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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is This A Zombie? - Episode 5

It's the usual fanservice + plot combo... but at least we get to know some character development behind that fanservice... and this time we're introduced to a really evil character who is a tought match to our main characters~

Ayumu's being called a pervert a lot in this episode.... but well, they're right anywayz, haha!
But for a pervert, he doesn't make a move on the girls... no matter how much of their soul he has seen, haha!
Yeah, yeah, Kyoko made him blush. But this pervert blushes easily.
Besides, when she asked him to make her his girlfriend, he didn't respond... but stared at her boobs. Pfft! That's the best thing he liked about her.
While with Eu? He stared at her.... not out of lust, but out of.... fufufufufufufufufu *shipper is getting excited*

She still can't transform huh.... (maybe she'll only be able to on the second half of the series). Well, it's nice that she really is a genius as she says.... she's just picky on what she wants to remember.
Though I'm not sure why her sensei said that Ayumu's name was the only name she remembers... when she knows her teacher's name o_O
Oh well, anywayz, that makes it obvious that Haruna has a crush on Ayumu. It's cute~

It's nice that we finally see Sera acting like a vampire. But guh, we were given the mystery on why she doesn't want to drink Ayumu's blood. It doesn't seem that it's because she couldn't drink a zombie's blood (if that's the case, I don't see the point of making it secret), so my guess is that it's either because she can't suck from someone she romantically likes.
She annoys me so much at first, but slowly she has become cooperative, and she's more likable that way. It doesn't look like she's only helping for Eu either... but it's for Ayumu this time. That's nice~

I thought it'll be some underworld dude but an evil magical girl??? No complains~ Her transformation ritual was really sexy~ But hhhmm.. it looks like she's a combo of Haruna, Sera, and Ayumu in terms of abilities... oooo
So my guess of Kyoko just framing Eu and is actually involved with the killings was right after all... though I didn't expect her to be the perpetrator herself. But if that's the case, why was there a dead Kyoko in the previous episode? And is Kyoko her real name? Why does she want Ayumu dead when she has many other choices to kill?
Ah well, at least the part with Ayumu not being able to move was explained. We saw the murder weapon. We somehow got the reason why there are serial killings.
I like her as a villain xD I really loved the part when she mocked Sera's secret techniques. Finally, a character ridiculing about how pathetic it was!

Well, she isn't really new, but we get to see her appearance somehow in this episode! So she's yet another female.... and it would be really awesome if we could still communicate to a cellphone by just using that, haha!
I wish she'll show up to the main characters soon. I don't get why Dai-sensei's isn't using any methods to make Haruna's powers return faster o_O
Anyway, we get to learn that the artifact thingy wasn't really of importance.... so Haruna got stranded there because of a tofu, haha!

Finally, Eu in battle! Cliffhanger was evil =_=
And most likely we'll get to learn how exactly Eu saved Ayumu. Oh Ayumu x Eu moments please xD Hehe~


Aorii said...

I wonder if Kyoko was also sent to get Kyoto Tofu, that'd be appropriate xD
although ha, I doubt any other male character will show up for more than 1ep on this show...
I'm not sure if Dai-sensei really cares what's going on with her students as long as they're not getting killed. Very hands-off, at least.
and Sera needs to make Ayumu a zombie vampire :P

Sapphire Pyro said...

"I doubt any other male character will show up for more than 1ep on this show..."
== Ayumu's friend did? xD Hehe

"I'm not sure if Dai-sensei really cares what's going on with her students as long as they're not getting killed. Very hands-off, at least."
== That would be sad... but very likely.

"Sera needs to make Ayumu a zombie vampire :P "
=== Hahahahahhaaha xD

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