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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Manga Discoveries: "God" Controller, Otaku Vampire, and Literature Girl (extra: Hana no Mizu Shiro)

Of course I'm still checking out unfamiliar manga despite my ever so long complete-manga-to-read list, ohohohohoho! *ehem* But before I get into that, I just want to....
Finally huggles scene in latest chapter of Hana no Mizu Shiro, fufufu~

This is completely under a very different genre compare to where the other titles I'll be mentioning in this post belong to, ahahaha! Anywayz:
From Left to Right: Kamisama Dolls > Bungaku Shoujo > Blood Lad
Favoritism: Blood Lad > Kamisama Dolls = Bungaku Shoujo

Leading character's not the typical vampire: he's not dressed like a noble, not affraid of garlic & crosses, and he doesn't even like to suck blood.
What does he prefer? Japanese merchandise, especially anime, manga, video games... yepz, a genuine vampire alright, but also a freakin' otaku.
Then one day he meets a human for the first time. But she....
3.5 Hearts (LOVE)
The title and the "keep out" stuff in its covers reminded me so much of Durarara!! This one had more fanservice though, but I still find Blood Lad very awesome! Like DRRR!!, it somewhat ridicules and makes parodies on shounen cliches, and I like that xD
It's also so cool that even though the leading character is freakin' powerful, he can still be outsmarted. The vampires' rivalry with the wolves had been nice too~
Staz still couldn't differentiate whether he just wants to drink her blood or whether he fell in love with her but.... he's still so romantic xD Pretty cruel at times, but the things he had sacrificed for her sake is just... daaaw~
I'm not sure of what to think of the heroine yet, but right now, I don't hate her. It's the dimension girl who's annoying me, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this series. I love this~

The heroine is leader of the literature club who loves book very much.
So much that she even.... eats them
3 Hearts (LIKE)
I thought of checking this out because of the popularity, the positive reviews, and the intriguing plot.
My favorite in this are the mystery and psychological parts ... the twists seem so well done... and it has been exciting to figure out who the mysterious narrator had been~ Its passion for literature is so refreshing... though at times it's presented during awkward times (there was an "on-the-spot positive commentary on the works of a certain author" while they're trying to save a girl from falling. Doing that on such a scene is just too awkward).
I hope it gave more development on the heroine... she can be cool and funny, but at times she could also be annoying. The most annoying one for me was the girl with a one-sided crush on the hero.
Well, I really liked the manga, but I don't think I like it enough to check out the anime.

Leading character used to be a seki, a human that can control dolls. But he doesn't want to life anymore so he moves into the city.
But when murders started to occur.... looks like the tragic moments in the past is haunting him again.
3 Hearts (LIKE) (4 Hearts to Aki Only)
I heard about this from a friend (though I forgot who), and it urged me to check it out as soon as possible when I've heard that its anime adaptation will air soon.
I find the story interesting, and I love the action and bloody stuff. I love the dark and crazy sides of the characters in this, the leading character included (he's just trying to surpress it). His love interest is normal though, but even if she's used for fanservice at times, she's fine. The one I couldn't stand and ruins everything for me (even the story!) is The Younger Sister. She's just there for moe, and for some onii-chan complex fanservice. Uuuugghh....
The one who's helping me in ignoring her is my amusement to a certain character named Aki. He's insane. Hahahaha! This series is only fun for me to read when he's around, or when the leading guy's sister's nots around.


chungky said...

haha i love Hana no Mizu Shiro! the mangaka's execution is just wonderfulll

heard stuff about kamisama dolls but i hadnt hav the oomph to try reading it

i'll most definitely check out blood lad haha it sounds hilarious!

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ chungky
Yay! Another HnMS fan xD

Maybe the Kamisama Dolls anime would be better. Story's honestly interesting but the little sister is just unbearable for me =_=

Oh Blood Lad is fun xD

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