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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer 2011 Anime Second Impressions

Finally managed to see the first episodes of the shows that I think could be worth watching, haha! (I ignored those which I'm pretty sure will just give me headaches.)

(scan by chan-chanz; Rurouni Kenshin! Nostalgia~)

My current impressions haven't been that different from my previous ones. But I'm happy that a number of the shows I've been anticipating have been better than I though =)

Here's the list of shows I'll be watching (sorted by priority, highest first). Looking forward to see the watching list of others~


Mawaru Penguindrum
This is my top priority since I'm blogging it and it turned out to be my top favorite among the shows airing this season ;D
It's cool, cute, creative, and crazy! The staff behind this are geniuses and it seems to be the type wherein each episode gets better and better ;D I'm really impressed with series that are actually deep and thought-provoking even though they seem ridiculous on the surface xD
I'm madly in love with this~ Watch it if you haven't seen it yet~


Dantalian no Shoka
If it weren't for Mawaru Penguindrum, this would've been the one I picked. Even though I'm highly into the geniusly unique and insane types (like Penguindrum), the supernatural genre is still my top favorite ;D The way he read the book was like exorcising, haha!
While the historical genre is my next favorite... World War references FTW *_* And the bishie's a freakin' awesome soldier who can also pilot and has fighting skills that can be useful against the supernatural (Agemaki of Otomei Youkai Zakuro was also a soldier involved in supernatural events... but he's honestly useless most of them time on such phenomena ^^;)
To my relief, the anime did changes that made it way better than the manga. Things are clearer this way (the manga's kinda lacking on the storytelling side). As for the visuals, oh they look amazing (the RL images and the animation blended well). I adore the music as well. (I love violins~). ED theme was wicked~

Natsume Yuujinchou San
The main reason why, for now, I'm more excited on watching Dantalian than this one is because I'm more into demons than into youkai ^^;
But I'm more confident of this series NOT failing me, since it hadn't annoyed me so far (I admit it got me bored at times but... that's what slice of life-ish shows do to me anywayz) and I know that the stories in the episodes are gonna ba good xD
The cast would be charming as usual too, hehe~ Nyaanko-sensei's... tsundere and adorkable as ever! Haha! While Natsume's such a darling as usual... *hugs hugs*
Ah, I think the biggest complain I had in the previous seasons was that Natsume's ordinary human friends were just like there.... but it looks like it's not gonna be like that this season (they're even in promo pics now). We'll see~


Ikoku Meiro no Croisée
It was more adorable than I expected. Crap, I think I'm gonna die from diabetes, LOLz xD YUNEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! *hugs* Shet, this is my type of moe. Augh.
The anime adaptation did this justice... and it had done A LOT of improvements on the story.Yay to more culture clash, and better plot and character development!
The upcoming events seem to have more drama... but it's still very sweet.
Alice's sister's my favorite... she's not as nice as she seems~ Haha!

Sacred Seven
The leading guy had a freakin' horn.... WHY DIDN'T HE TURN INTO A UNICORN???!!!
I WAS DISAPPOINTED!!! *pouts*..... LOLz
The story's crap and the characters are stereotypes. Meido army isn't really cool, and I think I only like the butler because he's sorta like Ishida (Bleach) in Sebastian's (Kuroshitsuji) clothes, haha!
Honestly, the only impressive thing I see in this are the production quality and the music (didn't like it at first, but grew on me later).
So what made me want to watch more of this then? IT'S THE VILLAIN DUDE because he looks sexy and also the historical and mythological references =3


Usagi Drop
I LOVE the anime adaptation, but I'm updated with the manga anyway so I'll be more focused on following that one instead... can't wait to see the ending =3
I'm really happy that the staff did a wonderful job on it. It's so lovely and the colors somehow bring nostalgia.
I wonder if they'll create a sequel... since I don't think 10+ episodes could cover until the time Rin grew up o_O

Kamisama Dolls
Oh as I had expected, Brains Base did it justice. But even though the story's actually interesting, the little girl's EXISTENCE ruins everything for me =_= Her anime voice just helped in making me DESPISE her MORE T_T. It might've been easier to ignore her if she wasn't a main character =_= Sadly... uuuuggh
I only watch this for Aki... I only look watch scenes with Aki or if they seem to be talking about Aki. He's the only reason why I'm still enduring this despite of that unbearable pest.


