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Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer 2011 Anime First Impressions

Like a lot of other bloggers, I have my own initial picks on the shows in the upcoming season as well. But I'll only highlight those I look forward to the most. If you want a less-biased type of season previews, I recommend either Psgel's or Sekijutsu's post. They've got more time to do these kinds of posts than I am. Why do a detailed lineup if other bloggers can do better? Hehe.

(I wanna watch this movie so badly!!! I miss this so much!! SENGOKU BASARA FTW!)
(scan by chan-chanz)

I could only blog one series per season, the lesser the episodes and if the airing time is close to the weekends, the better. I would also rather blog something I don't have, or don't have much, manga background. (It had been kinda boring to blog about something I had already seen before. )

I found a series that falls perfectly under those categories in Spring 2011: [C]

For this season, it's this series which I originally wanted to blog, but it airs AFTER the weekends =_= So I had to decide between these two candidates instead:

Shows that I have a hunch I would fall in love with, but I can't really tell until I've seen an episode at least.

Leading character inherited his book freak grandfather's library, but he'll need to get back those demonic and supernatural Mythical books with the help of his grandfather's ward.
I've read a few chapters of the manga and honestly, some parts of this series are very cliche. But even though it hadn't been very original, some parts in it have been pretty impressive,and I had enjoyed reading it.
I think this series could be really good if the anime would dare to make some changes on the plot execution and development. I'm hoping for the anime adaptation to be better~ But if it will just follow the manga devotedly, I don't think I would bother to follow this weekly anymore (I'll just marathon it in the end instead).

Leading girl is a NEET who acts as a detective and has a highschool boy for an assistant
The tagline got me: "It's the only NEET thing to do." That was... awesome xD
The idea of a girl, who isn't active in school, playing detective and has a male student for an assistant reminds me of Gosick, which disappointed me greatly for being an unimpressive mystery series on its earlier episodes. I fear that this series might turn out the same.
And seeing a girl being undressed by some dude (those hands seem to be from a male) just made me more discouraged.
However, I really can't resist shows that involve detective cases, so I suppose I should give this show a try. Perhaps it's not really as disappointing as it seems to me right now, and I would regret it if that turned out to be the case. Besides, the tagline is really epic. Awesome taglines could have such powerful impacts, haha!

Upcoming shows whose manga adaptations or prequels are those I already love a lot~ I couldn't imagine their anime adaptation go wrong since they're too good~

Leading character inherited a book which has the lists of names of youkai that he can command. But he's letting them free instead.
It appears to be the typical supernatural series, and also pretty plain and boring. But it's actually fun and interesting. I honestly enjoyed the anime version more than the manga original.
This series is so fantastic; loved it since season 1.

During the 19th century, a young Japanese girl goes to Paris to work. It shows a lot of differences between the Eastern and Western culture.... and Japanophiles already exist back then, haha!
Beautiful and sweet presentation on the differences between the two cultures. It shows you the wonders of both. The art's breathtakingly gorgeous and the characters are very lovable. I prefer moe that touches your heart, than the type that satisfies perverted desires.
I adore this series very much~

Leading guy's grandfather died... with a daughter! None of his relatives want to poor girl, so he makes a tough decision... that changes his life forever!
Usagi Drop is a story about raising a child; about the hardships and joys it brings. It has good drama yet also knows when to be hilarious. So many moments in this are sweet and touching.
It may be fiction, but it's also so REAL. A wonderful story, hopefully the recent arc in the manga doesn't drag it down though.

Upcoming shows that I'm already familiar with because of manga background. I like them but I don't love them enough to follow weekly.

Kamisama Dolls
Leading character used to be a seki, a human that can control dolls. But he doesn't want to life anymore so he moves into the city.
But when murders started to occur.... looks like the tragic moments in the past is haunting him again.
This series is as intriguing and as awesome as it appears.... JUST GET RID OF THAT MOE FANSERVICE GIRL! Putting my hatred towards her aside, SHE RUINS EVERYTHING! She's just there to waste time: go tsundere to onii-chan, go cute imouto to onii-chan's crush, go pathetic fighter to villains, go cutey/clumsy/abusable to the rest. And she takes quite a lot of screentime, oh just die.
Brains Base, since I love you, I'll just try to close my eyes and plug my ears whenever that girls around.

