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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flower - Hikikomori Mask Maker

Mozu: We've done our best on the rain dance, but there's still no rain.
People: It's the mask's fault.
Kizu: But Tsubaki is still my heir.
People: You should let Yuri be your heir instead. Tsubaki's masks are just mere imitations of Yuri's.
Tsubaki: Brother, you should be the one to make masks, not me!
Yuri: ... but I don't want to leave the house... ever.

Pre-historic(?). Indigenous Area. Japan(?)
Mask. Dance. Craftsmanship. Forest. Spirit. Tribe. Rain.
Historical. Psychological. Fantasy.

2.5 Hearts ---> NEUTRAL

The title.... sounded so shoujo, haha!

Reading this manga had been confusing... I find it difficult to grasp what exactly is going on in its story. I'm not certain if it's just because of my stupidity, or it really is a mess.

I don't see the connection of those spirits to the protagonist's family... and if a bride was introduced, I didn't notice any announcements on whom she is betrothed o_O They've also been making the masks a big deal... an explanation on why those things are so significant in their dances would've been nice. I don't see what makes a certain mask better than the others. Not much is known on the characters as well, except for Yuri and his father, I suppose.

Nevertheless, that didn't stop me for appreciating this manga. Even though it got me confused, it still seemed interesting to me until the end. It's so mysterious, and those strange creatures looked intriguing.

The art style may be kind of strange... and I even had difficulty in differentiating one character from another... but when it comes to illustrations on the background and surreal creatures, it looked pretty cool~

But I think the best thing in this manga is the story presentation. The focus of each panel, and the style on how events have been narrated seemed really creative. Even though this isn't my type of manga, I find it pretty impressive~
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