Itsuka Tenma no Kuro-Usagi
Ooo... anime did a little better compare to the manga. That's nice. But it seems to have more perverted fanservice o_O Now that one's not nice.
I know this is generic shounen... but it's not absolutely unoriginal. Characterization sucks too... but there are some things about them that are quite interesting.
Besides, there are twins boys (evil twin and "good" twin)... damn it.
So far I'm enjoying this... but if the later events turn out to be even crappier, I won't hesitate dropping this... and the manga.

Kami-sama no Memo-chou
The tagline's still epic... it had interesting twists and some parts of it were pretty cool but....
A genius loli , who is sometimes used for perverted fanservice, claiming that only writers and "detectives" can dig or write the truth about the dead (or something like that... can't remember her exact line)... errr... right... so professionals who do something similar, like archaeologists, scientists, historians, etc. are useless then? I don't get her logic... and I wonder if she really does.
She's the modern version of the loli from Gosick. Her partner's more decent compare to his counterpart in Gosick, but he's almost as bland.But overall, I find this series more tolerable than Gosick (at least this girl does research, she didn't just "deduce" everything! T_T)
But if I put aside the heroine, and the girl at the gardening club, this series would've been more enjoyable for me. Hopefully the upcoming episodes won't be that much of a pain to watch.

  • Blade - I still prefer the Hollywood version but the OP theme of this anime sure looks cool *_* I don't think it's just because I'm fond of metal, haha!
  • Blood-C - I've heard that it wasn't actually a sequel to Blood+ so it was something I could actually watch but... the fight scene in the first episode that other bloggers were amazed with had bored the hell out of me. Looking at the rest of the teaser images made me sleepy as well. I've spoiled myself with the plot and it didn't get me even a little excited. *sigh* And knowing that this is by CLAMP doesn't make things better for me either... I lost faith in CLAMP after TRC and Kobato. Seeing Yukito again would also just get on my nerves (he's my hatest character in CCS btw). I won't bother with this anymore.
  • No. 6 - A lot of people didn't appreciate this show because of the "BL vibes". Honestly, its story is crap, whether it's BL or not. I actually read and watch BL, but the ghey undertones here make me sick. I don't think it deserves a Noitama timeslot... the interesting premise was a waste.
  • Idolm@ster - I almost thought of checking it out because its first episode did something different, but the OP theme looked like the female version of Uta no Prince-sama... and I've heard there had been a number of senseless boobs jokes. Great.
  • Uta no Price-sama - Maji Love 100% - The OP theme was so horrible that I cried. I know its plot is not meant to be fantastic but... this is just stupid. And I haven't found a decent reverse harem series.
  • R-15 - I got a confirmation that it is indeed as shitty as it looks. I'll save myself from headaches.

My adoration towards Penguindrum was a surprise... I really thought this might just be some kiddie penguin show, ahaha! I'm happy that it was something epic instead~
I've been a fan of the Natsume Yuujinchou series ever since I discovered the manga. But I honestly love its anime adaptation more, so I'll just peek into the manga if I want spoilers , haha!
Kamisama Dolls, Kuro Usagi and Sacred Saveen, on the other hand, I only watch mainly out of bias =P
I've lowered the priority of the series wherein I'm pretty updated on the manga version. That includes Ikoku Meiro and Usagi Drop. But Ikoku Meiro did a lot of changes so I'll still try my best to follow that weekly. As for Usagi Drop, I might just marathon it when it ends.
Ikoku Meiro was the title I initially wanted to blog, but because of its schedule, I had to pick between Kamisama no Memo-chou and Dantalian no Shoka instead. Kamisama no Memo-chou was okay, but I don't like the headaches I get when watching it T_T Though Dantalian no Shoka had also been a little irritating, but I find it more impressive and enjoyable compare to the former.

Hmmm... I'm thinking of blogging Dantalian instead. I don't see much love on it. Penguindrum's already got a huge fanbase anyway. I like giving more attention to those that don't have much of it, hehe. 
That depends on my free time and the future episodes though. So I'll either keep Penguindrum, or pick Dantalianinstead,... or just follow both? xD