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Sunday, May 29, 2011

[C] - Episode 7

First I'd like to share this interesting post~ It tackled about the responsibilities of the super wealthy, simpler elaborations to the difference between Sennoza's and Mikuni's perspectives (living for the future vs living for the present), the positive side of using an average guy like Kimimaro to make the audience learn about the District, and so on~

Now about the episode, we first got a Mikuni flashback, making us learn more about our possible main antagonist. Then the later half enables us to learn Mashu's thoughts on previous and current events. Though the focus of the episode is in developing those two characters, we still learn more about Kimimaro in it as well. They even bothered to bring back a character, who is usually the type you won't see again if this were the usual shounen series.

(Kimimaro has a plushie xD)

I'm so pleased that this series is more focused on character and story development, and also in exploring its story ideas and concepts, rather than on battle scenes~ Speaking of which, there aren't any Deals in this episode at all! xD

I'm happy that they finally showed Mikuni's past; with this we can understand Mikuni better~ I totally didn't expect that he was in a band back then... too bad we've got no sample ;D Haha!

Mikuni's father turns out to be really an ass as Mikuni had said he was. I'd also be cursing my own dad if he had been like that as well (But daddy loves me too much so I can't imagine it happening, haha! *daddy's girl*).

But if you look at it in another way, Mikuni's father is just fulfilling his responsibility. If he prioritizes himself and his family over the company, the people who depend on his company could be affected. He was sacrificing his own family for the sake of many other families. That's the crucial role of the wealthy and the powerful.

However, even if Mikuni's father had such priorities for that reason, it's still cruel of him to not even somehow cared for his daughter. He could've been forgivable if he had shown that he was unwilling to do it but he was just left with the more difficult choice. But ah well, the father's really a bastard. No thanks to him, even though Mikuni still has good intentions for humanity, he's still full of hate and revenge.

Mikuni's determination in fighting for the present makes more sense now that we've jeard his sister's "last words". The sick sister thing may be cliche in anime, but sibling love will never get old (and they're less common compare to romantic love). Besides, cliche's fine if done well... and [C] has done it sooooo well, in my opinion. That dramatic moment between Mikuni and Takako made me cry.

As many have noticed, the resemblance between Takako and Q is undeniable. I knew it that Mikuni and Q's relationship is more of "sibling" like, and no wonder Mikuni had been that determined in protecting her on his first Deal.

As the embodiment of Mikuni's future, as many others speculate, Q is most likely the future wherein Takako will finally wake up from her coma. If that's the case, it appears that the District had even taken the possible future that Mikuni wishes for the most. Next to his father, the Financial District is most likely ranks second in Mikuni's hate list, ahaha.

I think from this episode, though Kimimaro is still wondering about it, we've got a clue on what makes the appearance of an Entre's Asset. I think those Assets with human features mean that the futures they represent have something to do with people. Mikuni's is an obvious example. Ebara's was possibly on his wife and children. Then with Kimimaro.....

Most likely his significant other.

Going back to what he originally dreams of in the first episode, he wanted to work for the government for the sake of stable income... in order to feed, shelter, and give security to his family. In other words, what he mainly dreams of is to get married and have children... and out of love he doesn't want them to suffer, so he wants to be as someone who can support his dream family.

There's a theory of Mashu representing Kimimaro's relationship with Hanabi. But if that's the case, shouldn't Mashu look similar to Hanabi in someway like Q is to Takako? There's another theory that Mashu could've been their daughter instead.... but to fall in love with "your daughter" is... awkward o_O Besides, Mashu doesn't seem look similar to either Kimimaro or Hanabi.

So that leaves the theory of Mashu representing another person... even Kimimaro wondered if Mashu exists in the real world. That person is my guess on who Kimimaro saw on the cliffhanger in this episode:

Ugh, cliffhangers are absolute evil! Waiting for the next episode is more torturing that usual =_=

Anywayz, if that's the case, that will totally complicate things since Kimimaro and Mashu are both very onto each other (the creators ship them a lot). Of all things Mashu gets interested to do from what she saw on TV, it's a kissing scene xD Kimimaro tells her that she can only do it to the one she likes 30 more times than she likes him right now.... Fufu, I think if they get into the kissing topic again, what she'll tell him would most likely be something like: "I don't think I'll ever like anyone else more than the way I like you."

There are more and more of these cute and happy moments.... I can feel that it will just make things more painful if the series does decide on a tragic ending.

Ugghh... I don't want to think of sad stuff now.

Back to Mashu, it was very cute to watch her watch Kimimaro on whatever he does. The toilet part mademe LOLz xD It was most fun when she imitates his gestures xD It's nice to look at Kimimaro from her perspective (he looks more ADORKABLE xD). Now we're certain that she does get annoyed at him, but she enjoys his company. Like everyone else, she also thinks Kimimaro's so uncertain and confused. She couldn't understand him, but as she tries, later she's able to relate somehow or end up feeling the same way.

We've got an explanation/confirmation of why Kimimaro at times lacks motivation from Mashu: "No matter what, if his feelings and the situation at hand aren't in line, he's unable to act. " Shows why he's being so indecisive... and Kimimaro himself says that it takes him time to accept things... and he's also confused on who to believe in. He doesn't always act according to his feelings at once either. He often thinks about it first, and worries that he might make a mistake and end up hurting others and himself.

But if he wasn't given enough time to think, like in his most recent Deal, Mashu adds: "If he's backed into a corner, without reading the situation, he'll simply follow his feelings." His feeling that time is his fear of losing what's closest to him... so his decision was to win that battle in order for that not to happen for certain.

Even though it's based on Mashu's perspective, we're also learning more about Kimimaro. Looking forward to learn more about the other characters too, like Mikuni's trio and also Hanabi:

There's gotta be a reason why she's in the characters section. And it was really cute when she gave Kimimaro the peas she hated, haha! Reminds me of myself.


abandonedfactory said...

It was really interesting that they took some time out to show a chunk of an episode from Mashu's perspective. She seems to be thinking and growing, which makes me wonder what life is like for the other, less anthropomorphic, assets.

What do you think happened when the scoreboard changed? Mikuni told Q it had nothing to do with them, but I wasn't sure what happened at all. Was it the total amount of FD money changing? Might it be related to the buildings Kimimaro noticed as missing?

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ abandonedfactory
"makes me wonder what life is like for the other, less anthropomorphic, assets."
= I'm beginning to wonder now too. I suppose they could also talk.

"What do you think happened when the scoreboard changed?"
= not sure either, but I think it has something to do with the economy in the real world. And also might be related to the building which Kimimaro noticed.

Mira said...

The more I rewatch the episode the more questions boggle my mind!

He was sacrificing his own family for the sake of many other families. That's the crucial role of the wealthy and the powerful.

I just wished he let Mikuni look for the money himself. But because they had to keep up their appearances it was out of the question. :( Man, he's like Gendo Ikari. Asshole dads are just...

Mira said...

Urgh and I forgot to ask, is it okay if I add your blog to my Blog Roll? *q*

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Mira
I also wish for that but sadly, it appears that Mikuni's dad is really an asshole x_x I don't like Genji Ikari either. Thank goodness Mikuni's nothing like Shinji (aplogy to Shinji fans)

Of course~ Adding yours as well (whether you like it or not, mwahahahhaha!) since I visit there as well anywayz, teehee~ Thanks =D

Mira said...

@ Sapphire Pyro

LOL it's great Mikuni became strong from those experiences though. I really like his character and I'd hate to think that he's going to be clash with Kimimaro. :/

Awww thank you! And you're welcome. XD

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