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Sunday, May 22, 2011

[C] Episode 6 - Fangurling

I couldn't make a general-episode-only post again for this week's episode because, this time, I just had so many to fangurl about xD Hahahaha!
Mashu's so pretty~ Putting aside her non-human physical traits, her design is very simple... yet she looks very pretty. She doesn't need fancy clothes or big boobs to look gorgeous, she's fine the way she is~

Oh gosh.... her every little action, whether she's pissed or all smiles, is so cute~

Sennoza had wonderfully summarized how she looks: cute and charming

Being a pretty boy, Sennoza must have been already used to complimenting women. Mashu seems to be the shy type when someone praises her for her looks.

Someone isn't happy~
This is the second time we see Kimimaro jealous, last time it was 'coz of Hanabi but this time for Mashu. He had the "serious jealous" look last time, while this time it's the "comically jealous" look... I prefer the new one xD Haha!

Sennoza's shiny eyelashes and Kimimaro's annoyed look.... so amusing xD

Kimimaro's reaction after hearing Mashu complimenting the dude who just flirted with her.... LOLz

Back to Mashu, her fascination to humanly things are so fun to watch~

It's so enjoyable to watch her that Kimimaro stares at her with a stupid look on his face~ xD

If Kimimaro's attachment to Mashu has already been obvious since the first time they met, it's MUCH MORE obvious this episode.
I prefer it that it's Kimimaro who falls for Mashu first. It's really awkward for someone not exactly familiar to romantic emotions to fall in love quicker. She doesn't even know what a date is:

It doesn't seem that Kimimaro's the "I'm blushing a lot but I don't know why I'm doing that when I'm around her" type. He himself says that he at times forgets that she's his weapon, and he could've seen her differently if she was in a different form. I wonder if other Entres, aside from Kimimaro and Mikuni, had romantic affections towards their human-like Assets. But then again, it seems that they are the only ones so far who are strange enough to care about their Assets. Pfft, so their strangth is now more of because of the power of love, now? Haha...

Though Q "confirms" that she and Mikuni are on a "date" as well... I still couldn't see them as a romantic pair ^^; Ahahaha! Yes, they're very close, but more of a brother-and-sister relationship... with both of them having a complex on their "sibling".
Or maybe it's because of the "age gap" (unless Mikuni's a lolicon, LOLz)... or perhaps it's because they are NOT mushy. The closest thing to romantic act that they showed to us so far is the holding hands thing in a previous episode. So if they're canon, I loooove their NON-mushiness.

Speaking of canon, these two are acting so canon already~ The creators are so shipping them, haha! We only need to wait for Mashu to understand romantic feelings then they'll totally become a pairing~

I hope their relationship won't end up in a tragedy though. Oh come on, I don't wanna cry like I did on a certain series again. Waaaaahhh!!!!

I'll push aside my pessimistic thoughts about their future for now and go hyper on what's going on between them so far~
Kimimaro holding Mahu in his arms is soooo romantic~ Squeeeeee~

Hmmm... I just remembered how Kimimaro likes simple things, then earlier in this post I mentioned that Mashu's beauty is also simple (even Hanabi's beauty is simple). Kimimaro's so simple even on his tastes, huh...

Oh gosh, he's not only simple, but also a pure pure boy:

He's even avoiding to feel (much more on touching them) Jennifer's boobs. LOLz

"Unfortunately" for him, hott chicks usually love to tease the pure pure boys, intentionally or not:

Bwahahahahah xD It's soooo cute~ Yeah, Mashu and Hanabi are more of his type, but that doesn't stop him from blushing when being so close to sexy onee-sans, teehee~

Kimimaro has quite a number of adorable scenes in this episode:

This one is my favorite~

And no, I'm still not tired of abusing him. I totally didn't expect that the black square things can actually... errr.. touch him? Well, he seemed to have been "pushed" by it.

But perhaps it won't be nice to upset Kimimar too much because he could also go "emo mode", hehe. He already has the hoodie, what's left is for him to be in black, haha.

Though when Kimimaro's being sad/guilty, there seems to be a way to break the tense atmosphere on him now:

New bishie in this episode introduced that method, haha!

Honestly, when I first saw Sennoza... I didn't like him.
Why? Well... errr... he looks GHEY. The show doesn't seem to "deny" that since it was mentioned that his pretty looks gives off a MOTHERLY feeling, haha!

But if he can go evil bishie mode when serious.... I like that.

And a bishie that could look like a freakazoid when super serious? I don't see that in anime often... I like that~

And that same bishie is only like that in battle? And he has no personal grudges on the main character for making him look bad or whatsoever? And he's actually really a good guy despite his creepy looks when in battle mode? I like that~

Oh [C], you're not only genius, but freakin' entertaining (or perhaps my happiness is just that shallow). I love ya~


abandonedfactory said...

I've fallen behind on this one. I think I only caught the first two episodes. The character designs do look good, though. Maybe next weekend I'll try to catch up.

Mira said...

This episode was the best so far! I'm trying to write something that the episode deserves but it's so hard. Plus, Sennoza is such an interesting character on his own.

Wow, this episode was mindblowing.

abandonedfactory said...

Why put off to next weekend what you can do right now, eh? I marathoned episodes 3-6, and there is a lot that goes over my head, but it is an interesting show. This episode was particularly interesting in that there were three different perspectives directly contrasted. Or maybe four if you think of Kimimaro as having his own view, instead of just choosing between the other three.

Sapphire Pyro said...

This is the only show this season I'm most updated to though, ahahaha! Glad that you were able to catch up by now~

"Why put off to next weekend what you can do right now, eh?"
= I didn't think of putting it off to next weekend. I just couldn't post only one article and have them both out soon, ahaha! Like in your comment, my reason is because: "there is a lot that goes over my head" I managed to have the other episode 6 post up now~ This one is mostly on.... parts in episode 6 that make me excited "without thinking", haha!

"This episode was particularly interesting in that there were three different perspectives directly contrasted. Or maybe four if you think of Kimimaro as having his own view, instead of just choosing between the other three."
= Indeed. I think Kimimaro is the fourth, because he might decide to combine the positive points of all three.
Example: He'll fight against the FD like Jennifer, fight for the present like Mikuni, but end the deals like Sennoza.

@ Mira
"Sennoza is such an interesting character on his own."
= I agree. I used to dislike him at first.... but pretty boys that are more than just "pretty" and "kind" and "unbelievably intelligent" are rare~
I look forward to reading your post then! I'll do it after replying to pending comments here, hehe.

Numriel said...

Q isn't lolicon!

Sapphire Pyro said...

I didn't say she is (I said Mikuni) but even so, it's just a joke xD Hahaha

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