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro-Usagi
A female vampire(aka sorceress) puts her "poison" onto the leading guy (in other words, she bit him).... and now he's hers forever.
This is quite similar to Kore wa Zombie desu ka. Zombie's more hilarious while this one has less ecchi but more romance. Plotwise, both of them have a lot of cliches and stereotypes, but though Zombie's better and more intriguing, this one hadn't been that bad.

Shows that I'm thinking of giving a try though I'm 75% sure that I won't bother to watch more than 1 episode

Sacred Seven
I am really tired of school life crap in my mecha (or fantasy/supernatural) shows. But... this is Sunrise. Mecha shows by Sunrise usually turn out to be pretty entertaining for me, despite the cliches and stuff. Hopefully this turns out to be pretty good

Mawaru Penguindrum
The title amuses me, and I see high praises on the one who directed Utena (which I haven't seen) so this might be promising.... though the plot reminds me of Minami-Ke... which I find a little boring and frustrating. Maybe like what the title implies, there might be penguins in the show! Haha! That would be fun, then~

I find the idea of a young porn writer to be considered a genius really interesting, haha! Perhaps the different kinds of geniuses featured in the series would be as peculiar or as unusual as that. Maybe it's not as perverted as it appears.

Shows that I couldn't watch even if I want to because I haven't seen nor finished the prequels
  • Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou - I think it's more possible for me to catch-up with the manga than with the anime, ahahaha. I love this shounen series though (especially when Yuki Onna is around~)
  • Blood-C - I've only seen one episode of Blood+ but I'm not sure if I would love it as a whole. CLAMP, eh? I love CLAMP designs but CLAMP stories.... most of the recent ones are pretty crappy, honestly. So CLAMP + Vampires is... hhhmmm... I dunno~ (I think I'm one of the few who's not very excited for this, haha!)
  • Appleseed XIII - looks cool but I haven't seen any of the prequals so nah
  • Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu II - hadn't seen the previous season. I didn't like the premise but I've heard good things about it. =/ I dunno if I'll bother to watch yet...

Shows that aren't really bad or that seem pretty interesting but I really can't like them
  • No. 6 - I read the manga and though the characters are unique, I don't find them appealing. The story also seemed cliche for me, even though it's actually unique compare to other recent anime. Ugh, not my type. (Though I admit the anime might change my opinion of it, we'll see.)
  • Blade - I really do not enjoy the Japanese Anime Adaptations of Western comics... (except for Supernatural). They're not bad but.... Hollywood versions are still better for me.
  • Mayo Chiki! - I find the main character fun but I am really no fan of many ecchi fanservice =_= The heroine's too easy to rape even when disguised as a dude. Meh.

Shows which I think will just give me headaches instead of enjoyment
  • The Idolm@ster - If it will focus on the careers of the characters, this might work. But I really REALLY doubt that.
  • Uta no Price-sama - Maji Love 100% - I love the mangaka but I really hate this particular work of hers. Reverse harem is usually crap.
  • Double-J - I thought I might like it because I remembered enjoying Cromartie High School... but the first chapter of this series got me bored in just a few pages =_=
  • Morita-san wa Mukuchi - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Yuri Yuri - I'm getting sick of watching the lives of 4 moe girls doing stuff with yuri undertones
  • Nekogami Yaoyarozu - Keep me away from cats and cat girls
  • Nyanpire The Animation - Keep me away from cats and vampires as well
  • Kaitou Tenshu Twin Angel Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise - I didn't appreciate the first episode of the prequel much and didn't bother to watch more so... nah.
  • Ro-Kyu-Bu! - Lolis being taught to play basketball... lolis... ugh
  • Manyuu Hikenchou - the plot reminded me of my nightmares on Qwaser of Stigmata so... NO.