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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Is This A Zombie? - Episode 4

The beginning of the episode was really lame and the battle on the second occured like out of nowhere. Nevertheless, it still kept its usual episode formula: a mix of comedy and drama, ridiculous and serious. I liked this much better than the previous ones (they didn't think of wasting too much screentime for fanservice in this episode, yay!)

  • A new character was introduced. We meet a Megalo who isn't our Masou Shoujo's enemy.... and he's even from the Underworld.
  • Kerberos, eh? The other heads are missing, but I love the mythology reference~ And it's nice that he has a bigger role in this series... but I hope that we'll still see more of him.
  • Eu is highly respected even in the Underworld? And she's not just a Necromancer... but a REALLY powerful one. So that's why even Sera's ninja clan seeks her assistance.
  • As expected, Sera actually respects Ayumu despite her overused/repetitive insults on him.
  • Back to Eu, so we finally get an explanation on why she doesn't speak. Acceptable. There was also a reason why she wears such a costume. Quite acceptable but... can't there be other costumes?
  • What is odd though is her reason why she doesn't express emotions. Yes, I get her point, but she's not completely emotionless since she smiles and she cried! And when she did that, nothing happened to Ayumu. So the reason seemed to have flaws.
  • The scene of Eu healing Ayumu seemed odd... I mean, in the previous episodes, Ayumu could put himself back together when injured. Or perhaps he can only join together his body parts but not exactly treat wounds?
  • About Ayumu, I loooooove it that even though he's abused by the girls a lot... but when he's serious, they behave!
  • Now to Haruna, it looks like her job isn't just to defeat monsters, Hopefully we'll learn more about the artifact in the future... also for her sensei to show up.
  • I have a feeling that the artifact, the ninja's problem, issues with Eu, and the serial killer... are all connected.
  • Speaking of the killer, he's rumored to be called some king, eh. Ooo... I want a male villain. He's possibly connected to Eu, who is soooo obviously not the killer unlike what the girl in pigtails said.
  • Speaking of Kyouko, my guess about her framing Eu appears to be wrong... since she's dead. Unless she was killed for being useless... or her death was fake.
  • Poor girl... she was killed just as she feared. But I don't want Eu reviving her like what she did for Ayumu. I don't hate the girl, but her being around might bring some unwanted complicate love traingle stuff on the plot.... I already had too much of that from shoujo, so please stop.
  • Back to the killer, we've finally got a motive on why he's been killing people: to use their souls as sacrifices in order to attain power. The questions though: 1) How does he get the souls? 2) Exactly what kind of power is he trying to attain? 3) Why want the power? 4) How was Eu able to save Ayumu from him?
  • Oh I love how the story is going~ Pretty good mystery (even if there seemed to have been flaws... but totally forgivable since it's more of a parody, hehe)~

Fine, even if Ayumu had hugged Kyouko, his scene here with Eu is much more romantic.
His eyes were covered.... which implies that he's more seriously concerned over Eu... could also be because that he's also on the verge of tears, but didn't cry because "I'm a dude. I can't cry infront of a crying girl" thing.
Moreover, he told her not to go anywhere and stay by his side. He'll endure whatever hardships he'll have to face as long as she doesn't need to suffer and for her to stay with him. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaw~ This is sooooooo romantic~ I doubt he'll ever say the same thing to any other character in this series. She's special, fufufufu.
He's special to her as well. She's more obvious in fact. Kerberos even told Ayumu that he must've been a very special person to Eu for her to go that far for him.
And we see her cry for the first time because of the thought of Ayumu hating her. Emotionless girl finally expressing something because of the fear of her beloved hating him. Daaaaaaaaaawwww~

I don't get why they're suddenly fighting against some giant whale but I have no complains in seeing Ayumu in masou shoujo costume again! Hahahaha! There are even fanservice shots of him (yes, panties, LOLz, just no close-ups or else some eyes might bleed, LOLz) He has even powered up this time... there are roses in his costume!!! Hahahahahaha xD It was funny when Haruna said that his dress was getting prettier... and he's not allower to look cute... bwahahahaahaha xD


mossyhairundys said...

I totally agree with you but I thought kyoko died in the last scene?

Sapphire Pyro said...

I think she died too... but I'm open to the possibility that she's not yet dead or can be revived like Ayumu. Hehe.

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