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Friday, July 1, 2011

Love Luck - Twins Have Switched Identities.... Literally

by ASAHINA Yuuya
Nero: My horoscope says that my love fortune shall be perfect today... I'm soooo going to confess to Yamato-kun then! Tralalalala~
Someone: Yamato has been hospitalized.
Nero: Waaaah! How will I be able to confess my feelings for him then?

Contemporary. School.
Love Horoscope. Love Confession. Body Switch.
Romance. Supernatural. Comedy.

2.5 Hearts ---> NEUTRAL

This already looks like crap from the picture alone. Why did I pick this up again? .... Oh... it's the....

The horoscope thing. Well, I'm not exactly fond of idiots who believe the love portions of their horoscopes too much, but if she had been an extremist, it could have been pretty interesting and amusing. The body switch idea that the plot has already spoiled gave me hopes that there might be more supernatural stuff going on...

But to my disappointment, only the body switch's the supernatural thing in it. Well, it's true that the famous Freaky Friday's also like that, but that one had its main characters go though to troubles and adjustments while being in another's body.

While the duo who experienced the supernatural phenomenon in this manga didn't find it uneasy... like it's a normal thing. They even adapted and got used to their new bodies so quickly and unbelievable as well. And it was really stupid that a similar thing should happen for their bodies to get back to normal =_=

I think the only character who got character development in this was Yamato... for he was able to understand his brother better... and he seemed to have changed somehow when he found someone who was able to notice that he wasn't who he was pretending to be.

As for the main character, indeed it's not usual for the "mean bishie" to admit his feelings early... but there was no feeling to it. It didn't seem that he was serious about it. I can understand if he's the type who is better in expressing his love when he's pissing off the heroine... but he managed to do that on a certain scene... so why the usual bickering when they finally became canon? There was no change... except on the heroine... who just looked more like an idiot.

The heroine's not among the worst, but she's not easy to like either. I suppose the only nice think about her is when she tried to make it clear that she doesn't like her crush for his looks alone and will do her best to make her original crush fall for her. It's decent of her to love her crush for himself and not for his looks.... but her obsession in confessing her feelings is beyond annoying. When her crush got into an accident, she was more concerned of not being able to tell him how she feels than if he's safe and sound. Ugh.

Overall, it's typical shoujo that was saved from absolute fail because it hadn't been too angsty, and neither have there been much rescue scenes (they're just ordinary students. no need for senseless saving for the sake of a "kngiht saving a princess" scene =_=). Thankfully the heroine had not been more idiotic not to realize when she finally in love with the other guy.

Oh well, it may be average shoujo, and I'm not impressed with this at all, but I still enjoyed my little twins fanservice. Too bad the manga didn't bother to focus on their relationship much... their anxieties in pretending to be each other would've been really interesting:

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