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Saturday, June 25, 2011

[C] - Episode 11 (END)

The last episode was finally out! I was so excited that I watched it as soon as possible~

And for the first time in blogging this series....

I felt very disappointed.

How Kimimaro won against Mikuni and saved Japan is just... whut. And forget about my adoration to Kimimaro x Mashu; that kind of pairing's sick.

I can forgive the "protagonist's luck", but how lucky Kimimaro had been for him to defeat Mikuni is just too much. Mikuni being affected by the hyperflation in the real world might've been an excuse, but as if Kimimaro isn't using Midas Money himself T_T

More rants:
  • I really find it too cliche when the more experienced opponents get defeated by less experienced ones just because they're against the leading character =_= Perhaps if Kimimaro's a prodigy, I'll find that pretty acceptable. But Kimimaro only has his "better" morals to back him up; it's no different from the "good always wins against evil" cliche.
  • How the hell Kimimaro got used to controlling Jennifer's Georges that quickly?
  • Why the hell were Kimimaro and Mashu almost appear uninjured after being wounded drastically by Mikuni and Q respectively?
  • The "Will your sister want that?" is kinda overused. And I think only her Nii-san matters to Takako, the rest are second priority. She wouldn't care if her brother becomes selfish if it will keep him safe.
  • Kimimaro and Mashu are talking out their opponents too much that it has become annoying. Can't they get to their point in a few sentences... and no repetition!
  • Q used Cannibilisation on Mashu... why the hell is she still complete?!!
  • What with the Q showing up as Takako look! It's an intentional distraction to Mikuni T_T
  • Kimimaro gets pwned a lot but gets to win after one blow. Pfft!
  • The only way to meet the big boss if you did something as big time as buying everyone's future back? As if sacrificing lotsa futures isn't big time enough. The protagonist has become too special.
  • It was confirmed that Mashu represents either Kimimaro's daughter or grandaughter. Since his father's Asset is similar to his, I assume that the girl is Kimimar's daughter; thus, his dad's grandchild. Forbidden love has its limits. T_T
  • There are still a lot of things not explained. Others only made more sense to me from reading the translation of the goodies from the official sites... but what about those who haven't? T_T
  • Details of the father's story, even if it's something that everyone's expecting from the series, would be really appreciated. Sadly, no further info T_T But I won't complain if there'll be an OVA featuring that, I guess.
I don't think the episode limit is an excuse anymore. The time spent on rubbish or irrelevant stuff could've been used on other things.

But this doesn't mean I've began to hate [C]. I may be disappointed with this episode, but I still love it a lot. Even if I'm complaining about Kimimaro's luck and what he has been doing, I still adore him. He is still interesting to me, but as a character, I'm more impressed with Mikuni... followed by the information broker then Q.

(heartbreaking parting ;_;)

My complains mostly have something to do with the story, but I ain't saying that the writer turned out to be no good. I'm honestly impressed with the ending... it seems like a happy one but with Masakaki showing up again it gives you the "It's only the beginning" vibe... which is pretty cool. Some may complain that it made Kimimaro's efforts result to nothing, but in my opinion is that it just shows that there's no way an ordinary person like Kimimaro can stop totally stop it.

Well, even the really powerful ones couldn't really stop it either, if we are talking about religion. The "messiahs" in different religions are those I have in mind. They brought enlightenment to humanity... gave us salvation and hope and all.... but look at the world right now. Is it really peaceful?

Back to the other things that I liked about the story.... I don't think it was only Kimimaro who saved Japan... I think our dear information broker who did the actual rescue. He's the reason why there's no influence of [C] in Japan. So it's not Kimimaro doing everything; he just returned those futures that Mikuni was almost going to sacrifice... and also those futures that were taken as collateral in the Financial District (that's why the Assets went bye bye too).

Now on things aside from the story.... I may not have liked how the fight turned out, but it was cool to watch those battle scenes. I like the directing on the fight between Kimimaro and Mikuni... I felt like watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, haha! Among the Assets, I only like how Q acted... she was as sadistic and as barbaric as ever~ Also, though I don't hate Mashu, I really wanted her to shut up!!! As if Q gives a damn about her love life. They're in a middle of a fight, so just more fighting and less talking.... the extended talks are the common strategies of those typical shounen series for the sake of gaining more episodes T_T Bloody hell...

Overall, this episode was disappointing yet pretty impressive at the same time. It still got me hyper and I enjoyed watching it... but thank goodness this only happened in the last episode. If it happened halfway and the next episode didn't make up for it, I could've dropped this.

As for my thoughts on the series overall, I'll be placing them on another post, with links on all the episodes covered~

(Screenshots from Tenka Seiha 'coz I wasn't able to make my own)
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