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Sunday, May 15, 2011

[C] - Episode 5

I saw a blogger mentioning that this series doesn't really have "The Money of Soul and Possibility Control"; rather, it's only "The Money of Soul and Possibility". Come to think of it, this series is sometimes called as "Control", if not plain "C". That makes C = Control (though C could also stand for other words like Convesion, etc., but the main word the series is referring to is "Control"). Besides, the "Control" part was indeed separated from the subtitle. Moreover, if we shall follow the grammar rules of parallelism, if "Control" is indeed part of the subtitle, wouldn't it be more appropriate to phrase it as "The Money of Soul and the Control (or Controlling) of Possibility"? Removing the idea of "Possbility Control" gives a different meaning to the subtitle now. Whoa.... titles could be pretty crucial.

By the way, the first volume of the DVD and Blu-ray of this series will be out on August 19~ For more information and also about the releases of the other volumes, you can just check out their website. I'm pretty sure the main characters get the first volume, then Mikuni and Q would be in one of them. I don't know about the other two anymore, haha.

Alright, now about the latest episode:

It appears that this is the episode with the most fights so far. Not only Kimimaro and Mikuni, but the other Guild members were pretty awesome too. Especially the dude with hearts on his shirt! He was soooo amusing to watch xD Oh I look forward to see how the glasses guy and the information broker do their battles~

Unlike the attack names last episode, the ones in this episode didn't seem to have economic references. Well, should that be a surprise? Kimimaro's Scorched Earth was not exactly somehting business related. Besides, I don't think there are much economic terms that would sound cool as attack moves so most likely they just included some attack names with economic references for the heck of it. In other words, it doesn't seem that the creators intend to make the fights that economic/business/finance related from the beginning.

Theme of the show has been the same since episode one, it's about money.

Since it's about money, how money flows would very likely be one of the things it will feature. This episode touched that, as well as how a big time person's loss could affect a lot of people's futures.

The characters had not been clear on why they think that the existence of Midas Money in the real world is a bad thing. It's not that obvious to me but... perhaps I don't need to think it through since... well, the Financial District is definitely evil for forcing Entres to put their futures at stake for the sake of earning money. Midas Money comes from the Financial District, which is evil. So isn't something that comes from somewhere evil would be evil as well? It's like money earned through illegal means, if you put it in a non-supernatural way. Hmmm...

Kimimaro is learning more about the District through Mikuni, Takezato, Mashu, Ebara, and even the driver! About Ebara, I was really pleased that he didn't last for only one episode! Even though he lost to Kimimaro, he's still acting as a teacher and is helping him out (by answering to Kimimaro's questions). I find it rare to see a very minor character have more roles and is a good sport.

But still, it's so sad that he's lost more that his children now. It'll be tragic if he gets tempted to commit suicide eventually. I'm hoping that the idea of Kimimaro remembering the existence of his former happiness will keep him strong. It'd be interesting if there will be Entres that went bankrupt that managed to make up for the loss in the end.

As for Kimimaro's loss, looks like he got dropped. That would've panicked him before, but with his current cash he didn't see it as something that serious. He'll be more worried if something as bad as his house being burned happened. Much more if something bad happens to his loved ones.

Now that he knows that any kind of loss, whether bankrupted or not, will have a negative effect in his life... I don't think he could afford to lose another time. But he'll also keep his gain as minimal as possible, so that the one he beats won't be that affected either.

Despite his loss in this episode, I think Kimimaro's still a very incredible Entre, I'm hoping that his next fight will show more of what he's made of~

I'm also hoping to see Mikuni's dark side revealed soon. Even if he has good intentions, he says himself that he's dirtying his hands and he's not really a Good Samaritan. Mikuni's more concerned of damages that cause a lot of bloodshed, not much on those that will only cause a scratch.

I suppose that the only professional organizaiton in the series which truly aims to protect people would be... whoever Jennifer is secretly working out is working for. Mikuni continues the flow of Midas Money to the real world because he thinks it's a necessary evil. Jennifer is among those who want it stopped. Kimimaro, on the other hand, gets Mikuni's point but couldn't fully agree with it either. It would be interesting if Kimimaro and Jennifer would work together in the future~

Speaking of working together, Kimimaro and Mashu skrewed up as fighting partners in this episode, haha! I suppose that though he's been obviously attached to his asset since episode 2, aside from someone to care about, he mainly thinks of her as either his hotline to learn more about the District or his bodyguard. The one's who's been a Deal teacher for him is Mikuni that it didn't cross his mind that if he wants to learn about his Assets, he could simply ask his own Asset, hehe.

