on touchy subjects/topics/questions it raises~

chungky said...

just finished reading it. their sense of direction is just incredible. i can hardly find a convenience store even if you giv me a map or directions. i liked it when the heroine had to look into his eyes to look at the future. awwwwwwwwwww.
i have to say, the very idea of making a mask with a person's remains is extremely freaky(who'd do that?).

thanks for the interesting read !

Sapphire Pyro said...

I liked that part too! We have mirrors even in ourselves xD It was cool~

It's freaky indeed... that's why it's cool? Haha (the freakier the villain, the better~)

Happy that you enjoyed it =D

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