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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Manga Discoveries: Mythical Book Captor Darianne, "Perfect" City, and Culture Clash (Extra: DOGS: Bullets and Carnage)

Checking out more of the manga adaptations of the upcoming summer 2011 anime titles recently.
But before that, I want to:
One of the most romantic scenes of my OTP in DOGS but still... *cries like crazy*
DOGS is still awesome in its recent chapters~ B
ut I still complain on the lack of Nill. =_= I want more of her! Guuh...
*sniff* Okayz, back to main topic:
From Left to Right: Dantalian no Shoka > No. 6 > Ikoku Meiro no Croisée
Favoritism: Ikoku Meiro no Croisée > Dantalian no Shoka >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> No. 6

Leading character inherited his book freak grandfather library, but he'll need to get back those demonic and supernatural Mythical books with the help of his grandfather's ward.
4 Hearts (ADORATION)
This reminded me so much of Gosick.... except that the leading guy is cooler and more reliable... and the leading girl is crazier and more violent.
And I love them for that.
Especially the heroine. She's a shipper of.... bwahahahahha! Oh she's such a fangurl. Reminded me of the heroine in Teriyaki Western.
Some parts of its stories seem kinda shallow and cliche... but it had impressed me on some of its twists. I enjoyed reading this so much xD So hilarious, I love it~
More of abuse to the leading guy, please. Thanks. Hahahaha!

19th century. A Japanese girl goes to Paris to work. Lotsa culture shock
4.5 Hearts (ADDICTION)
I honestly ignored this for a while, despite the interesting plot, because the girl just looks so moe.
*ehem* Anywyaz, despite her "weak" appearance, she can speak up her mind and ain't no pushover. She isn't dumb nor stupid either. She's also so angelic that it'd be difficult to hate her. I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!! I WANNA HUGGLE HER TO DEATH!!! KYAAAAAAAA!!!!
*ehem* This is a nice story of someone from the East adjusting to the culture and lifestyle in the West, and those in the West also adjusting for her. There's some romance in this, and I don't mind the pairing, but I want to know the heroine's age first before declaring the leading guy as a lolicon.... bwahahahaha! Just kidding.
Highly looking forward to the anime adaptation of this series~ The trailer already looks very lovely~

Leading character lives in a very "secure" and "wonderful" city. His life changes forever when he helped a boy who escaped from prison.
2 Hearts (DISLIKE)
I thought I was gonna like this because the manga adaptation is published in Aria, the number thing reminded me of the manga entitled Number, and 6 is one of my favorite numbers. The plot also seemed promising.
Too bad, how the fake "perfect" city was presented is just too cliche for me... cliche for a story in a dystopian setting. It hadn't been convincing from the very beginning.
I like the main character's guts to be amazed to his assaulter when he was harmed. I'm amused with the "bad boy" for trying to hurt the main character yet giving off BL fanservice. I'm surprised with the girl for confessing her love... in a very bold way.
But I find it so difficult to like this thing. The story's pretty intriguing actually, but I'm not that pleased on how it does things (gah, I dunno how to explain it). I find it difficult to appreciate any of the characters either.


abandonedfactory said...

I'm glad to hear you liked Croisee. The artwork in the PV for the anime looks amazing, but I was worried there would be no plot.

If you say Dantalion is worth it, I'll check it out as well, although the summary doesn't sound particularly original.

Most of the Summer season sounds like rubbish.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ abandonedfactory
I am POSITIVE that you will like Croisee. The artwork's gorgeous *_* Such detailed background illustrations.... wooow!

Besides, if I remember correctly, the novel writer of this series is the same as Gosick's. So higher chances for you than for me actually, haha!

As for Dantalian, the first adventure featured was so cliche and the heroine seemed like the typical tsundere. But after that, things got pretty interesting and amusing, hehe.

"Most of the Summer season sounds like rubbish. " = from what I've seen so far, can't agree more to that.

chungky said...

aww tsk tsk on no.6
it sounded like it was going to be a nice urban adventure + the art looks slick

i must check out Ikoku Meiro no Croisée !!! the plot sounds simple yet very refreshing!

never watched gosick but Dantalian no Shoka sounds better in comparison. + i enjoy a hero getting bashed up by the heroine.

thanks for ur manga discovery posts!

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ chungky
I think there's a chance of no.6 being better on its later chapters (I haven't seen the leading guy have his hair white yet, like in the promos).

Ikoku's lovely. Don't miss it xD

Dantalian's pretty cliche, but it was amusing so I think you will enjoy it too xD

You're welcome, glad you enjoyed reading my manga discoveries, hehe.

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