But after the Deal they've started to sort things out. It's nice that though Mashu obviously wants to win as many cash as possible, she respects Kimimaro's decision that he wants to do the Guild's strategy,provided things are discussed with her beforehand. Though Kimimaro is really determined to control Deals, he says himself that he wants to consider Mashu's feelings (regarding how they'll do the Deals) as well, which Mashu doesn't get.

I think Mikuni is the type who considers the opinions of his Assets (especially Q's) as well. How sweet that the ones who seem to be the most exceptional Entres in the series are those who care about their Assets very much. Power of Love, I suppose, FUFUFU.

Speaking of love, there are higher chances of Kimimaro and Mashu's relationship becoming a romantic one. Though I still find it awkward (it's like Me x My Future, ya know o_O), oh well... it's anime after all, and they look cute anywayz, teehee. Besides, I want more scenes of Kimimaro being abused or doing amusing things because he sucks so much:

What a sadistic fan I am.... xD

(Most of my screenshots centering on Kimimaro's kinda intentional. Well, I really love giving more attention to those... who lack it but deserve it, in my opnione. Hehe. Besides, even if the animation's weird, there are still scenes where he looks so cute *_*)


Omari's Sister said...

Wasn't it revealed earlier that Jennifer works for the IMF (International Monetary Fund)? Of course and International institution like that is interested in what's going on in the "Financial Districts".

The Midas Money is very like the "money" governments "create" and pour into economies to stave off massive bankruptcy. It's not good nor evil, but there is the problem of moral hazard. People won't learn their lessons if they aren't allowed to fail and they will use money recklessly again because they know someone else will always cover their debts.

There's also the perspective that Midas money is counterfeit. This is particularly a problem with US $100 bills. Many questionable countries produce fake US $100 bills to make International purchases. But what does this do to the world, when an International standard currency is diluted? What is really backing that money up?

You ask about people betting their futures in Financial District. Think of it as potential earning and what those potential earnings could buy. As of now Kimimaro's assests are low and have very little effect on the real world. But what happens when you are someone like Mikuni who has fingers in everyone's pie? If Mikuni goes bankrupt, then he takes everyone he influences with him. He has incredible responsibilities. In general, I see this as the responsibilities of the super wealthy. Some wealthy people understand this very well and do what they can to further their causes (like Bill Gates). While others just hoard their money and simply exist to make more (like those f***ers at AIG). Those people usually go bankrupt in the end because they gamble all their money away. This is what Mikuni means by people possessed by money aren't good with money (or something rather). From this perspective, if Kimimaro gets out now, there's not much for him to lose. On the flip side, the longer he stays in the Financial District and the more money he gains, the more he stands to lose.

Sapphire Pyro said...

"Wasn't it revealed earlier that Jennifer works for the IMF (International Monetary Fund)?"
= Yepz. What I don't know is the where the one Jennifer is secretly collaborating is working for. (I meant, the dude with the newspaper on the train) Sorry for the confusion, ahaha ^^;

Interesting thoughts on the Midas Money. I'm more into the Midas Money as counterfeit or loan money perspective.

".... I see this as the responsibilities of the super wealthy. "
= That's how I saw it as well. However:

"Those people usually go bankrupt in the end because they gamble all their money away. This is what Mikuni means by people possessed by money aren't good with money"
= Indeed. But those who gamble and go bankrupt are still people who try to get or desire for MORE money. So I don't think wealthy people who go bankrupt from gambling are the only ones who fall into the "possessed by money" category, but all those who crave for money in general.

abandonedfactory said...

The sometimes call Midas Money "dark money". I was looking into this and there are a couple of major ways this is used.

First there is the implication of illegal sources, so this would be money that was transferred in underworld or other shady deals. This usually means you are beholden in some way to a criminal organization (like the mafia).

It also is used generally to imply untraceable money. In politics this can mean taking contributions without revealing who supplied the money. It also could just mean money that can't properly be traced (this often implies a foreign power, such as a wealthy oil-producing nation).

These first two ideas relate to your loan money perspective.

Interestingly, there is also the notion of "ghost money", or joss paper, which is fake money in our world, that is burned to send to "the other side" so that those who have passed on have something to spend. At one time you see a dark money bill burning in a wine glass.

Sapphire Pyro said...

I think the idea of Miday Money being illegal is more related to the "counterfeit money" perspective than the loan one.

Untraceable money, however, I'm not sure.

Though I do agree that Midas Money as "dark money" do imply those two ideas. Also of it being "ghost money". I think the idea of Midas Money being "from the other side" is in relation to that.

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