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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kiss ni Juuzoku - Kissing... is an Addiction!

Connected with a Kiss
by Ikemi Runa
Lilith: We were in a middle of a heist when suddenly...
Jean: Oh! A wounded thief! I'll take care of you!
Lilith: Why of all people... it's a noble who caught me!
Jean: There, there. Don't you worry. I'll nurse you and give everything you need. But of course there's a price.
Lilith: (I knew it. But I'll agree to anything in order to survive.) What then?
Jean: For every favor I do to treat you until you get better, in exchange, you should let me.... kiss you.
Lilith: .... say what?

Historical. Europe.
Kiss. Love. Thief. Noble. Slave.
Romance. Drama.

3.5 Hearts ---> LOVE

I find it pretty rare to see a shoujo manga full of kisses.... that ISN'T annoying.

There are a lot of romances between a rich guy and a poor girl out there. That may be overdone, but at the end it's usually the rich guy who brings the poor girl into his luxurious life, seldom it is the other way around... which is what happened to the couple in this manga.

It's quite quick for the leading guy to adapt to such a different lifestyle though. But I really like how their love story turned out. No need to wonder why her heart is thumping... no need to go tsundere. This is what I love about pairings that don't need to waste lots of pages before they become canon, even when they're so obvious already.

The guy didn't just take care of the girl because she was beautiful or other shallow reasons. How the girl fell in love with him is what I don't find... convincing though. No matter how I look at it, I think she just considered her initial pity towards him as love.

My other complain about the heroine is that she gets captured quite often.... if she had been considered as a boss also because of her skills... she's quite a lame boss.

But overall, the heroine's really likeable.... way more decent than a lot of other shoujo heroines out there. I applaud to her the most for NOT being stupid and angsty. When the leading guy said cruel things to her to forget about him, she didn't go emo but took action instead. And when the guy sacrificed himself for her sake, she was being realistic and didn't attempt anything stupid to get herself into danger as well. I was also really happy when some guy is trying to make her feel bad that if she rejects his offer, her members will be sad... what she did was to think it over and investigate.... thanks to that she saw the truth and made the right decision! Oh thank goodness she's no emo idiot.

As for the leading guy... I suppose my only other complain about him is that he's a little... too perfect. Perfect bishies bore me... but what makes this leading guy very likeable even if he's so perfect is that... he's amusing! His kissing obsession made me laugh a lot.

I like the reason for his kissing craze. It wasn't just for mushy love scenes or for comedy acts... a kiss was what saved him... literally!

Oh this had been a very fun and lovely story. I find it really good, though I think it would've been better if the hero doesn't need to do much rescuing, if there are more scenes of... cool and successful heists, and if the other characters get more role and background (we only get to know the name of one of them from the omake).

Nevertheless, this is a definite recommendation for those who are fond of romances between starcrossed lovers.... and flirting, haha!