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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[101 Manga in 2011] Only The Ring Finger Knows - A Very Shoujo BL Manga

Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitteiru
By Kannagi Satoru and Odagiri Hotaru
Kawamura: Kazuki's so handsome and cool... so perfect that he should NOT exist!!!
Wataru: Whoa... being a popular guy seems to be pretty hard then.
Kawamura: I really hate that guy! But Mai's so crazy about him!!! This isn't fair!!!
Wataru: Oh yeah, you've got a crush on Mai.
Kawamura: I even bought rings with matching designs! It's a fad noeadays to wear a matchign ring with your significant other!
Wataru: I don't care about that...
Kawamura: You've got a ring that you never take off though.
Wataru: This is just previous to me, okay? It's none of your business.
* Wataru leaves, washes face, then returns*
Wataru: Whoa... my ring doesn't fit anymore!
Kazuki: *enters* Hey you, I think we've swtiched rings.
Wataru: (We have matching designs???) Eeeeeehhhhhh???


I see many people praising this as one of the best shounen-ai series, if not the best, out there.
Naturally, the huge number of positive reviews got me very curious about this.

This is indeed recommended to those who are thinking of giving shounen-ai a try, especially if you're more used to shoujo.

But putting that aside.... too bad though, in my opinion, it's not really as impressive as they say.

I don't see anything special about this manga.... maybe this is something refreshing for yaoi readers, because it has more plot than you-know what; something refreshing to shounen-ai readers too, because it has better plot compare to a lot of stupid ones.

But really, putting that aside (and the pretty art), nothing in this manga stands out.

Only The Ring Finger Knows is nothing but a typical shoujo series whose heroine just happened to be male.

The only thing that I find quite remarkable in this is that its female supporting characters have a bigger role (from most shounen-ai that I see, it's either women barely exist or they're mostly biased pathetic fangirls) and they're not annoying.

That's it.

Unless I'm biased to bishie looks, the characters here aren't really that appealing... majority of them are so stereotypical (surprisingly it's the female supporting characters who have better characterization). We've got the perfect bishie who can actually suck at something (particularly in acting cool to the one he likes), then an abusable bishie who has a love-hate relationship with him (not to mention that he's also very easy to read). It's most annoying when they go angsty... and that kind of jealousy out of misunderstanding is so overdone.

I admit that the love story's pretty nice. The twist in the end was sweet. I find it more romantic when your ring matches the left ring finger of your significant other than just simply make your personal rings have the same design. That's more soulmate/destiny like, hehe. Though something like that seems impossible if the pair is heterosexual, haha (Well, a guy's hand's usually much bigger compare to a girl's ^^;)

But still, the other characters say that they're a perfect match because the other one's a talented and calm boy while the other's the adorable hothead? Whut.... Moreover, it's romance that started after seeing THE BEAUTIFUL FACE of the other person.

If that is the manga's idea of "opposites attract" and "true love" ... errr... I'm not impressed. Well, it's not bad... but it's still not that different from the typical shoujo manga series.

On the bright side, there's no stupid love triangle (fangirls and misunderstandings are not counted). I had fun reading when they were getting along. Oh, I'm only referring to the last part... the extra chapter (I guess it can be called the epilogue). The story in the main chapters are either too cliche or angsty for me; hence, boring. It can't even make me entertained because its humor's mostly unbearably lame. The only part in the main chapters that managed to make me giggle is this:

Overall, though this manga is nowhere near fantastic, it's a nice choice for shoujo readers who want to try shounen-ai manga. Only The Ring Finger shows that they're more or less the same. The characters are okay and pretty likeable (they're not my type, but none of them had annoyed the hell out of me either... anything that can save me from headaches is a blessing enough for me) and the art's really really pretty:


baka-girl said...

Aww, too bad you didn't like it.
Well, the reason why I really like it is mostly because it's my first entrance to the shounen-ai world :p
Have you read Seven Days? How would you compare it and Sono Yubi? :D

Sapphire Pyro said...

"Aww, too bad you didn't like it. "
= Well, I didn't "dislike" it. Though I didn't "like" it either. So Neutral, ehehe.

"Well, the reason why I really like it is mostly because it's my first entrance to the shounen-ai world :p"
= I don't deny it being a good entrance to shounen-ai. I should've added that at the beginning *edited the post*

"Have you read Seven Days? How would you compare it and Sono Yubi? :D "
Seven Days is what I acknowledge as one of the best xD

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