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Monday, February 7, 2011

Honey Bunny!: What Would You Do If Your Crush Was Possessed By An Alien?

Honey Bunny
By Ikuemi Ryou
Chiyo: I have a huuuuge crush on Tsubaki~ But he's mean to me, huhu.
Tsubaki: She gets on my nerves.
Chiyo: Then one day, on my way to school I spotted him with a girl. When she left, there was a light all of a sudden and then....
Tsubaki?: Hi! I'm an alien! My spaceship crashed and I'll be using this body. Nice to meet you~

It had the usual premise of a girl having a one-sided crush on the most popular guy in school. I wouldn't have bothered to check this out if it weren't for the alien possession part, haha! It got me intrigued~

To my disappointment, it didn't even come close to how fun I expected it to be. The comedy seemed too dull and lame for my tastes; it didn't even manage to make me giggle (much). The only one who managed to make me smile somehow was Tsubaki's friend, who didn't stop thinking about UFOs ever since he saw one.... and his father even thought that he might be going through hysteria, hehe.

Aside from that guy, the only other character that I find nice in this series is Tsubaki's girlfriend: Madoka. She had all the rights to be jealous (since she's really in a relationship with him and it was mutual) but she didn't go annoyingly bitchy and vengeful like thousands of other non-heroine characters in a shoujo manga who likes the love interest of the heroine. That made me so relieved.

Unfortunately, the rest of the cast is crap. Chiyo's friends are just extras... props even. They're there for the sake having people answering questions like "Have you seen this person?" and of showing that Chiyo has people she hangs out with. While the main charcaters? Alien dude's sweet and hyper... but also used as a tool of a love triangle and a path for the main couple to get together. Tsubaki? Mean dude who's destined to fall in love with the heroine no matter what. Chiyo? Pathetic typical heroine who keeps on saying she'll protect the leading guy but never really managed to do such a thing.

Ugh, I hate the heroine. She's the cause of most of the annoying drama in this series. I hope other girls don't follow her example, because she loves Tsubaki because of his looks and loved the alien for his personality. So when Tsubaki's personality changed because the alien erased some parts of him (not because of his moments with Chiyo, in other words: character development), he finally became her ideal guy (Yeah, he did somehow fall for her with his original personality but if the alien didn't change him, it won't be an ideal happy ending). She forgot about the alien and he forgot about the one he originally liked. Meh. (Poor alien and poor girlfriend)

I think things would've been interesting, even if quite expected and cliche, if the alien's friend joined the cast. Much more if we get more background on the alien (like what planet he's from in the first place! what was it like?). Sadly, this series is more focused on the development of Chiyo's love life. In other words, it's not mixing supernatural, romance, and slice of life... but it's focusing just on romance. Ugh.... this is why I don't read much shoujo.

Overall, it's not really that bad... the reason why I'm not that impressed was because it's meant to be simple but I've set my expectations quite high. But even so, I still think it had potential to be better than it appears, and that made me disappointed. *sigh* I really liked the alien possession idea.


Kencana said...

More alien theme, huh? For alien-human love story, nothing will replace Kou x Nino (Arakawa) from my heart.

Judging from your opinion, it doesn't seem interesting.

echungky said...

love your review! i got a good laugh reading it lol! i've never read it and i don't think i ever will unless it suddenly falls down onto my lap. the concept does sound interesting though.

the girlfriend sounds like shes a victim of pure injustice!

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Kencana
OMG! I love the main pairing of Arakawa too~

Yeah. I don't recommend it unless you've got time to waste.

@ echungky
Thanks~ Happy that you enjoyed it xD Hehe~

The concept was a waste ;_;

Yeah, poor girlfriend. Heroine always gets the prize, *sigh*

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