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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum - Episode 3

I was considering to drop PenguinDrum from blogging in favor of Dantalian no Shoka but... I really can't shut up about my top favorite series this season, haha!
The "rocket ship" sequence was shown again.... that repetition is beginning to annoy me, but thankfully there are still variations on what happened afterwards and we didn't see the brothers shocked upon seeing Himari having The Hat on her head all of a sudden in this episode.

  • Whatever "Fabulous Max" is... the term sounds cool, haha
  • The ads in the trains change in each episode. The theme this time shows the girls smelling something bad then getting rid of it. As if in response to the ad, there were men inside the train who commented about smelling something strange.
  • The illusions bit is questioning whether all the bizarre phenomena involving the penguins are real or not. But I honestly find it weirder that the brothers still don't believe all that has happened... Himari seems too ordinary to have the ability to conjure up such illusions in the first place. And if ever they think they're simply delusional, they couldn't be hallucinating about the same thing.
  • I think The Hat had somehow complimented the brothers for being capable of suspicion.
  • The first idea that The Hat thought of to convince the brothers are really amusing.... she went all out to even wear a cow costume. I thought she would've been the type to say "You lowlifes have no sense. If you don't believe me, then your sister will die." instead, since in the previous episodes, she looks down on them so much.
  • I saw speculations that Himari might not have been saved at all. The disease didn't really disappear, The Hat's just using her as a vessel. That explains why Himari was dead again when The Hat was removed when they were in that alternate world. But I think Himari's life was really extended... because The Hat had somehow possessed her. The Hat couldn't take over her consciousness though, unless she wears The Hat. Well, that's my guess.
  • The penguins didn't get to do much this episode. They were just pets hanging around with their human master, get into trouble, and being fed. The only thing that isn't pet-like that one of them did was getting rid of a bug even in mid-air.. and the other picked up a panty, LOLz.
  • I wonder if anything that the penguins consume or wear also become invisible to other people. One of them's got flypaper stuck on its face and has been running around... it would be strange if no one at all had noticed a running flypaper o_O
  • Penguin Curry.... LOLz
  • Ringo's bedroom was full of stuff toys. Some of them seem to be figures that can only be seen in the ending theme. It looks like this girl's such a fate fan that she also collects items that are connected to it.
  • Since Ringo's diary already has future events written, it seemed that everything would go according to plan... but not exactly. Prophecies may be predictions on what will happen in the future, but they're not always as how we interpret it. It also depends on one's actions. There are times prophecies happen because people tried to avoid it (mythology has alot of examples) but there are also those that happen because they make sure it does. There are also cases wherein people just want to think that the prophecy happened as it was written even though it didn't.
    So that makes Ringo's diary flawed somehow.... if those changes only occurred recently, I wonder if the siblings had anything to do with it.
  • I am happy that Ringo didn't turn out to be "Just a Stalker Girl". I suppose her stalker side was just an additional twist to her personality... a creepy trait that could be developed if you take some idealisms to the extremes (in her case, it's her belief that everything is determined by fate). The series is back in focusing about her role in the series (an "embodiment of fate" or something of that sort? ... couldn't think of a better term for her. But things about her are connected to destiny and apples: her name, apples in her curry, the strange diary, etc.) and she even got more character background.
  • I love Ringo's "annoyed love rival" thoughts. The voice and facial reaction switching when she's happily conversing and secretly cursing the pretty blode was amusing~
  • The blonde in the OP has finally showed up. I can't wait to find out hers and Tabuki's real roles in the series. "The teacher and his girlfriend" thing has to be just a disguise! Oh I'm curious to know whether they're going to be allies or villains.
  • Himari's Minnie Mouse look was so weird... I almost didn't recognize her.
  • Now that Ringo is officially acquainted with the Takakura siblings, the brothers won't need to stalk her anymore, haha.

It's cute that Himari doesn't only have motherly concern towards her brothers... she could also be the "strict mom" type, haha. The boys apparently find it very frightening to be scolded by her. They're sooooo under their little sister's finger.

The twins don't only dote on her and would dare to do almost anything for her sake (how far they'll go for her is the question though)... but they also want to be her heroes. They want her favor... oh these siscons. LOLz

But even though the brothers are being overprotective knights, that doesn't meant they don't keep things from their sister (aside from their "stalking task"). Kanba had put down their family picture when Ringo was around; while Shouma quickly changed the subject when the topic about mothers was brought up. Whatever happened between their parents and the siblings is a mystery for now... and the wait on finding out what exactly happened or why the two are doing those things is torture =_=

Speaking of more things to look forward to in future episodes, it was mentioned in this episode that Kanba could even date popular women... and he's the one who does the dumping. I'm curious on how exactly he acts when he's around his girlfriends... it's quite hard to imagine him being serious to any girl when he's obviously more intimate towards his sister, whether it was really incest or not.

More about Kanba.... he knows how to pick locks, eh? He's used to this... but what for? Fufu. Oh Kanba, you bad boy. I don't trust Shouma to be completely goodie-goodie either (they're brothers after all~). His serious look sometimes make it seem that he's thinking of something... un-Shouma-like. Haha! We'll see~

Oh they're so adorable I wanna squish them~

Their facial expressions look similar to their penguins' faces... LOLz

"Make your stomach shut up"

"Save your innocence for Himari."
Kanba was like saying that he's willing to do the dirty work; he would do anything for his sister but he won't let his brother risk much either.

They are so close... physically too o_o

This looks so cute.... Shouma even clings to his aniki... teehee.

Damn it... I'm addicted to this series. Especially to the brothers. Already among my top favorite characters, hehe.

Kinda Off-topic: The Untold Story of Altair & Vega has interesting thoughts on episodes 1 and 2. Intellectual and observant fans are awesome~ I'll rely on their thoughts for most of the thinking and analyzing, haha!
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