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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Love Arrow - A Ballerina Tries Archery

By MOTOMI Kyousuke
Anna: I've given my life to ballet as a kid... now I want to try out other things! I know I'll excel on them as well because I'm a genius!
Anna's Friend: Why don't you try the Archery Club then? *forces Anna inside*
Anna: Whut?! No way! I don't want to be in some old man's sport.
Jinnai: *hits Anna* Don't go inside with your shoes on!!!
Anna: ... Why you! *hits back* If tihs bastard's gonna be here, I'll join the club then. I'm certainly going to enjoy making his life miserable~
Jinnai: It's going to be the other way around, you know. *glare*

Contemporary. Archery Club. Japan.
Archery. Ballet. Rival. Hardwork.
Romance. Comedy. Drama.
C- (SO-SO!)

3 Hearts ---> LIKE

Yeah, it's typical shoujo.... but I don't mind if it's entertaining!

My biggest problem on this I suppose is that it tries to emphasize the "trying your best will help in reaching your dreams" so hard that it's overdoing things... and has even become unrealistic (an amateur to become a competing archer only after a few days and a short camp just because she had intense training and practiced so hard? Yeah, right.). It didn't even make use of the heroine's skills in ballet... her being a ballerina was just used for her arrogant talks and for that forced drama in a later chapter.

It lacks so much on background, it had quite a number of plotholes, it follows too many of the shoujo cliches, it fails on story development, ....

Yeah, there's not much great stuff in this manga (Too bad, the idea of a ballerina trying archery was interesting). I think the only remarkable thing it had is that aside from the "working hard" thing, it shows the importance of your love and your seriousness towards a sport. Maybe this manga could've tackled that more if it also told us about the heroine's ballerina days... or when the hero is still struggling to become an excellent archer.

Ah well, at least the art was okay. The characters may be stereotypes but they're likeable. Even though I hadn't been impressed with this, I enjoyed reading it a lot because this manga, especially the hero and the heroine, are so amusing~

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